4th Annual End of Summer BAM BBQ

Please join us for the 4th Annual End of Summer BAM BBQ, Saturday, August 25th from 5:00pm-7:00pm on the BAM Big Yard.  This is an opportunity to reconnect with friends, teachers, and the school community.  We will be barbecuing hot dogs and will provide refreshments and other goodies.  Hope to see you all there!!!  To ensure we will have plenty of food, it is VERY important that you RSVP.  Can't wait to see everyone!!!

Date: 08/25/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT

Location: BAM Big Yard, 2015 Virginia Street, Berkeley, CA 94709

Created by:   Rene Molina

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YES (85) -  

Betsey Noth (4 guests)

Tracy Bays-Boothe (3 guests)
Thank you!

Ron Cunningham (3 guests)

Tomer Persico (4 guests)

Justin Cheng (1 guest)

Krystle Borromeo (2 guests)

Hina Mahmood (4 guests)

Meera & Matt Ronfeldt (4 guests)

DANA Halamish (4 guests)

Mara Greenaway (5 guests)

Dvora Pitheau (3 guests)

Roshan Sreekakula (2 guests)

Fanta K Sanneh (2 guests)

Laura Cholodenko (3 guests)

Latania Hill (4 guests)
Excited to see all the students back fro summer!!!!

Rachel Berinsky (3 guests)

Kyle Cornforth (4 guests)

Thea Sizemore (3 guests)

Stacey Kishi (3 guests)

Heaven Walker (2 guests)
Me, Heaven, and my son Aidan will be attending

Aner Ben-Ami (4 guests)

Vagelis Vossos (4 guests)

Lucia Lohmann (5 guests)

Julie Jaros (3 guests)

pamela thomas (3 guests)

Paul Hainsworth (4 guests)

Lisa Saltarelli (3 guests)

Karla Yepez (3 guests)

Jekaterina Novikova (5 guests)

Helge Osterhold (3 guests)

Jordan Schreiber (3 guests)
Will there be vegetarian food options?

Sterling Gerritz (3 guests)
Jack's family

Jenn Lynn-Whaley (3 guests)

Joel Tranter (2 guests)

Carlos Cil (4 guests)

Adell MacGillivray MacGillivray (2 guests)

Sandra Larkin (4 guests)

Karen Baskin (2 guests)

Maya Geurtsen (4 guests)

Shannon Puckett (4 guests)

Ryan Greene-Roesel (4 guests)
Thank you!

Mya Hotter (5 guests)

Danae Cranley (5 guests)

Z W (4 guests)

Tlna Carlborg (2 guests)

Carmel Bar (2 guests)

Shauntee Joseph-Edwards (5 guests)

Ashley Langworthy (4 guests)

Sara Gamble (3 guests)

Nicole Chabot (4 guests)

Noah Hoffman (3 guests)

Jesse Tichenor (3 guests)

Virginie Goubier (4 guests)

Sarah Jackson (4 guests)

Kyle Schriner (4 guests)

Heather Mills (4 guests)

Queena Kim (3 guests)

Shamik Dasgupta (4 guests)

Michele Spencer (4 guests)

Jenn Brysk (3 guests)

Ricci Ricardo (2 guests)

Liliana Soteldo (4 guests)

Kathryn Sarkis (4 guests)

Dawn Howard (3 guests)
incoming kinder!

Tasneem Cherry (6 guests)
Cherry family...incoming kindergartener and 3rd grader.

Jaime Brunetti (4 guests)

Melissa Augustine (3 guests)

Nikky Wood (4 guests)

Ethan Lindsey (4 guests)
Family of Audun Lindsey, incoming kindergartener

Pete Lunt (4 guests)

Elisa Pelayo (4 guests)

Joy Brown (4 guests)

Carol Loo (4 guests)

Fallon Spencer (5 guests)

La’Shonda Hill (3 guests)

Catherine Lee (4 guests)

Sarah Bowles (4 guests)

Alicia Siegel (3 guests)

Jordana Bloom (4 guests)

Marie Brown (2 guests)

Jax And Asa Moody (4 guests)
Please let me know how I can help.

Anna Bretan (4 guests)

Diana DiGennaro (4 guests)

Prachi Nandoskar (3 guests)

nimisha barot (4 guests)

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