SHMS staff appreciation 2018

Tasty! Joyful! Fun! SHMS Staff Appreciation Luncheon 2018

It's time to celebrate our beloved Middle School staff with crazy delicious food, a festive room, and hopefully your joyful presence.  How can you help make this luncheon a HUGE success?

~  Prepare one of your all-time favorite recipes. (The one which people rave about!)
~  Come have fun meeting parents and teachers by helping set up, serve, and tidy up on the big day

~  Donate gift cards for the raffle, or beverages, or trays of fruit/sweets/deli wraps

We will be setting up on Wednesday May 16, in The Party Rooms -- the two rooms off the Main Office -- beginning at 9:45 am. 

We would love to get the date and sign-up to as many middle school folks as possible. Feel free to forward this sign-up genius link to any middle school parents you think might want to join in the celebration. 

We know you are all super busy, so thanks in advance for any help you can offer!  Know that anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated by the staff and the PTA, be it time, money, sense of humor, or food!

It might look like I've got a lot on the list, but there are 85 (or more) people we'll be feeding! 

* Please remember nothing with nuts of any kind and nothing with peanut butter.

Also, please make sure that you use disposable containers. It is very difficult to return containers and serving pieces to the rightful owners. 

Thank you from your Middle School Horsemen PTA

Andrea, Donna, Angel, Daphne, Leah and me!  (Nitasha)

Any questions, or need an idea?  Please feel free to email *me at [email protected]

When: May 16 2018
Where: Conference Room, SHMS Office
Time: 9:45am - 1:45pm (setup - wrap up)

Date: 05/16/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 9:45am - 1:45pm EDT

Location: SHMS Office

Created by:   nitassha kumar
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Available Slot

Help Set up and Decorate 9:45am (4)

Make rooms look nice, get ice and chill drinks, arrange food for first seating!

All slots filled
Melissa Miller
mistrella murphy
will bring flowers and table clothes
Tara Shannon
set up - can stay until 11
Sara Levine
Would you like me to bring a box of joe?

Build up the appetite with your favorite Appetizers (6)

Cheese & crackers, Samosas, Spring rolls, Kebabs, Chips & Salsa ...

All slots filled
Jen Labovitz
Chips and Salsa
Patricia Cohn
Hummus pita chips carrots
Sara Sampaio
Chips and salsa
Patricia Vandervort
LouAnn LoRiggio
Cheese and crackers
Indira Ranganathan
Samosas and chutneys

Salads, Veggies, Grains - its healthy! (8)

Pasta, grilled veggies, quinoa, beets, green salad, tossed salad, if it is yummy -- bring it!

All slots filled
Nancy Duran
Quinoa corn and black bean salad
Andrea Gottschall
Watermelon salad
amy white
big chopped salad
Anne Marie Cellante
Italian Pasta Salad
Tracey Koch
Broccoli Salad
Daphne Uviller
wheatberry/cranberry salad
stewart lee
arugula,white bean, red peppler salad
Alejandra Badillo-Taub
All Bean Salad

Just picked (6)

Bowls of Fruit, Crudite Platters of Veggies with a dip (Precut and ready to serve please)

All slots filled
Nancy Duran
Crudités platter
Chanin Rosen
Fruit salad
Rosemary Poll
Platter of Fruit
Maria Goyzueta
Veggies and dip
Virginia Lustyik
Fruit salad
Catherine Noboa
Crudités platter

Main course (15)

Casseroles, Pulled Pork, Quiches: mini or large, Wraps, Sandwiches (whatever you'd like)

14 of 15 slots filled
Leah McVey
Platter of sandwiches
mistrella murphy
Louise O'Sullivan
Pulled Pork
Kiera Astacio
Arroz con pollo
Cecelia Block
Pulled pork
Phyllis Arduino
Baked Ziti
Tara Shannon
turkey brie apple on french bread
Indiana Del Valle
Spaghetti w chicken (Dominican style lol)
Joan Donovan
Italian combo wedges
Virginia Lustyik
Zucchini pie (tray)
nitassha kumar
Chicken wings
Evelyn Poy
Spinach Quiche
nitassha kumar
Chana Masala (spiced chickpeas - Indian style)

Something Sweet (10)

Cookies, Brownies, Pastries, cake..

All slots filled
Beth Jaffe-Davis
Liz DiRenzo
Chocolate chip cookies
Susan Tedja
Michelle Spino Andruss
Joann Nisco (3)
Tira mi su
Mary Delacruz
stewart lee
spice cake
Christina Clarke

Bottled water (3)

Case please

All slots filled
Patricia Luciano (3)

Thirst Quencher (cans please) (7)

12 pack case of Lemonade, Iced tea, Soda, Sparking water

All slots filled
Katy Ritz
Adriana Murphy
Nicole Wagner (2)
Sparkling water
Jillian Rauer
Claudia Segovia
Jillian Rauer

Food Minders and Welcome crew (6)

10:45am to 1pm Offer seconds, put out fresh dishes for second seating, wash dishes, get drinks, deliver take-out containers.

4 of 6 slots filled
mistrella murphy
can stay until noon
Patricia Vandervort
I can be there for 11 am
Rosemary Poll
By 10:45
Dancy Balestrieri
I'll be there at 10:45

Wind down and wrap up crew (4)

1:00pm - 1:45pm, usually sooner. Pack-up leftovers, deliver take out and bring to staff fridge.

All slots filled
Leah McVey
Anne Marie Cellante
Patricia Vandervort
Rosemary Poll
Until 1:45

Bag of Ice (5)

Would love this first thing in the morning!

All slots filled
Leah McVey (3)
Will fill a cooler
Claudia Segovia (2)

Festive drink Bucket to chill the drinks (2)

would love this first thing in the morning!

All slots filled
mistrella murphy
Patricia Vandervort
Blue bucket

Set of (10) Blank Thank you Cards specifically for custodians, Office, Jean O'Brien, Security Guard, and Eric Andrus (10)

nitassha kumar
got it!

Rolls and room temp/soft butter. (2)

Large bags from Sams/Costco. Nice to have on side with room temp butter or to make sandwich from other tasty offerings

All slots filled
Rosemary Poll (2)
And soft spread Butter

Take out containers (Black plastic containers with lids) (3)

These come in sets of 25 or more

All slots filled
Angelica Luna (2)
black plastic containers with lids
Catherine Noboa
Black plastic container with lid ( 1 )

$15 Gift cards given outright to Custodians, Office, Jean O'Brien, Security and Eric Andrus (10)

All slots filled
Angela Coffey
Got it
Allie Baller (2)
Tricia Kenney Rubertone (3)
MM- I'll get these directly to you.
Daphne Uviller (2)
Target? Something else?
Amada Molina-Reimundez (2)
Gift cards

Amazon Gift card $10 (6)

Raffle for staff

All slots filled
Carol Gallagher (2)
Jenny Batheja (3)
Angela Coffey
Got it

Dunkin' Donuts/Starbucks gift care $10 (6)

Raffle for staff

All slots filled
Carol Gallagher (2)
Jenny Batheja (2)
Toyae Thornell (2)

Target gift card $10 (6)

Raffle for staff

All slots filled
Jocelyn Lieberman (4)
4 Target
Lora Anderson (2)

Barnes & Noble gift cards $10 (6)

Raffle for staff

All slots filled
Carol Gallagher (2)
Irvette Marte (2)
Lora Anderson (2)

Day Of List

One volunteer to track, Who brought what, who was here Teachers requested a list, because they wanted to be able to say to their students "I saw your parent/I ate your food"

Melissa Miller
I'll probably be there all day so I can do this ;)

Good to have

Masking tape, Sharpie, Press n seal/Cling wrap. Specifically to label and store leftovers.

Becky Zifchock
plastic wrap, containers

Disposable Silverware

Forks, knives, spoons 100 count each

mistrella murphy

White paper plates (3)

50 count each

All slots filled
Jeanne McLaurin (3)

White paper napkins (3)

50 count each

All slots filled
Jeanne McLaurin (3)

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