Lakeville North Senior Party

2019 LNHS Senior Party (June 6, 2019)

The Lakeville North Senior Party is an all-night lock-in following graduation for the seniors to celebrate in a fun and safe environment within the Lakeville North High School.  Graduation will be at 5:00 pm Thursday, June 6, 2019 at Mariucci Arena.  The senior party begins at 10:00 pm at the high school.

A lot of planning and preparation needs to be done to make the evening run as smoothly as possible.  Early in the school year, a theme is agreed upon and each area decides on a specific area within that theme.  For 2017, the theme was "Through the Decades" and each area picked a specific decade they would decorate their area in (60's, 70's, 80's....).

We need parent volunteers for the following areas:

  1. Registration
  2. Casino
  3. Family Feud
  4. Wheel of Fortune
  5. Photo Booth
  6. Karaoke
  7. Food
  8. Games
  9. Laser Tag*
  10. Security
  11. Nurse*
  12. Body Art (temporary tattoos)
  13. Virtual Reality (?)*
  14. Senior Posters*
  15. Bag Room/Party Room*
  16. Gym Games*
  17. Parent Lounge*
  18. Set Up*
  19. Clean Up*

* - no theme is needed for these areas

Within each of these areas, we need chairs or co-chairs to organize the group, decorate (if needed), help with setup (especially need underclassmen parents who can set up while senior parents go to graduation), and work a shift, help with cleanup.  It is a fun night for the seniors and the parents.


Questions?  Send an email to [email protected]

OR send a text

  Lisa Aadland (612) 807-0648
  Lisa Lemley (952) 564-1239

We will respond as quickly as possible!

Location: Lakeville North High School

Created by:   Lisa Lemley
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Available Slot

Registration (20)

This is the first thing seniors see when they enter. Please consider being the chairperson. Need to plan for decorating, set up registration material for all seniors, handle working at the start of the party, take down at the end of the party

All slots filled
Shelley Janetzke
I can help at the beginning, but can not stay.
Michelle Camilli
Barb Waters
Jennie Johnson
Jeanne Kuma
Robin Dorr
Jessica Robison
Jodi Kelly
Amy Gelhorn
Tara Swedberg
Shelly Foy (Tuma)
Liz Schmillen
Tracy Loth
Julie Trcka
Lisa Krause
Lisa Fisk
Bridget Oslund
Anita Wickhem
melissa evans
Mary Pat Cleveland- Calhoon

Casino (20)

Please consider being the chairperson. There are a lot of existing flats for this area. Need to decorate for theme, set up flats, work night of party and clean up. All Tables, chips and cards are supplied by a rental company.

All slots filled
Jeff Gebhard
Amanda King (2)
Me and Jeff Huffman
Kelly Huegel
Todd Ness
Would like to deal blackjack night of party
Keith Hasner
Colleen Redenbaugh
Kaye Wahl
Tim Wahl
Brenda Schwieters
Mark Schwieters
Sherry Sleeper
Randy Sleeper
Tisha Dixon
Sarah Hornyak (2)
Chris & Sarah Hornyak
Brian Malecha
Craig Wallenta
Jason Dugan
David Collins

Family Feud (20)

Please consider being the chairperson. Need to decorate based on theme, help with setup, work night of party and help with take down

19 of 20 slots filled
Robyn Zeller (2)
Anthony Zeller: Host for 2nd Shift; Robyn Zeller: 2nd Shift
Mark Ekhoff
Tanis Carter
Heidi Daehlin
Michelle Lees (2)
Jay and Michelle Lees
Rachel Frechette
Julie Nelson
with Frechette and Lees
Karla And Grant Wells (2)
With Lees, Frechette and Nelson
Leslie Gerkin
Kristine Kanne (2)
With Wells Frechette and Nelson
Ann Kansanback (2)
With Lauren Titus
Jennifer Herman (2)
and Phil Herman
Joel Kansanback

Wheel of Fortune (20)

Please consider being the chairperson. There is a wheel in storage to use. Need to decorate flats based on theme, set up flats, work night of party and clean up

8 of 20 slots filled
Pam Tikalsky
I will chair or co-chair
Beth Lundrigan
vickie westerman
Chrissann Rauzi
Raj Ramadoss
I have not done any work with Senior class party. I am mom of a 9th grader. I can be a co-chair.
Jana Spanovich
Carol Kovacic
Kathy Lausche

Photo Booth (10)

Please consider being the chairperson. Need to decorate based on theme, set up flats, contact the photo booth rental company, work night of party and clean up.

All slots filled
Will consider chairing but not preference
Kristin Ness
I volunteered here last year and have good details to how to set up, etc.
Marianne McGee
Theresa Melby
Devoura Willis
Michelle Hasner
Mary Stevenson
Tera Atkins
Shannon Baldwin
Shannon Baldwin

Karaoke (10)

Please consider being the chairperson. Decide theme, decorate, set up before party, run karaoke, them help take down


Food (20)

Please consider being the chairperson. Decide theme, decorate, arrange kitchen help, contact businesses for donations/food purchases, work night of party, clean up

8 of 20 slots filled
Amee Christenson (2)
Chad Christenson
Nancy Sweeney
Erica Grecco
Shelly Noble (2)
& Travis
Carolyn Reisinger
Sandy Soukup
Will help the evening of the event.

Games (8)

Please consider being the chairperson. This is an area for kids to play some games. There are some existing games to use or you can buy others if desired. Need to decorate for the theme, set up flats, minimal work during the party, then clean up.

2 of 8 slots filled
Lorinda Bergstein
Jen Beumer

Laser Tag (6)

Please consider being the chairperson. No decorating needed. Rental company sets up and takes down. Rental person helps kids with laser guns. Minimal work during party.

All slots filled
Missy Melin
Tovi Muma
1st shift w/Missy Melin if possible
Sara Piscitiello
Katie Johnson
Kari McKernon
Karen Leum


Please consider being the chairperson. Security may choose to participate in the theme by creating custom t-shirts, but it is optional. Need to schedule people to work security throughout the night of the party.

42 slots filled - more available
Sue Zuehlsdorff
I can only do the first shift NO overnight
Liz Tremblay
Can work 1st shift only
Jeff Fisher
Charlene Wellens
Brad Wellens
Al Reuvers
Amy Reuvers
Tracey Mostaert
Troy Mostaert
Tim Ruhland
Tanya Ruhland
Linda Pierce
James Pierce
Heidi Lomenda (2)
Torey Lomenda
Mikki Lyden (2)
Ben Lyden
John Carlson
Jenny Dugan
Amy Wallenta
Barb Waters (2)
Barb and Merle Waters
Steve Lorence
Bill Shea (2)
Julie Shea
Paul & Amy Mettlach (2)
Carrie Popp (2)
Chuck and Carrie Will be working together :)
Vicky Carlson
1st shift, if possible (thanks for setting this up on signup genius
Jennifer Swenson (2)
Dean and Jen Swenson
Christine Engman (2)
We can only work the first shift
Nicole Manes (2)
Tiffaney Styles (2)
Deborah Hawkinson
Jarrid Gode
Pete Sagmoe (2)

First Aid (3)

Need a nurse in the nurse's office to handle sick and injured kids though-out the night. Must be a licensed nurse. (No chairperson needed)

All slots filled
Sandy Flen
Jennifer Merli
Will help Sandy in Nurses office
Jennifer Malecha

Body Art (tattoos) (10)

Please consider being the chairperson. Need to decorate based on theme, There are no flats for this area. Would need to purchase temporary tattoos and help with them during the party, then cleanup.

2 of 10 slots filled
Natalie Gebhard
Sara Taylor

Virtual Reality (?) (6)

Please consider being the chairperson. This may be a new area this year. Would require minimal work night of party.

2 of 6 slots filled
Pat Jones
Michello Grillo

Senior Posters (20)

Please consider being a chairperson. Puts up senior posters either Tuesday or Wednesday after school. Also needs to have a group come and help take them down after party.

All slots filled
Janeen Monroe
Gina Wall
Paula Young
Cassie Groff
Dana Mohs
Jen Mix
Erin Konik
Rachelle Slaikeu
Jonelle Joyner
Jen Beumer
Kristin Thomas
Amy Reuvers
Dorie Kandler
Patti Benhart
Michelle Lorence
Carrie Rebischke
Lisa Gidlow
Stephanie Folven
Leta Jensen
Nicole Holzer

Bag Room/Prize Room (10)

Please consider being the chairperson. Set up bags, buy prizes and go through donations, work night of party, assist seniors with their prizes at end of night, clean up

6 of 10 slots filled
Julianne Kinney
David Domack
Laurie Mrosla
Jonelle Marty
Jill Dahlin
Eric Dahlin

Gym Games (10)

Please consider being the chairperson. Monitor Kids during party to maintain safety in gym

5 of 10 slots filled
Jake Groff
Cassie Groff
Holly Buckingham
Requesting 1st shift please
John Ball
Carol Shea

Parent Lounge (12)

Please consider being the chairperson. No decorating, just have food and drink available for the parents.

All slots filled
Paula Miller
Martha Koshiol
Janeen Monroe
Anne Kutzler
Lynn Mattis
Christina Sindelir
Roberta Larvingo
can be co-chair
Tracy Gohlke
Mindy Stansbarger
Terri Tech
Shelly Elstad
Carla Regan

Clean Up (20)

Help Friday morning cleaning up the high school, unloading truck at the storage shed and returning rental truck

6 of 20 slots filled
Joyce Swartz
John Ball
Dan Duerksen
Brent Lothrop
Angie Lothrop
Linda Rosenbaum-Grubbs

Set Up (20)

Help Wednesday and Thursday. We move all flats and brackets, decorations and supplies from the storage shed and the ice houses to the high school Wednesday. Help Thursday 3:30pm until done setting up.

14 of 20 slots filled
Linette Ramsay
Kelly Rierson
Paula Miller
Rhonda Evans
Sarah and Dale Nietfeld (2)
We are able to help at 5:30pm for the evening
Deborah Hawkinson
Brent And Connie Feldhacker (2)
We are able to start at 5:30pm
Kate & Jason Anderson (2)
Kim Laufenburger
Kelly Peterson
Lori Arendt

Undecided (20)

Not sure what committee you want to work

14 of 20 slots filled
Samanatha Lyons
Will buy food
Carol Ray
Colleen Lichty
Jaime Boylan
Happy to help with anything needed
Robyn Griffin
Stephanie Pierson
Marya Puhek
JIll Risteau
Jenn Siefken
Stacy Hayden (2)
Kurt Hayden
Kelly Grimm
Deborah Power
Beverly Kossack

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