St. Mary of Vernon

Fr. Ignatius's 25th Anniversary Party

Please RSVP to join us as we celebrate Father Ignatius & 25 years as a priest! All are invited. There will be food, drinks, dancing, & fun!

Mass at 11:15am in Church.

Lunch served around 1pm in the Parish Center. 

Date: 06/04/2023 (Sun.)

Time: 12:30pm - 5:00pm CDT

Location: John Finnegan Parish Center

Created by:   St. Mary of Vernon

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Lukas Cichon (2 guests)

Jon Berndt (3 guests)

Jessica Santiago (1 guest)

Robert Hruska (1 guest)

James Felice (2 guests)

Joe Nicpon (2 guests)

Ruben Herrera (4 guests)

Darlene Frantonius (2 guests)

Adam Schnepp (3 guests)

Mary Anne Litgen (2 guests)
Sounds amazing!

Gail & Andy Zych (2 guests)

Anne Foley (2 guests)

Jerric Paul (4 guests)
Congratulations and God bless all your wishes father

Victoria L. Kushida (2 guests)

Lisa Rand (4 guests)

Tom & Eve Jacobs (2 guests)

Jim & Sue Wogan (2 guests)

Alana Gielczyk (2 guests)

Gary Schiappacasse Schiappacasse (1 guest)

Debbie Murphy (1 guest)

Domenic Lanni (4 guests)

Martha Ramuta (1 guest)

Leilani Robles (4 guests)

Charlie Richtfort (2 guests)

Mike Lawler (2 guests)
Go to 11:15 Mass and sing "I Say Yes, My Lord!" This year is the 20th Anniversary of SMV's first musical, "Tales of Wonder," which included this song. I'm so glad we get ti celebrate Fr. Ignatius's 25th anniversary. Lots of stories, lots of fun!

Mark Schmitz (2 guests)
It's time to par-tay!

Jim Welch (2 guests)

MaryGail and Bruce Kwiecinski (2 guests)

Michael Duffy (2 guests)

Doug Cline (1 guest)

Jeff Steybe (1 guest)

Jerry Olszewski Olszewski (2 guests)

Tracy Rieke (1 guest)

Steven Kaesdorf (1 guest)

Susan Crook (1 guest)

Jack Rieke (2 guests)

Grace Bowen (3 guests)

Lynn Ward (1 guest)

Marion Hornung (1 guest)

Tracy Crowe (4 guests)
All Can help

Michelle Chang (2 guests)

Sr. Rita Stoeberl (1 guest)

Kent Liederbach (1 guest)

Mary Winegard (3 guests)
Rick, Mary, Alexis

Paul Duriet (5 guests)

Jennifer Daniels (5 guests)

Kathy Brosmith (1 guest)

Sherylann Phillips (2 guests)
What a wonderful occasion to be part of!

Delano and Charlotte Afonso (3 guests)

Janusz Wojnar (2 guests)
We love Father Ignatius

John Zitkus (2 guests)

Frances & George Tritthardt (2 guests)

Margaret Clark (5 guests)

Gwendolyn Babb (4 guests)

Karen Cole (2 guests)

Joseph Schwarz (2 guests)

Aurelia Spicuzza (1 guest)

Congratulations, Fr. Ignatius. It is awesome!!! God continue to bless your ministry.

Patricia Manu (5 guests)

NO (1) +