AAUW Morgan Hill

AAUW Summer Barbecue Saturday, August 4, 2018

You must RSVP by Aug. 1! No exceptions! If you are bringing a guest, indicate (2) guests at the event. (Spouse or a guest is invited.) If you are coming by yourself, indicate (1) guest. Please also sign up to bring a side dish (enough to serve 12) or 2 bottles of wine (no 2 Buck Chuck, please). Salmon and beef, beer, and soft drinks will be provided. Bring serving utensils and label dishes and utensils with your name. Plan to bring all leftovers home.

- Appetizers need to arrive no later than 5 pm.

- Salads should be in lightweight (not glass) serving bowls. You may bring dressing separately and dress salads before serving.

- Desserts should be pre-cut into small, sampler- or serving-sized pieces, and not require refrigeration.

Bring a check (made out to "AAUW-Morgan Hill") for $20 per person (or mail to Carol O'Hare, 461 Rio Oro Court, MH, 95037, in advance). NO CASH, please. If you have questions, contact Carol, 408-782-9029, [email protected]

You will receive an automated reminder email prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing you at the branch event of the summer!

Your BBQ Chair, Margo Hinnenkamp, assisted by Past Presidents

Date: 08/04/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PDT

Location: 405 Atherton Way, Morgan Hill

Created by:  Carol O'Hare

Will you be attending the event?
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APPETIZER (13) - Please specify (only 2 chips/dip, 1 veggie, 1 deviled eggs)
  All slots filled
  Peggy Martin
Gourmet Dip and Crostini
  Judy Kinker
chile relleno squares
  Susan Oldham-Fritts
  Sue Koepp-Baker (6)
  Linda Tarvin
Deviled Eggs
  Barbara Palmer
  Joanne Rooney
  Swanee Edwards
California Rolls
SALAD - Green (8)
  2 of 8 slots filled
  Sherrie Wren
  Monica McClintock
SALAD - Potato (5)
  1 of 5 slots filled
  Bobbi Graham
Put us down for cleanup!
SALAD - Vegetable (4)
  3 of 4 slots filled
  Jenny Redfern
bean salad
  Donna Pettit
  Margo Hinnenkamp
SALAD - Pasta (3)
  1 of 3 slots filled
  Nancy Brown
SALAD - Rice or Grain (4)
  1 of 4 slots filled
  Jean Pinard
Mexican Corn Salad
SALAD - Fruit (4)
  1 of 4 slots filled
  Margie Snively
SALAD - Other (4) - please specify
  3 of 4 slots filled
  Beth Wyman
Marinated Mushrooms for 20
  Suman Ganapathy (2)
One seafood, one chicken nouvelle cuisine style
  2 of 4 slots filled
  Carol O''Hare (2)
signed up for 2, as my recipe makes a huge amount.
BREAD - Garlic (4) - 1 person indicate (4) & bring 4 loaves, cut and ready to serve
  All slots filled
  Maggie Leininger (4)
BREAD - Other (4) - please specify, 1 person indicate (4) & bring 4 loaves, cut & ready to serve
DESSERT - (17) - please specify, some chocolate, some fruit, no refrigeration
  11 of 17 slots filled
  Patricia Kindred Kindred
something chocolate
  Chris Hopwood
Will serve 12+ people
  marianne knight (8)
some combination of friut and cake
  Janet Espersen
WINE - Red (18) - 9 people indicate (2) and bring 2 bottles each (cab, zin, shiraz, merlot)
  11 of 18 slots filled
  Betsy Lang (2)
  Marygrace Colby (2)
  Maryclaire Sampognaro Sampognaro (2)
  Caroline Rackowski (2)
  Chris Hopwood
  Buffie Colloton
  Sue Villanueva
WINE - White (16) - 8 people indicate (2) and bring 2 bottles each (chardonnay, savig blanc, pinot gris)
  12 of 16 slots filled
  Debra Buchanan (2)
  Carol Holzgrafe (2)
  Jeanne Gregg (3)
  Nancy Casey (2)
  Robin Shepherd (2)
  Chris Hopwood
PROSECO/CHAMPAGNE (6) - 3 people indicate (2) and bring 2 bottles each
  1 of 6 slots filled
  Elena Anderson
Some Belgian cider, if I can get it here
Responses:     Yes: 36     No: 2     Maybe: 0     No Response: 56

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 58     Maybe: 0

YES (36) -  

Sue Villanueva (1 guest)

Buffie Colloton (1 guest)

Janet Espersen (1 guest)

marianne knight (2 guests)

Chris Hopwood (2 guests)

Bobbi Graham (1 guest)

Robin Shepherd (1 guest)

Swanee Edwards (2 guests)

Caroline Rackowski (2 guests)

Monica McClintock (2 guests)

Nancy Casey (2 guests)

Margo Hinnenkamp (2 guests)

Carol O'Hare (1 guest)

Patricia Kindred Kindred (2 guests)

Maryclaire Sampognaro Sampognaro (2 guests)

Joanne Rooney (2 guests)

Jeanne Gregg (1 guest)

Sherrie Wren (2 guests)

Marygrace Colby (1 guest)

Carol Holzgrafe (1 guest)
I am bringing Marygrace; we will bring 4 bottles of non Two Buck Chuck. The pull down menus are not working. I am helping Patti in the drinks tent as usual.

Debra Buchanan (2 guests)

Barbara Palmer (2 guests)

Margie Snively (1 guest)

Suman Ganapathy (2 guests)
We will bring two bowls of salad, one seafood, one chicken. Please let me know if you need any help with set up or anything else.

Linda Tarvin (2 guests)

Jean Pinard (1 guest)

Sue Koepp-Baker (2 guests)

Maggie Leininger (1 guest)

Donna Pettit (1 guest)

Betsy Lang (2 guests)

Jenny Redfern (2 guests)

Susan Oldham-Fritts (1 guest)

Nancy Brown (2 guests)

Beth Wyman (3 guests)
Hoping to bring my son, Jeff Wyman (Knotty Pine Woodworks) and his companion, Renee Montes

Judy Kinker (1 guest)

Peggy Martin (2 guests)

NO (2) +