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Beer & Barleywine Festival 2019, January 18 & 19, 2019, Egan Center

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Location: Egan Center

Created by:   Kathy Day
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (AKST) Available Slot
01/18/2019 (Fri.) 2:00pm - 5:00pm  

Bread Cutters (9)

All slots filled
John Fischback
Kevin Shreve
Ian McGregor
Randy Fischback
John Hogue
Johnny Fischbach
Benjamin Buckman
Jeff Davis
Erick Stamer

Set Up (4)

All slots filled
Paul Krabacher
Roberta Krabacher
Darrell Wetherall
Coming up.from Juneau! Can't wait!
Amanda Droghini
6:00pm - 10:00pm  

Bread Runner (3)

All slots filled
Devin DiNardo
Trent Swanson
Kelly Chang

Wristbands (6)

All slots filled
Lakisha Evans
Kimberly Stone
Matt Semmler
Lorisa Bliss
Michael Larson
Luis Garcia
I did it last year

Pourer (62)

51 of 62 slots filled
Devon Berthiaume
Wild prefer to pour cider.
Gordon Swieter
Sean Owens
Leonard Westman
Cassie Jeremias
Jake Coate
Kevin Parsons
Daniel Parsons
Prefer to serve with Kevin Parsons
Breanna Bence
Pour with Travis Alatalo
Travis Alatalo
Serve with Breanna Bence
Kent Connolly
Jeremiah Maxwell
Emily Davenport
Specialty Imports preference
Isaac Marmor
orlando zuniga
Glen Nielsen
Aaron Hollwager
Pour with Devon Berthiaume
Loren Gurkowski
Prefer to work with Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis
Work with Loren Gurkowski
Patti Nielsen
Lisa Saperstein
Judith Smith
Josh Lenaghen
Oleksandr Lushchyk
Patty Burns
would like to pour with Nova Cunningham
Nova Cunningham
would like to pour with Patty Burns
Marty Byrne
Stephen Fernandes
Justin Holvoet
Will there be pie?
Lon Embley
Keri Rheinfrank
Eli Ward
Would like to serve with Bryce Hiles
Elijah Williams
Terry Tarner
Bryce Hiles
Joe Michael
Request Maui Brewing Co or a local AK brewery
Chris Cruthers
Tracy Jackson
Adam Sikorski
Would like to pour for Bill's Distributing if possible.
Lisa Seifert
Cynthia Tirapelli
If available would like to volunteer do not have alcohol pourers card. Would like to obtain
Joshua Vanassche
Liam ONeil
Josie Castle
Pour with Sammi Castle and Stefanie Anderson
Samantha Castle
Pour with Josie Castle.
Stefanie Anderson
Request to pour when Josephine and Samantha Castle.
Julia Kunzler
Prefer to pour with Chris Cruthers!
Wendy Gould
Would like to pour with Lisa Seifert if possible.
Peter Nicol
I've been so excited to try serving this event. Been in the industry for 6+ years, and been encouraged to volunteer.
Nicole Collins

Glasses/Tickets (7)

All slots filled
Joe Samaniego
Camilla Kennedy
Gloria Scarbrough
David Clark
Sarah Nicholas
Daniel (Wes) McBride
Delight Mells
01/19/2019 (Sat.) 10:00am - 2:00pm  

Bread Cutter (11)

All slots filled
Mark Thomas
Lauren Poulsen
Kami Harris
Lauren Lessard
Erin Norton
Leah Einhorn
Heather Henderson
Samantha Sink
Sam Watkins (2)
Sam Watkins and Adriana Stanislavova
Adrian Colding
2:00pm - 5:00pm  

Bread Runner (3)

All slots filled
Dawn Burns
Giorgos Rahmatoulin
James Wilson

Wristbands (10)

All slots filled
Phil Johnnie
with Craig Johnnie
Sheri Johnnie
Anne Harper
Volunteer same time Matthew Fleetwood (pourer)
Vince Stewart
Sarah Conlin
Sagar Gondalia
Jake Paul
Sarah Jackson
Paige Dingess
Kirk Scheffler

Pourer (52)

40 of 52 slots filled
Darrell Wetherall
Leonard Westman
Charles Scherer
Matthew Fleetwood
Would like to pour for a local craft brewery.
Lauren Bradley
Prefer to work with Lindsey Dudley
Lindsey Dudley
Prefer to work with Lauren Bradley at a cider booth
Tyler Platt
Stephanie Snyder
Tracy Peters
Tiffany Byars
Trent Swanson
Shelbee Davis
Judith Smith
Donovan Young
K&l with Leslie Helmers Please
Anna Thorpe
Crystal Nguyen
Keri Rheinfrank
Ali Vayani
Sergios Rahmatoulin
Would like to pour for Cynosure please
Andrew Rosamilia
Would like to be stationed with/next to volunteer pourer Allison Lamb
Allison Lamb
Chris McMichael
w/ K&L
Erin Wooden
Leslie Helmers
Sonia Kumar
Cynthia Tirapelli
01/18/2019 from 6-10 also volunteered do not have alcohol pourers card would like to obtain
Kathelyn Unin
Robinson Culver
Pour with/near James Dankworth & Bryce Eckroth
James Dankworth
Pour with Robinson Culver
Bryce Eckroth
Would like to pour near James dankworth and robinson culver
Peter Nicol
I've been so excited to try serving this event. Been in the industry for 6+ years, and been encouraged to volunteer.
Whit Parker
Would prefer to work with Ana Pleitez
Ana Pleitez
Would like to pour with Whit Parker
Mike Ottenweller
Nicole Collins
Ashley Rothacher
Stacy Stone Semmier
Stacy Stone Semmier
Mark Madden
Michael M-B

Glasses/Tickets (7)

All slots filled
Gloria Scarbrough
Shannon Griffith
Gloria McWilliams
Kevin Gum
Matt Borneman
Christine Donnelly
William Oberlender
6:00pm - 10:00pm  

Bread Runner (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Tracy Salyerds
I like bread with my beer.

Wristbands (11)

All slots filled
Jessica Carlson
Brad Witt
I like beer, it makes me a jolly good feller.
Clarissa Evern
Brian Piltz
Brad is my friend. Beer tastes better near Brad
Cassandra Barsalou
I would like to be partnered up with Jessica Carlson and Clarissa Evern
Eric Frass
Olesya Zalata
Two of us will volunteer for this.
Jocquelyn Elton
Cynthia Tirapelli
Also volunteered ad a pourer on 01/18/2019 6-10pm & 01/19/2019 from 2-5pm Do not have my alcohol pourers card need to obtain tams
Melinna Faw
Linda Cannizzo

Pourers (60)

12 of 60 slots filled
Krystal Fales
Would like to pour next to Rebecca Overturf
Rebecca Overturf
Pour with Krystal Fales
Gordon Swieter
Leonard Westman
sean conlon
Betty Conlon
serve with Sean Conlon
Thomas Dooley
Would like to pour for New Belgium
Chris McMichael
w/ K&L
Cynthia Tirapelli
Applied to volunteer for prior 3 sessions of pourer need to obtain tams card
KT Latico
with Marisa Latico
Marisa Latico
Keith Hall

Glasses/Tickets (6)

All slots filled
Ken Coston
Trisha Gibbons
Mac Rail
Mystie Rail
Nate Chott
Nicole Nowling
9:30pm - 11:30pm  

Tear Down/Clean Up (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Sean Zumwalt
Christopher Luther
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