Dance Company

Dance Company Awards Ceremony

You are a ROCK STAR!  Our theme this year is showcasing our students as 'rock stars' in thier field.  Come dress as your favorite star and enjoy an evening filled with food, deserts, beverages, games including a best dressed costume contest, and Company Awards/Recognitions.  This will be an evening for your entire family, one that you soon won't forget. 

Please RSVP no later than April 5, 2019 (due to numbers for the caterer).  Be sure to include the total number of people including your student in the count.

Date: 04/12/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: District

Created by:   Performing Arts

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YES (54) -  

Cindy Bottiaux (1 guest)

Erin Nofar (5 guests)

Ethan Arthurs (1 guest)

Jordin Moore (1 guest)

Jamie Bolton (1 guest)

Ingrid Sherman (2 guests)

Andrea Alfaro (3 guests)

Mary Glendale Thweatt (3 guests)

Angela Gerke (3 guests)

Lynda Fabry (4 guests)

Tricia Beach (2 guests)

Emmalee Clow (1 guest)

Stephanie Teelander (4 guests)

Clare Carnell (5 guests)

Christina Combs (5 guests)

Susan Hamilton (3 guests)

Stacey Logan (5 guests)
2 adults, 3 kids including Shay Logan

Kim Elliott (3 guests)

Amy Earl (5 guests)

Lisa Smith (4 guests)

Melissa Bradstreet (3 guests)

Kellen Flint (3 guests)

Emily Phillips (3 guests)

Ava Angell (4 guests)

Ryan Kisser (1 guest)

Robin Parsons (1 guest)

Laura Garver (4 guests)

Laura Bowles (5 guests)

Audrey Stafford (1 guest)

Brandie Pahl (3 guests)

Jessica Drake (5 guests)

Shelly Bragg (3 guests)

Laura Niewoit (4 guests)

Kristi Heilig (3 guests)

Lori Jeung (2 guests)

Dawn Collica (3 guests)

Amy Sias (3 guests)

Aesha Phillips (3 guests)

Debbie Tamborra (4 guests)

Richelle Latimer (4 guests)

Whitney Schmit (2 guests)

Sheri Drumm (3 guests)

Rene Kubiak (4 guests)

Kristine Wightman (4 guests)

Kelli Bobcean (6 guests)

Jennifer Baldwin (5 guests)

Jamie Kimmerer (3 guests)

Diana Haddad (3 guests)

Amy Dowd (3 guests)

Kelly Bertin (4 guests)

Kristen Strong (3 guests)
Logan Strong

Keira Strange (2 guests)

Danielle McLean (5 guests)
Jonas McLean

Rina Reynolds (4 guests)