Landrunner 2019 Ice Cream Social

Landrunner 2019 Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream, Toppings, Wine, Beer, Water & Soda will be provided by the Landrunners!

Potluck Style – Bring your favorite main dish or side.  Signup so everyone can see what others are bringing.

Swimming Pool will be open so bring your swimsuit and towel.

No glass allowed in the pool area.....

Date: 07/13/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm CDT

Location: Deer Creek Village Clubhouse 6101 NW 155th St.

Created by:   Diana Lindsey

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Main Dish
  28 slots filled - more available
Lacey Norton
Pulled Pork & Buns
Lori Ehardt
Shredded chicken enchilada casserole
Shirley Lynes
Cocktail Smokies with Barbecue sauce
Kristin Molloy
Pizza / garlic knots
Chuck Mikkelson (24)
Hot dogs, buns, relish and mustard
Side Dish
  69 slots filled - more available
Evelyn Rowland
Betsy Hilburn
Michelle Boykin
Broccoli Salad
Daina Davis
Fruit salad
Matthew McBee
Vegetable tray
Linda Taylor
Chips and dip
Direen Mindy (24)
Oreo Truffle Cupcakes
Eric Winscher
Something shareable not sure what yet.
Kathy Moffitt
Linda Manaugh
Lemon Bars or brownies
Rexi Phillips (10)
Chicken salad and croissants
Frances Williams
Martha Kissner
Ramen noodle salad
Darlene Spry (3)
Guacamole, pita chips and hummus.
Suzie Bostick
I was going to bring Ramen Salad-it's on list. I'll think of something else.....
Sharon Gooden
potato salad
Debra Chronister
Fruit salad
Karen Canfield (12)
cold salad dish
Kristin Schwiebert
Staceee Hoye
Chips and salsa
Rocky Chen Chen
Cookies (of some sort, probably)
Clancy Green
Corn Dip
Becky Sigler
Rice krispie treats
Alex Weddle
Baked beans
Responses:     Yes: 39     No: 3     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 85     Maybe: 0

YES (39) -  

Chuck Mikkelson (2 guests)

Alex Weddle (5 guests)

Ben Pierce (4 guests)

Terra Deupree (5 guests)

Alex Weddle (5 guests)

Leslie Driskill (2 guests)

Becky Sigler (1 guest)

Clancy Green (1 guest)

Justin Chan (1 guest)

Rocky Chen Chen (1 guest)
I'm planning to stop by for just a little while (I have another commitment later in the afternoon)

Christopher Neel (3 guests)

Kristin Molloy (4 guests)

Staceee Hoye (1 guest)

Kristin Schwiebert (1 guest)

Karen Canfield (1 guest)

Debra Chronister (2 guests)

Shirley Lynes (2 guests)

William Hickman (1 guest)

Sandra Anderson (1 guest)

Sharon Gooden (2 guests)

Lori Ehardt (2 guests)
I look forward to meeting some of you guys.

Suzie Bostick (1 guest)

Darlene Spry (1 guest)

Martha Kissner (2 guests)

Frances Williams (2 guests)

Rexi Phillips (1 guest)

Linda Manaugh (1 guest)

Lacey Norton (2 guests)

Kathy Moffitt (1 guest)

Eric Winscher (3 guests)

Direen Mindy (8 guests)

Linda Taylor (1 guest)

Matthew McBee (2 guests)

Daina Davis (5 guests)

Michelle Boykin (1 guest)

Dana Sue S. (2 guests)

Betsy Hilburn (2 guests)

Evelyn Rowland (1 guest)

Lindie Slater (2 guests)
Not sure what I’m bringing yet.

NO (3) +