Meals for Pilgrimage Group

Bring food donations to All Saints Parish Hall between 3 and 5 PM on Monday, August 12.

If you need to deliver at an earlier time, please text or call Tara at 920-427-7516 or Nicole at 920-660-1016. Thanks!

All are welcome to stay after the meal or come join these talented college students as they pray and sing, it's very beautiful! The group, CLU, is a Catholic movement originating from Italy and begun by Fr. Luigi Guissani. 

Review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up to bring food. Thank you!! :) 

Created by:   Nicole Hall
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Available Slot

Help serve meal (8)

Arrive at 5 PM. Set up tables, assist with buffet style meal, pitchers of water, help clean up. The more the merrier. Come even if the slots are filled :)

6 of 8 slots filled
Carl Nelson (2)
Amy Liebergen
Scot Rogers
Louise Reetz
Jean Vander Heiden

Gallon of 2% milk (3)

All slots filled
Louise Reetz (2)
Ellen Goetsch

Gallon of orange juice (2)

All slots filled
Mary Valenta (2)

Dozen hot dog buns (6)

All slots filled
Roger & Cathie Lodel (6)

Bunch of bananas (5)

All slots filled
Betty Duckett (5)
I assume a bunch is about 5 so I’ll bring 25 bananas

Bag of apples (2)

All slots filled
Kathy Sturm (2)

Bag of oranges or clementines (2)

All slots filled
Kathy Sturm (2)

Individual size bags of chips (60)

Buy a box at Costco or an 18 pack at grocery stores

1 of 60 slots filled
Kathy Sturm
I will pick up enough for 60


cut up, ready to eat

Betty Duckett

Canteloupe (2)

cut up, ready to serve

All slots filled
Tara Nelson (2)

Veggie plate (2)

prepared, ready to serve

1 of 2 slots filled
Mary Lou Brown
Tray for 40

Dozen cookies (3)

All slots filled
Kathy Sturm (3)

Pan of brownies or bars (2)

All slots filled
Mary Larsen (2)
Two pans of bars not yet decided what kind

Dozen Muffins for breakfast (6)

All slots filled
Kathy Sturm
Mary Lou Brown
Eileen Gale (2)
2 dozen
Betsy Scheuer (2)

Hot dogs/ brats (60)

All slots filled
Nicole Hall (60)

Coffee-regular Folgers can/or other

Eileen Gale

Creamer for coffee (3)

All slots filled
Eileen Gale (3)

Ketchup & mustard

Big size

Nicole Hall

Onions and tomatoes

2-3 chopped/ sliced

Betsy Scheuer

6 pack yogurt cups (10)

individual size, any variety

All slots filled
Eileen Gale (3)
Betsy Scheuer (7)

Set up cots for pilgrims Sunday 8/11 6-7 PM (10)

We're setting up in the gym (men's sleeping area) and library (women's sleeping area)

5 of 10 slots filled
Scot Rogers
Curt Nelson
Dave Scheuer
Ellen Goetsch (2)
Ellen and Jonah Goetsch

Cot take-down Wednesday 8/14 @ 6-7 PM (10)

Cot take down and clean up

4 of 10 slots filled
Nicole Hall (2)
Nicole and Joseph Hall
Scot Rogers
Curt Nelson

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