St. Christopher School

2019 Cross Country Team Registration

St Christopher School is excited to be again offering a cross country running program for children in grades 2 – 5.   The school will participate in several races, including the Nashua PAL City Championship Cross Country Meet for elementary schools (grades 2-5). Students in grade 6 will participate at Nashua Catholic Jr. High School.

The goals of this program are:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Get outdoors and get some exercise.
  3. Learn how to work within a large group of participants.
  4. Improve race time throughout the season.
  5. Learn proper running techniques and learn to run the race distance non-stop.  

Race distances are:

  • Grades 2 & 3: 2k or about 1 mile
  • Grades 4 & 5: 3k or 1.86 miles
  • Grade 6: racing is done with Nashua Catholic, as well as most workouts.

Cost:  There is a cost of $35/runner or $60/family fee associated with the program.  This cost includes:

  1. A shirt
  2. Race entry fees (3 races last year with fees)
  3. End of year party.


When: 3:00 to 4:30 PM, Mondays and Wednesdays when there is school (weather permitting).

Where: Sargent Park.  The children will be escorted from the school over to Sargent Park.

Equipment: shorts, shirt, a good pair of running shoes, and a water bottle.

Pickup: By 4:45 PM at the school.  After 4:45 students will be placed in After Care.  Additional charges will apply.


Registration: For safety reasons, the team is limited to 75 runners. If your child would like to participate, please register him or her below. Registrations will ONLY be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If no team member slots are available, please sign your child up on the waiting list and children will be accepted as space becomes available.

Questions can be directed via email to [email protected].

Thank you.

Coach Stacey Marino 

Created by:   Marta Nissen
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Available Slot

Cross Country Team Member (75)

All slots filled
Melissa Emond
Luke Emond
Melissa Michels
Benjamin Michels 5th
Sophie Marquis
Kaitlyn Marquis 4th
Delilah Nangle
Mia Queenan 3
Kellie Fitzgerald
Caleb Paquin
Jamie Gregoire
Ashton Gregoire, 2
Katie Osborn
William Osborn grade 3
Corrine Zeman
Elijah Zeman (5th)
Sue Forsyth
Shannon Forsyth 4th
Melissa Cruz
Elliot Cruz
Corrine Zeman
Josiah Zeman (3rd)
Vineetha Gutta
Akshar Ganta 3rd Grade
Kate Maher
Kate Maher
Erika Cote (2)
Brayden Mariano 6th Ava Mariano 5th
Kelly Ayotte
Jake Daley
Catherine McQuaid (4)
Zoe McQuaid
Heather Griebel
Adam Griebel 4th grade
Kelly Dabrowski
Stella Dabrowski 5th
Marykate Nerney
Sophia-Rose Boyd 5th Grade
Leisel Smith
Emery Smith (Gr 3)
Lisa Walters
Nathan walters 4
Julie Knapp
Chloe Knapp 4th
Julie Knapp
Emma Knapp 6th
Alison Nardone
Sam Nardone
Tara Canaway (2)
Tommy (5th) Sammy (2nd)
Stephanie Finn
Maeve Finn 4th Grade
Oana Logiotatos
Theodora Logiotatos 5th grade
Devin Gomes
Devin Gomes
Deepa Tallamraju (2)
Neil Tallamraju ( Gd 5); Jay Tallamraju (Gd 2)
Elizabeth Vaquerano
Lucas Vaquerano
Jaclyn Leonardi (2)
Ian 6 and Grant 4
Lana Tyrrell
Colette Tyrrell, 4th grade
Meighan Garcia
Aivan Garcia 5
Dianne McGrade
Michael MCGrade Grade 5
Jennifer Fisher
Zachary Fisher, Gr 3
Staci Felder
Ethan Felder 5
Stephanie Dolloff (2)
Dayana Cotito (Gr. 4) & Walter Cotito (Gr. 2)
Jeni Leonard (2)
Giada Leonard (2nd) and Anthony Leonard (6th)
Karla Hall
Emily Hall (2nd)
Katie Osborn
Riley Osborn Grade 6.
Jen McGowan
Hailey McGowan Fourth Grade
Heather McCorry
Kayla McCorry 2nd Grade
Jessica MacDonald (2)
Sean MacDonald 5th Madelynn MacDonald 3rd
Melissa Davis
Madison Lorden Grade 2
Beth Dargin
Meredith Dargin 3rd grade
Lorrice Bedard
Elise Rockwell 5th grade
Ariel Nichols
Carson Nichols 2nd grade
Mary Woodward (2)
Samuel (6th) & Elise (4th) Woodward
Vani Lingadal
Neha Lingadal
Rachael DeFelice
Vanessa DeFelice 6
Heather Reardon
Madelyn Reardon 3rd grade
Heather Reardon
Molly Reardon 6th grade
Jen McGowan
Connor McGowan (6th)
Kerri Torrisi
Aiden Torrisi Grade 3
Jay Cook
Annamaria Cook Grade 4
Nadra K Bell Bell
Duggan Keane - 3rd
Tom McCarthy
Claudia Mccarthy connolly
Tammy Campbell
Sophia Campbell 2nd
Dawn Cerasuolo
Caden Siraco Grade 6
Tracy Bastarache
Nicholas Bastarache - 5th
Jessica Ackerman (2)
Kelsey 6, Aaron 3
Vladislav Yasevich (2)
Simon Yasevich 5, Matthew Yasevich 2

Waiting List

10 slots filled - more available
Jane Gill
Brian Gill 2nd grade
Jaclyn Lizotte
Maxxwell Lizotte 6th grade
Megan Hussey
Beckett Hussey 5th grade
Rawan Saquer
Bilal Saquer 3rd grade
Sasha Shaplyko
Maxim Frasca 4th grade
Melissa Hechavarria
Jacob Jones
Amy Lawless
Vivian Lawless 3rd grade
Catherine Tribou
Maria Tribou (6th grade)
Jennifer Schadowsky
Bryson Schadowsky, 3rd grade
John And Lisa O'Connor
Talin O’Connor Grade 6

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