Canyon Charter

Canyon Charter School Tours 2018/19

Thank you for your interest in Canyon Charter Elementary School. 

To join one of our tours, please reserve your spot through this sign-up genius. During each tour we will have a brief informational session with out Principle Nicole Sheard and parent representatives. A guided tour of our campus will be led by parents and these will take place rain or shine.  

Please note that these tours are for parents and guardians only. No children or perspective students please. Space is limited, so please sign up for only one tour so that we can accommodate many families.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!  Feel free to email me if you have any questions



[email protected]


Location: Canyon Auditorium

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Date (mm/dd/yyyy PST) Available Slot
(Wed. 8:30am - 10:00am)

Attendees (75)

All slots filled
Marissa DeSiena (2)
Marissa DeSiena & Kevin McDaniels
Danielle Del Deo (2)
Adam and Danielle Del Deo
Georgina Barbera (2)
Georgina & Frank Barbera
Hillary Harbold
Hillary Harbold
Lisa Margeson (2)
Lisa & Matt Margeson
Anne Buch (2)
Anne and Eric Buch
Diana Leher (2)
Diana & Richard Leher
Katrien De Bauw (2)
Katrien De Bauw and Sean Martin
Annie Meyers-Shyer
Annie Meyers-Shyer
Karen Parks (2)
Karen Parks Cameron Parks
kimberly Froggett (2)
Richard & Kimberly Froggett
Ronit Morad (2)
Ronit and Sam
Tara Grove (2)
Tara & Andrew Grove
Allison Newmark
Allison Newmark
Chrissy Wilson
Chrissy Wilson
Rahila Simzar
Rahila Simzar
fran hall (2)
fran and jon hall
Erin Fotos (2)
Erin and Mark Woollen
Jessica Stokes (2)
Jessica and Brad
Nora Babajoni (2)
Hersel and Nora Babajoni
Marcy Roth
Marcy Roth
Monika Nowacka (2)
Monika Nowacka, Ra'up McGee
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall
Michelle Wenke (2)
Michelle Wenke
Rebecca Jansen
Rebecca and Lucas Jansen
Ashley Lewis Hunter (2)
Ashley & Scott Hunter
Eliana Umansky (2)
Eliana Umansky and John Pismenny
Kimberly Tominaga
Kimberly Tominaga
Shaudi Fulp (2)
Sean and Shaudi Fulp
Brett Gathrid
Brett Gathrid
Jennifer Jeffers-Schwartz (2)
Jonathan and Jennifer Schwartz
Ben Tishler (2)
Ben and Margot Tishler
Tina Bachmann (2)
Tina & Patrick Bachmann
Brooke McLaren (2)
Damon and Brooke McLaren
Dina Youssefmir (2)
Dina & Jack Mir
Neha Patel (2)
Neha and Mehul Patel
Estyn Hackshaw
Estyn Hackshaw
Shea Curry (2)
Shea and Jason
Stephanie Garacochea (2)
Stephanie & Paul Garacochea
Kimberly Stabile (2)
Kimberly & Sal Stabile
Natalia Bennett
Natalia Bennett
David Love
David Love
Lisa Fridman (2)
Lisa and Alex Fridman
Chris Hetherington
Chris Hetherington
(Wed. 8:30am - 10:00am)

Attendees (75)

All slots filled
Hillary Harbold
Hillary Harbold
Karen Parks (2)
Karen and Cameron Parks
Allison Newmark
Lewis Newmark
Marcy Roth
Marcy Roth
Tanja Hancock
Tanja Hancock
Kate Underwood
Kate Underwood
Dafna Hopenstand
Dafna Hopenstand
Jacoba Smulders
Cobie Smulders
Danielle Litak (2)
Danielle Litak
Victoria Wang Limketkai (2)
Vicki and Brian Limketkai
Conrad Adamczak (2)
Conrad and Michelle Adamczak
Desiree Zenowich
Desiree Zenowich
Elisabeth Huisking-Abdul (2)
Naveed and Elisabeth Abdul
demetra chazanas
Demetra Chazanas
Schuyler Schwimer
Schuyler Schwimer
Caitlin Blue (2)
Caitlin & Eric
Kimberly Jaime (2)
Kim Jaime and Tyler Roozen
Denise Mandler (2)
Denise and Anthony
Dhananjay Patwardhan (2)
Katie and Dhananjay Patwardhan
Anna Wildman (2)
Anna & Danny Wildman
Desiree Kohan (2)
Desiree kohan & ricardo Pavan
Sally McKnight
Sally McKnight
anne schuckman (2)
Anne Schuckman, Nico Ruderman
Laura Donovan
Nico Ruderman (2)
Nico and Anne
Rachel Adler (2)
Brye and Rachel Adler
Jennifer Miller (2)
Jenn and Danny Miller
Kelly Sullivan (2)
Kelly & Noel Sullivan
Gina Schwartz (2)
Gina & Todd
John Goldsmith
John Goldsmith
Jessica Rastegar
Jessica Rastegar and Ilya Erenberg
Sonia Kazarova (2)
Sonia Kazarova, Hunter Ackerman
Tali Ekstein (2)
Tali and Bruce Ekstein
Heather Keller (2)
Heather Keller, James Liebman
Michal Davis (2)
Paul and Michal Davis
Joshua Weinstock (2)
Josh and Kerri Weinstock
Scott Aversano (2)
Scott Aversano, Alexa Faigen
Angela Fitts
Angela Fitts
laura boyd
Laura and Dustin Boyd
Puja Chugani
P Chugani
Tanya Hersh (2)
Tanya and Matt Hersh
Sandra Mulvihill (2)
Sandra and Daniel Mulvihill
Dawn Bramlette
Dawn Bramlette
Anissa Arcos
Anissa Arcos
Albina Hunt (2)
Nathan and Albina Hunt
Liz LoPresti
Liz LoPresti
Mai Curran
Mai Curran
Kristen Jackman (2)
Kristen and Anthony Jackman
(Wed. 8:30am - 10:00am)

Attendees (75)

All slots filled
Haeran Zedeck (2)
Haeran & David Zedeck
Navlata Rawat (2)
Navi Rawat
Kristen Alaniz-Youn
Kristen Alaniz-Youn
Alisa Rodman
Alisa Rodman
Brian Trump (2)
Nikki & Brian Trump
matt hersh (2)
Matt and Tanya Hersh
Natalie Glickman
Natalie Glickman Anthony Glickman
Tanisha Eaves
Tanisha Eaves
Angela Thompson (2)
Angela & Brett Thompson
Julia Kornilova (2)
Julia Kornilova & Boris Amelyan
Margaret Orenstein (2)
Todd & Margaret
Joana Cruz (2)
Joana Cruz and Damion Clayton
Ishmael Beah (2)
Ishmael and Priscillia Beah
Colin Hudock
Colin Hudock
Shadi Aryabod (2)
Mark & Shadi Vaghei
eugene travnikoff (2)
eugene and cathy
Marc Johnson (2)
Marc and Danvy
Saman Samii (2)
Saman Samii, Setareh Samii
Tricia Taper (2)
Brian and Tricia Taper
Pranav Ramanathan (2)
Pranav and Alexandra Ramanathan
Lisa Serra
Lisa Serra
Nisha Mendelsohn (2)
Josh and Nisha Mendelsohn
Lisa Goss
Lisa Goss
Rana Ziaee
Rana Ziaee
Sheila Volk-Weiss
Sheila Volk-Weiss
Jeriann Seto
Jeriann Seto
elyssa Katz
Elyssa and Brett Katz
Wade Brandenberger (2)
Wade and Casey Brandenberger
Mona Latifi (2)
Mona Latifi David Brinkley
Yi Gong (2)
Yi Gong
evelyn Hamilton
Evelyn Hamilton
Aubrey Reisenweber (2)
Aubrey & Jordan Reisenweber
Camille Dorflinger
Camille Dorflinger
Kshama Mehra (2)
Kshama and Ravi Mehra
Luciano Mastromarino (2)
Luciano + Francesca Mastromarino
Megan Neese (2)
Ida Neese
Brianna Bening (2)
Chris & Brianna Bening
Natascha Snellman (2)
Natascha Snellman and Lance Dawes
Michael Matteucci (2)
Michael & Casey
Shari Rosenblum (2)
Shari Rosenblum, Marc Botnick
Alya Hussain (2)
Salman Hussain and Alya Sheikh
Elena Konstantarakis
Elena Konstantarakis
Arielle Jackson (2)
Arielle & Todd Jackson
Laurel Ziegler
Laurel Ziegler
(Wed. 8:30am - 10:00am)

Attendees (75)

All slots filled
Robin Formanek (2)
Robin Formanek and John Cianciolo
Malissa Medina (2)
Phil Phillipuk, Malissa Medina
Catherine Schmidt
Catherine Schmidt
linda smith (2)
Linda Smith, Joe Edmonds
Vienna Bourgault (2)
Marianela and Richard Bourgault
Natalie Myers (2)
Tom + Natalie Myers
Katie Chang (2)
Katie & Will Chang
Georgina Monterrosa-Andres
Georgina Monterrosa Andres
Linda Cho (2)
Linda Cho & DeWitt Cannon
Grace Hartman (2)
Grace and Edward Hartman
Sarah Costigan
Sarah Costigan
coco walker (2)
coco walker and alex pierce
Stacey Meepos (2)
Barry Meepos, Stacey Meepos
Georgina Frank (2)
Georgina & Frank
Barbara Urich (2)
Barbara and Justin Urich
Justine Peacock
Justine Peacock
Zoe Fairbourn (2)
Zoe and Adrian fairbourn
Gabe Miller (2)
Gabe and Mia Miller
Serena Thynne (2)
Simon Holtom and Serena Thynne
Nicolette Gans
Nicolette Gans
Lawanna Becker (2)
LaWanna Becker & David Lambert
Jacqueline Williams (2)
Jacqueline & John Williams
Christina Lemberger (2)
Christina & Elliott Lemberger
Lydia Pelosi (2)
Lydia and Andrew Pelosi
Jessica Erenberg
Jessica and Ilya Erenberg
Lindsey Miller (2)
Lindsey & Micah Miller
Qinan Lombard (2)
Gerhard and Qinan
Lindsey Weber (2)
Lindsey & Mike Weber
Noshin Khoja (2)
Zayden Lalani
Sarah Jonovic (2)
Andrej and Sarah Jonovic
JENNIFER utley (2)
jennifer and chase
Stephanie Gimbel (2)
Stephanie and Jeff Gimbel
silam schmidt (2)
silam and boris
Genevieve Daniels (2)
Genevieve Daniels and Alex Siroky
Molly McFarland (2)
Molly McFarland and Jake Montgomery
Michelle Rudman (2)
Robert and Michelle Rudman
avital fineman (2)
Avital and Marc Fineman
Paul Sehdeva
Paul Sehdeva
Sabine Matthies
Sabine Matthies
Denise Hahn (2)
Edson Williams and Denise Hahn
Yurika Nishihara-Dodd (2)
Yurika Nishihara-Dodd, Richard Dodd
Stella Shirinda
Stella and Sean

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