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Staff Appreciation Potluck 2018

In celebration of our AMAZING teachers, administrators, caretakers and all supporting staff, we are hosting a Staff Appreciation potluck on Friday, June 15th, 2018 from 11:30am-12:30pm! This event is your opportunity to say 'THANK YOUto those who help enrich the lives of our children every day.

You can help by volunteering at the luncheon and/or contributing to the potluck. 

Volunteer at the Event
Please sign up for one (or more) of the shifts listed below. The luncheon will take place in the Senior Gym. Volunteers are asked to sign in and get a name tag at the office and go directly to the Senior Gym.

Donate a Food Item to the Potluck
Please see below for what's needed and sign-up for a dish. Please specify what you will be bringing so others have visibility to the menu. Though we appreciate all contributions, please scan the list to see what others have already contributed and try to avoid exact duplicates (variations of similar dishes is fine). In the past, fresh, lighter dishes have been very popular on a hot June day. Chili, although delicious, is not recommended. All dishes must be nut-free.

Dishes can be dropped off in the Senior Gym the day of the luncheon from 8:30 a.m. -11 a.m.
All food should come in disposable containers! 

If you have questions related to volunteering and food contributions, please contact Lana Thompson at [email protected]

Any other questions related to the event can be directed to Nora Irwin at [email protected]

Thank you in advance for making this a successful event!

Date: 06/15/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm EST

Location: In the Senior Gym

Created by:   Lana Thompson
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

What Can You Contribute?

A Salad or Side Dish (15)

All slots filled
Sara Scurfield
Quinoa salad
Maggie Galloway
Chicken salad
Janice Trumble
Greek Feta Pasta Salad
Dale Cadeau
Tanyss Price
Quinoa Salad
Angela Grant Buechner
Scalloped potatoes
Maxine Finlay Ross
Kale and spinach salad
Leslie-Anne Weeks
Potato salad with herbed vinaigrette
Heidi Dening
Fruit salad
Julie Tseretopoulos
Quinoa enchilada casserole
Joanna Heathcote
Green salad with pear & blue cheese
Roz Geridis
Greek Village Salad
Katrina Kenny
Greek salad
Karen Carey-Hill
Kale Salad
Condoyannis Family
Greek salad

An Entrée (25)

Any items to be served hot should come to the school already heated. We will keep them warm.

All slots filled
Natalie Whalen
Chicken and Mango Summer Rolls
J'bai Deschamps
meatballs (dish)
Lauren Chlebus
Mango chicken curry with rice
Erica Meagher
Butter chicken and rice
Fraser Sagritalo
Vegetable egg rolls
Kathleen Hyatt
Vegan Enchilada's
Kimberly Walker
Pulled chicken & Buns
Michelle Gaudio
Rosa Kim
Pasta and bacon salad
Alana Rusnov
Brisket and Grilled Peppers/Onions
Isai Hyman
Katie Flynn McQuillan
Maple glazed turkey meatballs and rice.
Athena Ma
Chicken Dumpling
Jane Sandink
Lesley Srivastava
Slow cooker butter chicken
Renata Dziak
Roast beef
Krista Burns
Channa masala
Mehnaz Malik
Chicken "Tinga" with Chorizo Sausage and Tortilla Wraps
Connie Lam
greek pasta salad
Penny Ruben
Fried rice with eggs and chicken
Jing Cao
dumpling (vegetable and pork)
Inderjeet Rai
Chickpea curry and rice
Ali Yalcin
- hummus, whipped feta with grilled pitas and grilled green vegetables - deep fried mac n cheese balls
Yordest Young
Black bean Mango salad
Milena Methodieva
Spinach and feta pie (vegetarian)

A Dessert (20)

All slots filled
Miriam Riches
Chocolate chip cookies. 3 Dozen
Krista Wylie
Brownies - 9X13 pan cut into serving sized pieces
Amanda Kennedy
Coconut macaroons - 3 dozen
Jennifer Gallant
Meringues - 2 dozen
Juli Belliveau
Blondies (9x13 pan, cut into bite-sized pieces)
Veronica Mackenzie
lemon bars
Tricia McGovern (2)
Butter Tarts - 2 Dozen
Luke Goriup (2)
Suzanne Gordon
Nancy Evans
Cheesecake squares
Val Lazarova (2)
Cupcakes - 2 dozens
Lily Prokupek
chocolate covered strawberries
Sarah Amis (2)
2 dozen mini cupcakes
Garry Chan
1 dozen special donuts or Portuguese pastry
Karen Carey-Hill
Lemon Squares
Leslie Fountain
Chocolate Zucchini Loaf

Case of water (2)

24 bottles

All slots filled
Lan Trinh
24 bottles of water
Sue Elliott
1 case of 24 btls of water

Case of Iced Tea (3)

12 cans

All slots filled
Emma Greensmith
case of ice tea
Jennifer Moorcroft
Case of Iced Tea
Katharine Schwartz
case of iced tea

Case of Lemonade (3)

12 cans

All slots filled
Ingrid Larsen (2)
Limonata & Aranciata
Erin Meana

Bags of Ice Brought to Gym between 8:30-9AM (6)

The bags of ice need to be brought up to the gym on the morning of.

All slots filled
Veljko Velickovic (4)
4 bags of ice
Lana Thompson (2)
Lana Thompson 2 bags of ice

Volunteer to Pick Up Coffee from Runnymede Starbucks at 10am

The coffee is being donated, we just need someone to pick it up at the Runnymede & Bloor Starbucks at 10am and bring it up to the Senior Gym

Jacquie Cousineau
Jacquie Cousineau

Volunteer 8:30am-9am (Accepting food in the Senior Gym) (3)

All slots filled
Nora Irwin
Nora Irwin
Shirley Suurdt
Shirley Suurdt
Lana Thompson
Lana Thompson

Volunteer 9am-11:00am (Decorating the Senior Gym) (2)

If you have some creative talent please consider joining us to decorate.

All slots filled
Jacqueline Schaller
As per communication with Nora I will plan and purchase in advance as well as use what we have to decorate. If I can have a helper to set up with me on the day that would be great.
Jen Macdonald
Jen Macdonald

Volunteer 9am-11:30am (Setting up the Senior Gym and organizing food) (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
Colette Harper
Katie Flynn McQuillan
Katie flynn
Lana Thompson
Helen Berhane
Helen Berhane

Volunteer 11:00am-12:30pm (Serving Lunch) (5)

All slots filled
Erin Meana
Erin Meana
Colette Harper
Dale Cadeau
Dale Cadeau
Jacquie Cousineau
Jacquie Cousineau
Angela Leishman
Angela Leishman

Volunteer 12:30pm-2pm (Clean up afterward) (7)

Volunteers are welcome to enjoy the potluck after the staff is finished eating.

All slots filled
Nora Irwin
Nora Irwin
Maggie Galloway
Maggie Galloway
Dale Cadeau
Dale Cadeau
Veronica Mackenzie
Veronica Mackenzie
Helen Williams
Helen Williams
A&M Zubans
Marisa Zubans
Heather Hedderson
Heather Hedderson

Volunteer to return coffee to Starbucks

The coffee carafe needs to be returned to Starbucks at Runnymede & Bloor after 12:30pm

Sarah Amis
Sarah Amis

Volunteer to remove Green Bin bags from school

Any green bin waste needs to be removed from school and put into your personal green bin

Maggie Galloway
Maggie Galloway

Bags of Ice (2)

Brought to the gym by 9AM

All slots filled
Yana Soroka (2)
bags of ice

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