North Boys Soccer

LNHS Boys Soccer Banquet 2021

The LNHS Boys soccer banquet will be held at Brackett's Crossing Country Club on Sunday November 14,  2021 from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm.  A buffet brunch will be served which includes eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, fruit, pastries, OJ and coffee. Cake will also be served.

All players are free of charge but additional guests are $23 each.  Payment will be accepted at Brackett's upon arrival via check.  Please put your Player's name on the sign-up and then total number attending for your family.  For example, if 2 adults are attending with the player a total of 3 should be selected.  

If you have any special dietary restrictions, please contact Ann via the link below. RSVP by October 28th.

Date: 11/14/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm CST

Location: Brackett's Crossing Country Club
17976 Judicial Rd, Lakeville, MN 55044

Created by:   Ann Zenner

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

There is no RSVP for this account.

Responses:     Yes: 63     No: 4     Maybe: 0     No Response: 120

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 178     Maybe: 0

YES (63) -  

Matthew Morrow (2 guests)
Braeden and one parent

Angela Cooperman (2 guests)
Eli and Angela

Aisha Jelle (3 guests)
Saed, Ahmed, and one parent

Sophia Hazelton (1 guest)

Ian Stram (3 guests)
Ian Stram (JVA), Mike and Meng

Debra Malmgren (2 guests)
Parker and his Grandmother

Joseph Lackmann (3 guests)
Joseph, Marie, Jay

Trea Wahlstrom (3 guests)
Spencer (9A), Eric, Trea

Reagen Bradbury (2 guests)
Henry Bradbury

Carter Schluessler (3 guests)

Luis Villalobos (4 guests)
Luis + parents Ambriz

Nicole Zich (4 guests)

Alex Vu (1 guest)

Jameson Beyer (2 guests)

Patrick Sinclair (3 guests)

Alex Jones (3 guests)

keaton fowler (3 guests)

Ethan Quarandillo (3 guests)

Andrew Gonyea (2 guests)

Ed Byrne (3 guests)

Son Le (3 guests)
Thomas + parents (Son and Huong)

Leo Brucciani (4 guests)
Leo and Lou Brucciani + Mary and Ben

Anthony Pererson (3 guests)

Jay Warner (3 guests)
Jay, Karin and JJ Warner

Jane Britton (3 guests)

Chad Hammerschmidt (1 guest)

Benjamin Buckner (3 guests)
Ben, Steve and Melissa Buckner

Erin Porter (4 guests)
Riley Porter, Mark, Erin and Teagan

Arika Alana (3 guests)
Max Hage

Ezra Mahoney (3 guests)
Ezra Mahoney (9A) and Parents

Stacy Stanek (3 guests)
Lucas Stanek + Keith and Stacy Stanek

Chris Reynolds (3 guests)

Henry Johnson (3 guests)
Henry + 2 parents.

Shawn Ondricek (6 guests)
Sawyer Ondricek

Reuben Poncin (3 guests)

Sam Charchenko (2 guests)
Sam (9A) & Brad (parent)

Rachelle Baldwin (3 guests)
Andrew + 2

Nicole Cherney (3 guests)

Stacey Steel (3 guests)
Adam Steel plus 2 parents, (Brian & Stacey)

Cole Koehnen (2 guests)

Brandon Wright (4 guests)
Brandon + Sydnee, Christie, and Ryan

Kris Mcbride (3 guests)
Nick, jesse, kris

Jacob Miller (3 guests)

Jack Trudeau (1 guest)

Owen Erickson (2 guests)

Stacey Branscomb (3 guests)
Matt plus 2 guest

BEN PETERSON (3 guests)

Janice Bayer (3 guests)

Bryan Smith (1 guest)

Peter Tyma (1 guest)
Coach Tyma

Emily Liston (3 guests)

Josh Tuchscherer (3 guests)
Sam Tuchscherer and parents

Zach Seal (3 guests)

Shawn Kugler (4 guests)
Erik (Varsity), Andrew (JVA), Julie, Shawn

Pam Bishop (3 guests)
Kade (9A), Todd, & Pam

Luke Hendricks (3 guests)
Luke (9A), Chad, Lea

Pete Sagmoe (3 guests)
Hayden plus 2 parents

Kilian Zenner (2 guests)
Kilian Zenner (JVB) and Ann

Linda Tefft (4 guests)
Nate(JVB), Davis(9A), Zach & Linda

Melissa Beagle (3 guests)
Porter (9A), Scott & Melissa

Kari Hess (3 guests)
Ethan (JVB), Mike, Kari

Matt Lubeley (3 guests)

Jeff Atkins (4 guests)
Colin (JVA), Owen (9A), Jeff, Tera

NO (4) +