Landrunner 2018 Holiday Party

Landrunner 2018 Holiday Party

Potluck Style – Bring your favorite main dish, side or dessert.  Signup so everyone can see what others are bringing.

Wine, Beer, Water & Soda will be provided by the Landrunners!

Date: 12/11/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm CST

Location: Deer Creek Village Clubhouse 6101 NW 155th St.

Created by:   Diana Lindsey

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Main Dish
  9 slots filled - more available
Faith Harrell
Rexi Phillips
3 Bean Turkey Chili
Kristin Molloy (2)
sliced brisket
Jerry Glasgow
Rogelio Campos
Cynthia Lowery
smoked turkey
Chuck Mikkelson
Spiral Sliced Ham
Rebecca Cunningham
Pulled pork or polish sausage
Side Dish
  18 slots filled - more available
Ellen Reeder
most likely roasted vegetables
Justin Chan
BBQ Lil Smokey
Sam And Melissa Gonzalez
Cornbread dressing
Eric Winscher
Haven't really decided on this yet. My go to is meatballs.
Sherri King (2)
Cream cheese and pepper jelly/crackers
Sharon Gooden
green bean casserole
Debra Chronister
Sweet potatoes or Mac and cheese
Dana Sue Campbell
cocktail weenies
Jenifer Stong
Sausage and meat tray
Rebecca Anderson
Veggie Platter
Rebecca Cunningham
Artichoke dip
janet richard
Donna Bentson
mushroom salad
Omi Gonzalez
Eggplant casserole
Linda Taylor
Dinner rolls
Suzie Bostick
Evelyn Rowland
Cajun Corn
  7 slots filled - more available
Ashley Kalivoda
Cheesecake and/or Pumpkin Squares
Shirley Lyned
Pecan pie
Sam And Melissa Gonzalez
Peppermint bark dip
Vivian Savares
Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Linda Manaugh
Cobbler or Cheesecake
Betsy Hilburn
Pumpkin Bread
Lacey Norton
Responses:     Yes: 32     No: 1     Maybe: 3    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 50     Maybe: 3

YES (32) -  

Evelyn Rowland (2 guests)

Suzie Bostick (1 guest)

Linda Taylor (1 guest)

Taylor Dickerson (1 guest)

Omi Gonzalez (2 guests)
Yay! It’s that time again! :)

Donna Bentson (2 guests)

Chuck Mikkelson (2 guests)

janet richard (1 guest)
janet richard

Lacey Norton (2 guests)

Rebecca Cunningham (2 guests)

Cynthia Lowery (1 guest)

Rebecca Anderson (1 guest)
I'm new to the Landrunners, but excited to join you all!

Jenifer Stong (2 guests)

Rogelio Campos (2 guests)

Jerry Glasgow (1 guest)

Dana Sue Campbell (2 guests)

Betsy Hilburn (2 guests)

Debra Chronister (1 guest)

Sharon Gooden (2 guests)

Kristin Molloy (2 guests)

Linda Manaugh (2 guests)

Jennifer Henry (2 guests)

Sherri King (1 guest)

Rexi Phillips (1 guest)

Eric Winscher (2 guests)
Beware, I'm bringing a toddler.

Vivian Savares (1 guest)

Sam And Melissa Gonzalez (1 guest)

Faith Harrell (1 guest)

Shirley Lyned (2 guests)

Ashley Kalivoda (2 guests)

Justin Chan (1 guest)

Ellen Reeder (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

NO (1) +  

MAYBE (3) +