Quail Creek Pickleball Club

Organized Play Mixed Round Robin 2.5 (Fridays 9 AM - 11 AM)

NEW SIGN-UP INSTRUCTIONS: Beginning on January 11, 2021, Club Members may be able to play in a second OP round robin on a space-available basis by signing up as Alternates.

Organized Play (OP) is Club-sponsored round robin play available to Club members.  OP provides weekly playing opportunities for Club members of approximately the same skill level (self-evaluated). Review the IPTA Skill-level descriptions  (https://iptpa.com/iptpa-rating-skills-assessment/) to determine if this is the right skill-level for you.  

Beginning on May 8th, this Round Robin will be held on Fridays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  (Do not be confused by the time shown under the date on the left side of the sign-up list.  That is the time of day on the seventh day before the event when sign-ups start.) 

Sign-ups are required.  Please use the appropriate category:

1. PLAYERS - Players who sign-up here (up to 10) are in the OP round robin.  If you sign-up but have a change of plans, delete your sign-up so that someone else can sign-up.  Do not sign up on this list if you are on a “Players” list for any other OP round robin in the same week.

When the Players list is full: A cancellation may create a vacancy at any time.  Any Club member not already playing in an OP round robin that week may sign up on the Players list until the event, and he/she will have priority over people on the Alternates list.  It’s a good idea to check the sign-up regularly.

2. ALTERNATES - Members on a Players list for another weekly OP round robin may sign up here to play in a second weekly OP.

How the Alternates list works:

a.  Alternates play on a space-available basis (fewer than 10 on the Players list) in the order of sign-up.  For example, if there are two vacancies on the Players list on the morning of the event, only the first two players on the Alternates list should come to the courts ready to play.  Additional players, if any, will not be able to play.

b. Alternates are not eligible to sign up on the Players list even if there is a vacancy unless they are not signed up on any OP Players list that week.

POA COVID-19 restrictions apply to OP Round Robins.  Participants must maintain 6+ feet of social distance except when on the courts playing pickleball.

Questions?  Contact Dave Mungo, OP Coordinator; [email protected]

Representative: Dave Andrew

Created by:   Quail Creek Pickleball Club
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy MST) Location Players
(Fri. 9:01pm)
9 AM - 11 AM on Court 5 

Players (6)

1 of 6 slots filled
Liz Livingston

Alternates (3)

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