Myers Memorial UMC

Angel Tree 2020

Our Angel Tree is virtual this year!   We still have 70 children and 20 Silver Bells.   The silver bells will be on a separate sign up coming soon!   

To claim your angel, please sign up and leave us your contact information.   Shop for the items listed and return to the church by December 13.    Please drop off during church office hours, when you come for worship or one of our drive-throughs.   PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE GIFTS IN DROP OFF BINS ON THE PORCH.    If you need help coordinating your drop off, please contact Tresca McSwain.

The items on the lists are suggestions.  Do not feel like you have to have everything on the list.   The Salvation Army would like for each child to have an outfit for school, a pair of shoes and something fun.

Do not wrap the gifts, but put them together in a bag and label with the name of the angel and the code.   For example-  Alexander GAS01A

If you would like to adopt multiple angels from the same family, you can do that by looking at the code.    The families are designated by the number, so look for children with the same numbers in the code.   

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Tresca at 704-477-7447 or [email protected]   THANK YOU!!

Created by:   Tresca McSwain
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Available Slot

4 month old Girl- Zyniya- GAS26D

Pampers Diapers, wipes, baby bottles, socks. 3-12 mth size

Jenny McMillan

3 year old Girl- MacKenzie- GAS27A

Children's books, Baby Alive Dolls, wooden toys/puzzles, 4T clothes, 8/9 toddler shoes

Allison Drennan

4 year old Girl- AAliyah- GAS28A

Clothes/shoes, learning tablet, loves Frozen, size 12 shoe, size 6 clothes

Allison Buchanan
Allison Buchanan

3 year old Girl- Heidi- GAS28B

Clothes/Shoes, Tablet, barbies, Shoe size 10, 5T clothes

Judy Fritzsche
Doing in honor of my sister, Heidi.

5 year old Boy- Carson- GAS36A

Boy bath stuff/towels, play tools/workset, outside activities/toys, shoe size-10, 5T clothes

Jerri Boggess

23 month old Girl- Lailany- GAS44B

Car seat, stroller, shoes, toys, Barbie. Shoe size 8, Clothes size 4 T

Judy Seay

6 year old Boy- Bryan- GAS45A

Shoes, Clothes, Five Nights at Freddy's, shoe size 1.5, clothes size 7, except size 8 pants

Thais Pettit

9 year old girl- Krislyn- GAS46A

Clothes/coat, LOL Dolls, bracelet kit, bedazzled kit, handheld. Shoe size 2, clothes size 8, coat size 10

Marsha Wright

12 year old Boy- Darion- GAS47A

Clothes, toys. Shoe size 6.5, Coat XL (youth), Pants 12, shirt L

Paige Horn

9 year old Male- Zavion- GAS47B

Clothes, toys. Shoe size 4.5, Coat size large, pants size 10, shirts- M

Jacqueline Gross

5 year old Female- Je'Vaeh- GAS47C

Clothes, toys, shoe- 13, clothes small or size 6, underwear 4

Jacqueline Gross

6 year old Girl- Mia GAS48A

Clothes, toys, dolls, lol dolls, shoe- 10, Clothes- 6

Debbie Brown

7 year old Girl- Fatima- GAS77A

Light up shoes, Barbie house, Shoe size 2, coat size M

Sally And Jerry Drennan

3 year old Male- Jacob GAS77B

Shoes, Sam the Firefighter, shoe size 8

Jim And Ally Cagle

6 year old Boy- Thiago GAS78A

Coat/Clothes/Sneakers, Legos, Roblox, Sports, Skate, shoe size 13/1, clothing 7/8

Donna Fletcher

4 year old Boy- Alonso- GAS78B

Clothes/coat/sneakers, toys, skates, legos, superheros, shoe size 12, clothing 5/6

Donna Fletcher

11 year old Boy- Jaycob GAS79A

Audifonos, skate, balls, shoe size 4, coat 10/12, pants 12 skinny, shirt 10/12

Jennifer Rhodes
Jennifer Rhodes

12 month old Girl- Vanetina- GAS79B

Ropa, toys, minnie bow-tique, shoe 6/9 mo, Clothes 9-12 mo

Gene Ratchford

5 year old Girl- Mariah GAS83A

Clothes, Computer/tablet, books, shoe size 10, size 6T

Thais Pettit

11 year old Girl- Jennifer GAS84A

Winter clothes, coat, Bible, makeup, blanket, loves purple. size XL

Laurie Knight

10 year old Female- Imani GAS84B

winter clothes, coat, art supplies, boots, loves teal. Shoe size 4, clothing size jr. youth Large

Laurie Knight

8 year old Boy- Kaeden GAS84C

winter clothes, coat, books, bike, Anima. Shoe size 3, clothes size 8

Mike and Lydia Smith

5 year old Boy- Mykell GAS84D

Winter Clothes, Boots, Bike, Dinosaurs, favorite color- Green, shoe size 2, clothes size 6


3 year old Boy- Jax GAS85A

Clothes, shoes, jacket, ironman, Captain America, anything Marvel or DC Toy. Shoe size 8, Clothes size 3/4T

Paula Phillips

9 year old Boy- Cheng GAS85B

Clothes, shoes, jacket, Black panther toy, marvel toy, shoe size 3/4, clothes size 9/10


11 year old Boy- Seth GAS85C

Clothes, Shoes, Jacket, Halo toy, alien vs. predator toy, Shoe size 4/5, clothes 12/14


11 year old boy- Moses GAS85D

Clothes, Shoes, Jacket, Ant farm, loves ants, insects bugs and animals. shoe size 4/5, clothes 12/14

Jennifer Rhodes
Rhodes’ families

10 year old girl- Nylah GAS86A

Clothes, shoes, gaming system, roblox, shoe size 5, clothes pants- 12 shirts- 14


9 year old Girl- Ariana

Clothes, Shoes, Pocket Book, Roblox, Hoodie, American Girl Dolls, shoe size 4, clothes size 12

Sally Queen

7 year old Girl- Zayleigh GAS86C

Clothes, shoes, baby alive, Frozen, baby doll sets, shoe size 4, clothes size 14/16

Beth Broadwater
Beth Broadwater and Rob Thompson

5 year old Boy- Nevayah GAS86D

Clothes, shoes, trolls set bed set, make up sets. shoe size 11, clothes size 5T


4 year old Girl- Reyna GAS86E

Clothes, shoes, paw patrol (Skye), PJ Masks, shoe size- 10, clothes size 4T

Nancy Brackett

3 year old Girl- Nyelie GAS86F

shoes, clothes, Minnie Mouse Car, Minnie Mouse Tea Set, Shoe size 8, Clothes size 3T

Dana Wolfe

22 month old Girl- Dominick GAS86G

Clothes, shoes, Basketball goal, Mickey Mouse, shoe size 7, clothes size 2T

Nancy Wilkins

12 month old Boy- Jameson GAS82A

Baby toys, eating utensils, Mickey Mouse, 1 year old toys, size 2T

Ashley Billerman

11 year old Girl- Ashley GAS80A

Games, headset, clothes, nintendo switch games, game for Nintendo 3DS, clothes size 12, coat size 14


9 year old Boy- Keven GAS80B

Games, headset, clothing, games for Nintendo 3DS, games, shoe size 2, clothes size 8


7 month old Boy- Izrael GAS86H

Clothes, shoes, walking toy, light up toys, Shoe size 3, clothes size 6/9, coat 12 months

Dana Wolfe

7 month old boy- Izyias GAS86I

Clothes, shoes, walking or riding toy, Mikey, shoe size 3, coat size 12 months, clothes 6/9 months

Lois Carnes

12 year old Boy- Kaleb GAS87A

clothes, basketball goal, beyblades, anime, clothes- medium, pants 12


7 year old Girl- Hayden GAS87B

Clothes, camera, fgteeve merch, ballet, shoe size 12, clothes size 7/8 or small

Cheryl White

3 year old Boy- Jakob GAS87C

clothes, power wheel car, super monsters, paw patrol, shoe size 7, clothes size 3T

Nancy Wilkins

10 year old girl- Hannah GAS88A

Bike, shoe size 6, coat size M, pants- womens 3, clothes medium


12 Month Old Girl- Trinity GAS89C

Toys, books, crib bedding, shoe size 5, clothes size 18/24 months, size 4 diapers

Nancy Brackett

8 year old Boy- Salvador GAS90A

Shoes, jacket, hoverboard, metal detector, shoe size 4, clothes size 11/12


3 year old Female- Sophia GAS90B

Dresses, shoes, hatchimals, slime, LOL Dolls, shoe size 9, clothes size 4T

Justine Snyder

10 year old Girl- Kamdyn GAS91A

Clothes, shoes, scooter, mystery books, shoe size 7, Clothes size 16


5 year old Girl- Kamdyn GAS91B

Clothes, shoes, JoJo Sowa Microphone, books, shoe size 13, clothes 7/8

Judy Thiele

3 year old Boy- Kenneth GAS91C

Clothes, shoes, tricycle, action genre, shoes- 12, Clothes 5T or 5/6

Max and Nancy Huntley

9 year old Female- Ailany GAS92A

Shoes, pants, jacket, electronic games and LOL's, shoe size 13, clothes size 10, pants 8


8 year old Boy- Rodriguez

Clothes, shoes, brief underwear, learning games, spider man, mortal combat, Shoe- 12, clothes 9/10


9 year old Boy- Jahiem GAS94A

Clothes, video games, anime, shoe size 3.5


8 year old Female- Nevaeh GAS94B

Clothes, LOL Dolls, shoe size 3


3 month old Girl- Brooklyn GAS94C

Diapers and Wipes, educational toys

Judy Fritzsche

9 year old Boy- Chris GAS95A

clothes, dirt bike, shoe size 3, pants size 10, shirt size 12


7 year old Boy- Joshua GAS95B

Clothes, dirt bike, shoe size 2, clothes size 9


6 year old Boy- Jonathan GAS95C

Clothes, Dirt Bike, Shoe size 13, clothes size 8


5 year old Female- Sarahi GAS95D

Clothes, Kid motors lil Patrol, shoe size 10, clothes size 5T


3 year old Girl- Shalem GAS95E

Clothes, Electric Jeep, loves power wheels, shoe size 9, clothes size 4T

Steve & Karen Carrick

4 year old Girl- Nevaeh GAS97B

Socks, pull ups, baby dolls, princesses, shoes 10, clothes 4T

Lois Carnes

21 month old Girl- Raeltnn GAS97C

Diapers size 5, toys, books, shoe size 5, clothes 24M

Sue Lowe

8 year old Girl- Laurnae GAS98A

Clothes, barbies, disney princesses, shoe size 4 clothes 10/12

Stephen Chesebro

6 year old Boy- Lawrence GAS98B

Clothes, Bicycle, Micky Mouse, Mario Characters, shoe size 1/2, clothes size 7


22 month old Boy Carson GAS99A

Baby toilet, clothes, basketball, bananamu, shoe size 5/6, Shirts/Coat 2T, Pants 18mo

Allison Evanoff
Allison Evanoff

20 month old Boy- Caden GAS99C

Potty, Pullups (size5), PJs, clothes, Baby Shark, Balls, Coco melon, Shoe size 5, clothes size 24mo

Allison Evanoff
Allison Evanoff

11 year old Boy- Alberto GAS100A

Diecast cars, hoverboard, shoe size 4, clothes M, underwear L


6 year old Boy- Christopher GAS100B

Hot wheels, toy police car, shoe size 13, clothes size 5T

Penny Hurst

5 year old Girl Angelina GAS100C

Barbie Dolls, Barbie House, shoe size 11, clothes 5T

Max and Nancy Huntley

8 year old Boy- Steven GAS101A

Pants, Shoes, Gloves, Hat, Legos, cars, paint set, slime, shoe size 1, Clothes size 8

Michael Grose
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