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Joyful Music Summer Festival 2022

When you RSVP, please include the performer(s) in the count so we have a rough idea how many to expect for the concert. Last minute guests are welcome. Also, please review the potluck items below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Please note that we want to avoid using cups for drinks, so individual serving sizes only please (e.g., small bottles, cans, juice boxes, Capri Sun).

Date: 05/21/2022 (Sat.)

Time: 11:00am PDT

Location: 640 Bart Earle Way, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Created by:   Nadine Chrien

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Pre-concert Snack for Performers (2) - Bagel Bites
Pre-concert Snack for Performers - sandwiches - small sandwiches or pinwheels
Una Jost
Homemade loaf of banana walnut bread
Pre-concert snack for performers - chips (2) - box of single serving chip bags
  All slots filled
Pre-concert snack for performers/volunteers -Pizza (5) - Costco
Pre-concert snacks for performers - fruit - apple slices, grapes ...
Naoko Matsubara
Finger Foods (15) - bring a plate or tray of your favorite picnic/finger food
  2 of 15 slots filled
Urmila Koul
Sandra Estill
Traditional Food Items (5) - Ethnic food items
  All slots filled
Alyssa Sullivan
Liz Dean (2)
Chicken yellow rice
Liz Dean
pasta salad
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Buns
Hot dogs and buns (8) - about 60 (slots assume 8-packs)
  All slots filled
Erin Maier (3)
George Makinto (3)
Emily Leigh (2)
Hamburger patties and buns (3) - about 30 (assume 12 per package)
  All slots filled
Ursula Dollard
We will bring 10 patties and 2 packs of buns
Jamie Slotnick
we'll bring 1 bag of Costco patties
Jeremy & Melinda Green
Dessert (7) - Pre-cut into finger food friendly portions
  All slots filled
Christie Beadle
Andrea Gil (2)
Heidi Ifland
Harry Xu (2)
Angela Tang
coconut macaroons or something like that
Fruit Tray (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Anne Smith
Alison Menninger
Veggie Platter (2)
  All slots filled
Anne Smith
Amy Kilduff
single-serve juices (multi-packs) (5) - apple or grape juice (individual containers)
  All slots filled
Monica Lee (2)
juice boxes
Jodie Esponda
Costco/Sam's Club-sized pack of juice boxes
Naoko Matsubara (2)
Beverages (multi-packs) (9) - Single serving soft drinks, iced tea, etc.
  All slots filled
Kei Benoit
Emily Leigh (4)
We will bring 4 packages of beverages - so 20+
Liz Dean (2)
Vatche S
bottled water (case) (4) - individual size
  All slots filled
Kuwei Wachendorfer (4)
Bag of ice (4) - to chill beverages
  3 of 4 slots filled
Charity Malin
Brian George
Kathan Jain

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