Foodies: Fall 2019

Sign up here if you would like to participate in a Foodies group for Fall 2019.  Remember, you can sign up by yourself, with your significant other, or team up with a friend!

After the sign up closes, groups will be randomly assigned (3-4 households per group), and a list of groups will be sent out via email.  From there, the group coordinator will be responsible for contacting group memebrs and arranging the first gathering.  Please indicate in the comments if you would prefer *not* to serve as a group coordinator.


Foodies FAQs

Q:  What is Foodies?

          Foodies is a fellowship opportunity in which participants take turns hosting members of their group in their homes for a meal.  Foodies groups typically consist of 3-4 households (6-8 people total). Most groups choose to cook dinner, but breakfast, brunch, and lunch are all options too. 


Q:  Why I should I do Foodies?

          Foodies is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and engage in fellowship with members of your church community, especially those with whom you may not otherwise cross paths (for example, those who attend a different service time).


Q:  My home is small.  Can I still do Foodies?

          Yes!  You do not need to live in a palace to host a Foodies group.  Dana and Taylor hosted their first Foodies group in an apartment, and put a folding table in the middle of the living room to accommodate a crowd. Grand dining halls are not required!


Q:  I’m not a gourmet cook.  Can I still do Foodies?

          Yes!  Your meal can be cheeseburgers on the grill or coq au vin-it’s up to you decide how simple or elaborate you want it to be.  Most hosts also delegate help from their groups for certain items, such as side dishes, bread/salad, and/or dessert.


Q:  I’m single.  Can I sign up for Foodies by myself?

          Absolutely!  You can also team up with a friend as a Foodies “couple.”


Created by:   Dana Burton
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Foodies Fall 2019

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Dana Burton (2)
Dana and Taylor Burton
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Steve Peirce
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Bill Emerson
Joe Stuart (2)
Joe and Jean
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Adam and Neda
Cierra Sather-Jennings (2)
Cierra and Dillon Jennings
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