Yamim Noraim 5780
Adat Shalom

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Parking

Starting at one-half hour before services and one-half hour after services,  on RH Day1 and YK, and Kol Nidre at 7:00 PM, we will provide van service back and forth every 5-7 minutes from Avenel Local Park, Carderock Swim, and Tennis Club and Lilly Stone Drive to Adat Shalom.  

In addition to van services, we will also have traffic patrol to assist in making walking as safe as possible.

TO SIGN UP: Please put in Quantity the number of CARS you plan on driving. In the Comments section, you may note how many seats you have in your car for carpooling. PLEASE USE YOUR VILLAGE LISTSERV TO ORGANISE RIDESHRES/CARPOOLS

We ask that those who can park at one of our off-site parking lots to consider that to make room in our lot for those who need more assistance getting into and out of cars.

On Erev Rosh HaShanah and Rosh HaShanah Day 2, our lot will accommodate members and guests. We are welcome to use LillyStone Dr for overflow.


RH Day 2, we encourage carpooling for our lot but will only have van service to and from Lily Stone.

Date: 09/30/2019 (Mon.)

Time: 9:00am EDT

Location: Rosh Hashanah Day 1

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Created by:   Shay HaLevi
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Parking options

Adat Shalom Handicap Parking (24)

16 Parking spots will be available in addition to our 8 spots

21 of 24 slots filled
Harriet Shugerman
Clem is unable to walk a long distance
Anne Mazonson
Claude Kacser
have a handicap sticker, 2 bad knees
Senna Greenwald
Ellie Moses Schuchman
I will have supplies and guitar for my services.
Joan Kahn
We need wheelchair accessible parking
Ralph Nitkin
Still having back problems
Stan Newman
Joel Breman
Lisa Sommers
Carol Kleinman
Norman Gelman
Frank Lipson
Carren Kaston
Jon Cooper
Companion cannot walk without pain 3 from village 10
Ted Kleinman
Henry Plotkin
Millie Kahn
Bert Simson
Marshall Mazer
Need flexibility
Chuck Konigsberg
For my special needs son

Adults With Special Needs (20)

11 of 20 slots filled
Myrna and Neal Goldenberg
Sandy/Marie-Jeanne Rubenstein/Lambert
Susana and Stephen Isaacson
Sheila Blum
Hip problem, handicap sticker
Bruce Maliken Maliken
emery simon
have handicapped tag
Jane Handler
Beth Weinman
Parents of Beth [email protected]
George Driesen
I need no assistance getting in and out of our vehicle
phil brunell

Adat Shalom Tot Family Parking (20)

13 of 20 slots filled
Simmie Berman
Rachel Singer
Abioye Mosheim
Matt Wald
Amy Swers
Courtney Krutoy
Judith Gelman
Melanie Makstein
Lisa Makstein
Kevin Nicastro Nicastro
Ariel Levin
Cynthia Weiss
Cynthia Weiss
Anna Greenwald Greenwald
Full car, 2 adults, 2 kids (in clunky car seats)

Adat Shalom High Occupancy (+3 per car) Parking (70)

43 of 70 slots filled
Bob Aronoff
Fran Zamore
Loren Amdursky
Philip Abrams
Daniel Metlay
Kate Koren
david kuney
Ken Avner
Avner family
Beth Sperber Richie
Garry Grossman
Lisa Max
Judy Ackerman
Can take a couple of riders from Wyngate
Lawrence Miller
Michelle Melinger
Welcoming NOVA members to carpool.
Mark Malamud
Jan Maxwell
Shari Book
Ilan Irony
Dinah Leventhal
Karen & Barry Fierst
Bruce Stein
Sarah Werner
Kim Bayard
Avi Goldscheider
Murray Sacks
Scott Arnold
adina Kole
Cheryl Fox
We are 3. Room for 2 more from Chevy Chase or River Rd
Leon Rodriguez
Anne Laurie Wong
Carol Mott
Dotan Weinman
Richard Perlmutter
Tim Lipman
Yasmin Meyers
Suzanne Kalfus
Kalfus/Cohen Family
Boaz Green
Ronna Popkin
Myrn SeidmAn
Aileen Bloom
I will carpool

Avenel Local Park (60)

Avenel Local Park, 10051 Oaklyn Dr, Potomac, MD 20854. 5 min wait for the van

44 of 60 slots filled
Myrna /Steve Parker
Craig Lustig
Sara Robinson
Andrea Kirsch
Jayme Epstein
David Jaffe
Adina Kole
Audrey Lyon
Gilbert Rosen
Louise Milkman
Stu Simon
Can take up to 3 people
Eileen Sirota
sara sennett
Michael Berney Gottlieb
Meredith Fuchs
Meredith Fuchs
Rachel Baxtresser
2 people
Susan Diamond
Luther Jett
Bob Singer
Elizabeth Toretsky
4 people
Julia Tossell
david silberman
Emily Novick
Mark Wolff
Gail Dratch
Rena Dirckx
Cheryl A Hurwitz Hurwitz
Michael Laufer
can car pool from Rockville
Deborah Shulman
Bill Halpern
Ted Berman
Lee Goldberg
Raine Weiner
Marsha & Kevin Teichman Teichman
Ethel Kessler
Richard Goemann
Sherry Linkon
Catherine Whiting
Rosalie Gross
Ruth Gnatt
3 or 4
David Bern
Morgane Klareich
Beth Davidson

Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club (50)

8200 Hamilton Spring Ct, Bethesda, MD 20817 15 min walk from Adat Shalom or 5 min wait for the van

34 of 50 slots filled
Carol Lite
Ron Edelstein
Edward Gross
Evi Rezmovic
Raine Weiner
For my parents’ car
Jody Green (2)
Alan Book
Joe Jeral
David Dolinsky
3 or 4 people in car
Jill Schorr
Lora Griff
Walter Cohn
Martha Hare
Charlotte Baer
David Clopper
3 or 4 people
Amy Jaslow
Can take others, note that I intend to be at AS for the entire service.
Irving Weinberg
Sandra Brody
David Ehrenstein
Shelley Sadowsky
Ralph Silberman
Phyllis K Lerner
Fran and Michael
Martha Zaslow
Alysa Dortort
Sandy Laden
Nancy Solomon
Jonathan Jacobson
Jennifer Firestone
Debbie Siegel
Joan Weiss
jesse abraham
Carolyn Weiss
Marc Levine

Carpool +3 Pickup



Mount Hermon Church (15)

All slots filled
Barb Richman
Judi Greenwald
Cheryl Kollin
I'll be carpooling
Liz Wainger
Jean Hochron
Rosalie M Kogan Kogan
Marge Coffey
can take 3 riders from Somerset condo area
Myra Falck
Elena Broder-Feldman
Kay Halpern
Mark Zweig
Stephen Glick
Jen Sherman
Alissa Stern
Roshana Cohen
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