Raleigh Rescue Mission Volunteers

2021Thanksgiving Turkey Meal Take Out

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Created by:   Raleigh Rescue Mission
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Location Available Slot
(Mon. 6:30pm - 8:30pm)
Raleigh Rescue Mission

Meal Packing Sides/Dessert (50)

Packing individual containers - Prep bags with labels

All slots filled
Chad Rigney (4)
Looking for an opportunity for FT Bragg Soldiers to volunteer. 30-40 Soldiers.
Jenine Alessi (4)
There will be four of us
Lynn Lashley
Kristin McClure (2)
two adults
Parker Roberts (2)
Heather Medlin
Kathy Palahnuk (2)
Can I sign up my husband and myself
Angela Dudley (4)
2 adults, 2 kids
Meghan McCrea
Andrew Stanley
Jennifer Giordano Giordano (2)
2 adults, 2 kids
Julie Brown (3)
2 adults; 1 kid
JoAnna Johnson (4)
also Robert, Rebecca & Robby
Dan Poindexter
Demond Rogers
Jane Pullen (2)
2 Adults
Erica Boles
Cathy Simmer
Cathy Simmer
Kristi Thornton (2)
Ashley Stacey
Lucinda MacKethan
Jessica Thomas (4)
Johnathan Thomas (4)
Jennifer Schmidlin
4 total
(Tue. 6:30pm - 8:30pm)
Raleigh Rescue Mission

Meal Packing Turkey/Stuffing/Gravy (24)

Packing individual containers

All slots filled
Page Vish
Morgan McArthur (4)
Allison Driver (4)
Katy Moyer (4)
Karen Hughes (2)
CJ Jenkins
CJ Jenkins (3)
Gaile Valcho (3)
There will be 3 of us
Teresa Dozier (2)
One adult, one teen
(Wed. 6:30pm - 8:30pm)
Raleigh Rescue Mission

Meal Packaging (26)

Final packaging of all food items

All slots filled
Joseph Coleman (2)
Leslie Potter (4)
There are 5 of us including 3 kids, 14, 12, and 9. Is that okay?
Tenita Dawson (3)
There will be 2 adults and 1 Teenager
Jeannette Raymond (2)
Jessica Gill (3)
Nasya Paul (4)
signing up for 4 people to volunteer
Janice Williams (2)
There will be myself, and my husband Michael.
Anna Fisher
Joan Fisher
Steffanke Wolfert (3)
2 teens and one adult
Kerry Heckle
Will have 2 teens with me
(Thu. 11:00am - 12:00pm)
Southeast Raleigh Table

Delivery Drivers (100)

Drivers to deliver meals around Raleigh

All slots filled
Melissa Walker
Alexa McCann
Juee Tendulkar
Angela Cazzola
Jenine Alessi (2)
Kenny Cook (2)
1 driver 1 helper
Janelle Baldwin
Kara Berry
There will be 3 helpers with me
Tammy Leon
We’re thankful to have a chance to help again!
Anthony Connochie (3)
Jeannette Raymond
Our family would like to drive
Brian Alford
Our family would like to volunteer to deliver meals on Thanksgiving.
Jessica Gill
Teresa Dozier
1 driver & 1 helper
Aaliyah Chance
jennifer boykin
Our family loves delivering meals at Thanksgiving
Kada Unwin (2)
Andrea Hammer
Hi, please sign us up my husband Mike and me in the same car
Nicole Mallia (2)
My teenager helper
Laura Werner
Kristen Greene
1 driver and 1 helper
Jillian Huff
Shelvy Richardson
My family and I will be delivering.
Debbie Holoman
One driver & one helper
Catherine Campbell
1 Driver and 3 Helpers
Janelle Jennings-Alexander
Mark Leonard Leonard
Driver and helper
Kerry Heckle
I am happy to make a few stops in a similar area if needed.
Mike Arthurs
Bonnie Davis
Julie Brown
1 driver; a few helpers
April Schweitzer
Karen VanDeusen
Neale Davis
Nate Handley (3)
Happy to help! Setting an example for my two young kids of the power of giving back to others!
Scott Lee
Nick Halloran
Christopher Carner
Charles Lee (4)
Walter Kubiesa
Sharesa Wilkins
1 helper
Joel & Caroline Graybeal
I will be a driver with my wife's assistance!
Jillian Van Wagenen
Brandi Einhorn
Chris Crosier
Joseph Alevizatos (4)
Eric Kemak
Pat & Larry Butterton (2)
We look forward to delivering meals again!
michelle cassell (2)
Hannah Simpson (2)
Karen Law (2)
River Wu (2)
Janey Musgrave
Will have 3 adults with me.
Charlotte P.
2 adults + 10-year-old
Kay Bucci (3)
With 2 other family members
Ashley Swigart
Pilar Condes (2)
Johnny Cummings (4)
2 adults
Tara Norton
Sam Volk (2)
Beth Hanson (4)
Shannon Casey
Joey Ballentine
Kim Renna (2)
Nikesha Gilbert
Jennifer DeLorco
Myself and 2-3 helpers helpers ages 15 and up. I have a volvo S60 with nice trunk.
Shara Settle
I will have a helper
Tyler Kreigh (2)
1 driver & helper
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