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2020 Seeing 2020 -Chili Cook Off & Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 26 you won't want to miss immediately after worship (10am) and our Seeing 2020 annual church meeting (11-11:45) and Chili Cookoff (around 12 noon-1:30pm).

This event reminds us, in an enjoyable way, that as a body of Christ we are better together.

Everyone is invited! Either enter a chili or cornbread in the competition or just bringing a side dish!

Enjoy a brief bingo "CPC Style", organized games for the kids and just plain winter fun.

***All Chili and Cornbread must be delivered to CPC Kitchen by 10am on Sunday, January 26 in a crockpot if possible to be judged. (need one? borrow a CPC crockpot).


Date: 01/26/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 11:00pm - 2:00pm EST

Location: CPC -Worship Center

Created by:   Kimberly Gilbert

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Pots of Chili (serve 10-12) (15)
  All slots filled
Dave Arnold
Vension Chili
Heidi Tucker
Cindy Calesaric
Clay Worley
Patrick Sibiga
Chris and Sharon Hoover
Minsook & Robert Paik
Stephanie Bedal
Kate Schweit
Sharen Downer
Teri Bishop
Cindy Roberts (2)
Carolyn & Rick York
mild turkey chili
Al Thomson
Cornbread (serve 10-12) (15)
  12 of 15 slots filled
Sue Pangman (2)
Elizabeth Luffy
Carol Collier
Patrick Sibiga
Andrea Owensby
Mary & Matthew Robinette
CC Lim
Beth Mitchell
Cary Skahn (2)
Sebastian Wilbern
Brownies or Cookies (serve 10-12) (20)
  18 of 20 slots filled
Dave Arnold
Jeannie Jeu
Laura Schutz
Gluten free
Anne Gick (2)
Allison Fink
Carol Wallace
Lea & Elvin Johannes
Chris & Elizabeth Hammond
Roseann & David Lane
Jim Mitchell
Julie Burke
Jim Miller
Cary Skahn (2)
Cathy Sly
Roberta Van Meter
Sebastian Wilbern
Responses:     Yes: 40     No: 0     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 92     Maybe: 2

YES (40) -  

Sebastian Wilbern (2 guests)

Steve Aiello (1 guest)

Nina Pryor (2 guests)

Al Thomson (2 guests)

Carolyn & Rick York (2 guests)

Roberta Van Meter (3 guests)

Cathy Sly (2 guests)

Jim Miller (2 guests)

Julie Burke (2 guests)

Beth Mitchell (4 guests)

Mary Ann Skahn (2 guests)

Cindy Roberts (3 guests)

Teri Bishop (2 guests)

Sharen Downer (2 guests)

CC Lim (3 guests)

Jim Mitchell (1 guest)

Kate Schweit (1 guest)

Chris & Elizabeth Hammond (4 guests)

Mary & Matthew Robinette (2 guests)

Carol Wallace (2 guests)

Allison Fink (3 guests)

Dan & Becca MArcus (4 guests)

Andrea Owensby (2 guests)

Lea & Elvin Johannes (3 guests)

Minsook & Robert Paik (2 guests)

Chris and Sharon Hoover (2 guests)

Patrick Sibiga (3 guests)

Clay Worley (1 guest)

Carol Collier (2 guests)

Cindy Calesaric (2 guests)

kimberly gilbert (1 guest)

Anne Gick (5 guests)

Laura Schutz (1 guest)

Jeannie Jeu (2 guests)

Stephanie Bedal (2 guests)

Roseann & David Lane (2 guests)

Heidi Tucker (4 guests)

Elizabeth Luffy (3 guests)

Sue Pangman (2 guests)

Dave Arnold (2 guests)

MAYBE (1) +  

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