Constellation 2018


Seeking: People who like staying warm by fires and helping their community stay safe

You may have heard that we burn stuff at Constellation.  In order to safely burn stuff in a crowd of hundreds we need a safety perimeter around the fire.  We choose to make that perimeter out of burners!

What this shift requires of you:

  • Showing up at 7pm before the burn for a training session
  • Standing for the length of the burn
  • Patience with your fellow enthusiastic burners

What you should consider bringing with you:

  • Long sleeved cotton shirt and pants (no synthetic clothing)
  • A full water bottle
  • A big voice

Please Note:

The shift end time is just an estimate. The shift ends when the burn ends. The end of the shift is dependent upon the judgment of the Perimeter and Fire Safety leads.

Because this department requires a large number of volunteers in the same period of time, we have broken the signup sheet up into smaller squads, for easier eyeball scanning. This may give you the impression that one squad (Code Name: HELL MOUSE) will be off doing things on their own all night, and not working with everyone else (like squads STAR QUAIL and GHOST PUG) but that is not the cases. Squad designations are just there to make the paperwork easier on our end; perimeter is a single unit that can never, ever be separated.

Perimeter lead: Sara Barger

Fire Safety: Erika Zommer 

Date: 10/06/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EDT

Created by:   James Conley

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Slot

Fire Perimeter: DEATH CAT (5)

All slots filled
Robert Bosco
worked perimeter last year @ Constellation
James Smith
Sunshine Muppet
Ali Murphy
Kristen Keller

Fire Perimeter: GHOST PUG (5)

All slots filled
Nathalie Karpati
Purple dinosaur reporting for duty!
Lisa Cole
Have fire blanket will travel!
Sam B
Keep fires at smaller festivals, worked temple burn perimeter BRC '18
Liz Kramer
ummmm... is this thing on?
Beau Turner
Playing with fire is bad for those who burn themselves. For the rest of us, it is a very great pleasure.

Fire Perimeter: NIGHT SQUIRREL (5)

4 of 5 slots filled
Irwin Morris
Pyromaniac who still has all 10 of my original fingers.
Ruth Jones
dawn benedetto benedetto
Doug Sanford
The more, the more.

Fire Perimeter: HELL MOUSE (5)


Fire Perimeter: BLOOD SLOTH (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Samm Maloney
I will be doing fire saftey for spinners then I'm all yours (email if issue pls)

Fire Perimeter: STAR QUAIL (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Laura Hudson
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