Annual Chili Cook-off

RSVP here if you plan to attend our CPC Chili Cook-off, and sign-up if you wish to bring something or help out. Hope you can make it! 

Date: 01/22/2023 (Sun.)

Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm EST

Location: CPC

Created by:   Karen Wroniewicz
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Chili (25) - Must be at CPC by 10:30 a.m. hot and in a crock pot. Please label with a description of your chili.
  23 of 25 slots filled
Terri O'brien
Todd Martin
Roberta Van Meter
David Arnold
Medium hot venison chili
Diane Dumas
Joseph Murray
I will also bring rice as side dish
Sebastian Wilbern
Matt Born
Susan Stewart
Carolyn York
Turkey chili (mild)
Greg Miller
Linda Polizzi
Gail LeFloch
vegan chili
Mike Kershner
Laurie Arnold
White chili
Malissa Sexton
beef (and maybe some sausage) chili
Karen Wroniewicz
Robert Storch
Anne Gick
Judy Thomson
Sheila Hunt (2)
Cornbread (20)
  19 of 20 slots filled
Sharon Hoover
David Arnold
One plate of cornbread
Sebastian Wilbern
Carolyn York
Gluten free cornbread muffins
Vicki Scruggs
Sarah Armstrong
Christina Jenkins
Hannah Hyre
Julie Forrest
Hope to be there after transitioning our college ladies back
Jody Coppock
Joe & Teri Bishop
Julie Throne
Tina Whittington
Marla Brunell
Charles Muggleworth (2)
Mechelle Coppock
Sheila Hunt (2)
Dessert (20)
  All slots filled
Beth Mitchell
Elizabeth Luffy
Carol Wallace
Diane Mitchell
Roseann Lane
Creighton Turner
Susan Stewart
Sarah Armstrong
Cathy Sly
Carol Collier
Evelyn Lucas (8)
Susan Scheufler
Tina Young
Kitchen Help: 10:30-11:30 (4) - Receive, label and organize chili.
  All slots filled
Carol Wallace
Roseann Lane
Steve Calesaric (2)
Table Monitor: 11:30-12:30 (4) - Monitor food, dessert and drink tables.
  All slots filled
Bill Smith
Dick Tredinnick
Neal Anderson
Laura Schutz
Chili Judge (4)
  2 of 4 slots filled
John Gerndt
Allyson Wong
Clean-up Team: 1:00-2:00 (6)
  All slots filled
David Arnold
Paul Shirley (2)
Brad Gardner (2)
The fam and I can help clean up.
Gai Gaitonde
Responses:     Yes: 66     No: 0     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 140     Maybe: 2

YES (66) -  

Sheila Hunt (1 guest)

Mechelle Coppock (4 guests)

Nancy Anthony (2 guests)

Laurel Parham (2 guests)

Christina Black (2 guests)

Regan Gerndt (1 guest)

Judy Thomson (2 guests)

Jill Rumple (1 guest)

Robert Eng (4 guests)

Theo Aristanto (3 guests)

John Cartwright (2 guests)

Ed Trahan (1 guest)

Charles Muggleworth (2 guests)

Anne Gick (2 guests)

Marla Brunell (2 guests)

Tina Whittington (2 guests)

Tina Young (2 guests)

Julie Throne (2 guests)

Joe & Teri Bishop (2 guests)

Jody Coppock (1 guest)

Robert Storch (1 guest)

Susan Scheufler (6 guests)

Evelyn Lucas (2 guests)

Malissa Sexton (4 guests)

Hannah Hyre (2 guests)

Laurie Arnold (1 guest)

Mike Kershner (2 guests)

Carol Collier (2 guests)

Christina Jenkins (3 guests)

Gail LeFloch (1 guest)

Linda Polizzi (4 guests)

Cathy Sly (1 guest)

Greg Miller (2 guests)

Sarah Armstrong (2 guests)

Vicki Scruggs (2 guests)

Carolyn York (3 guests)

Gai Gaitonde (1 guest)

Susan Stewart (2 guests)

Laura Schutz (1 guest)

Creighton Turner (1 guest)

Neal Anderson (2 guests)

Allyson Wong (2 guests)

Steve Calesaric (2 guests)

peter baker (3 guests)

Brad Gardner (4 guests)

Dick Tredinnick (1 guest)

Matt Born (4 guests)

Bill Smith (1 guest)

Paul Shirley (2 guests)

Sebastian Wilbern (2 guests)


Joseph Murray (1 guest)

Karen Wroniewicz (2 guests)

Diane Dumas (2 guests)

John Gerndt (2 guests)

Jerry Hammack (1 guest)

Roseann Lane (1 guest)

Diane Mitchell (2 guests)

Carol Wallace (1 guest)

Elizabeth Luffy (2 guests)

David Arnold (2 guests)

Roberta Van Meter (4 guests)

Beth Mitchell (3 guests)

Sharon Hoover (2 guests)

Todd Martin (2 guests)

Terri O'brien (5 guests)

MAYBE (1) +