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Bud Light Fantasy Fest Parade Ambassadors

It's BAAAAAACK! Are you ready for a good time? The Bud Light Fantasy Fest Parade 2022 is ON! And we need YOUR help! Parade Ambassadors are the crucial component to the parade. Please take a minute to review the locations and sign up for the one that suits you best! Ambassadors should be comfortable interacting with the parade participants and observers, comfortable speaking with law enforcement, and able to stand for the duration of the parade (6pm-10pm). AMBASSADORS MEETING ON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 26th 6:30pm at OPAL KEY!!! Mixer date TBD! We can't wait! 

Date: 10/29/2022 (Sat.)

Time: 4:30pm - 9:30pm EDT

Location: Truman Annex Park
Southard St, Key West, FL 33040

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Created by:   Liz Love
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Parade Ambassadors ALL MEET at Truman Annex

Team 1: Truman Annex Southard St below Whitehead St (10)

A few from this team will MOVE to the 1100 block (btwn Virginia and Catherine)

7 of 10 slots filled
Ross Pipkin
Dave Battles
Bill Crowley
Toni Crowley
zoltan pinter
Jana Deen

Team 2: Green Parrot (Southard turn-Whitehead-Fleming) (9)

This team will be along the Southard/Whitehead to Fleming stretch)

7 of 9 slots filled
Janice Hudak
Mary Maleski
Team Captain
Ron Maleski
Team Captain
Annette Adkins
Brad Kurpjuweit
Roxanne Wood
Deb Devlin

Team 3: Courthouse (Whitehead between Fleming/ Eaton) (8)

This team will cover the area in front of the Courthouse along Whitehead

3 of 8 slots filled
Michelle Hargis-Zuerlein
Don Hargis
Mark Funt

Team 3A: Post Office (Whitehead covering Eaton-Caroline) (8)

Team 3A will cover the area in front of the Post Office

2 of 8 slots filled
Jim Gambino
Team Captain
Fran Sessa

Team 4: Audubon House (Whitehead-Caroline-Green-Fitzpatrick) (8)

Team 4 will cover the area in front of the Audubon House leading up to the Front St TURN

3 of 8 slots filled
Linda Gambino
Team Captain
Norman Hunt
Cathy Matier
We own property right there.

Team 5: Front Street Turn (Green-Front-Duval) (7)

Team 5 will be on the Front St turn

6 of 7 slots filled
Bob Hawley
Freida Hawley
Steve Smith
Team Captain
Kim Smith
banner @ front of parade!
bill /carol andersen
Carol Andersen

Team 6: 100 Block of Duval (Front to to Duval St.) (5)

Be on hand just as they are completing the turn

3 of 5 slots filled
Peter Snow
Betsy Snow
Teresa LaMacchia

Team 6A: 100 Block Front/Green St (6)

2 of 6 slots filled
Jim Simmen
Celia Martinez

Team 7: 200 Block (Green/Caroline) (5)

Along Duval Street between Green/Caroline

4 of 5 slots filled
Luciana Valenti
Tiffany Sanford
Mark Ives
Team Captain
Bowen Wright
Was an ambassador in mid 2000's. Back in town and would love to help out again.

Team 8: 300 Block (Caroline- Eaton) (10)

Team 8 covers the area between Caroline and Eaton along Duval

9 of 10 slots filled
Tami Creech
Team Captain
Cari Potteiger
Sherie Snider
Charlie Snider
David Ogle (2)
David and Liz Ogle
Mikki Wylie
Bill Wylie
Amber Debevec

Team 9: 400 Block (Eaton-Fleming) (8)

Team 9 covers the media stand in front of La Concha and Eaton to Fleming

All slots filled
Paul Duma
Peggy Duma
Suzanne Mansmann
William Baldwin
Janice Baldwin
Bruce Marcus
Gigi Jordan
Michael Rison

Team 10: 500 Block (Fleming-Southard) (13)

Team 10 will cover the Fleming to Southard stretch on Duval

6 of 13 slots filled
Perry Favazza
Dottie Favazza
Stewart Andrews
Team Captain
Marilyn Barnett
Ariane Levystone
William Boedicker

Team 11: 600 Block (Southard-Angela) (11)

Team 11 will cover the Southard to Angela stretch on Duval

3 of 11 slots filled
Eric Mealus
Joel Cognevich

Team 12: 700 Block (Angela-Petronia) (8)

Team 12 covers the Angela to Petronia stretch along Duval

All slots filled
Kevin Orzel
Team Captain
Julie Orzel
William Cocco
Robbie Cocco
James Zimmerman
William Garbis
Diane Scarnecchia
Cindy Hall

Team 13: 800 Block (Petronia-Olivia) (8)

Team 13 will cover the Petronia to Oliva stretch along Duval

6 of 8 slots filled
Anita McGee
Ben Ja
Pat Kersey
Don Vertregt
Jim Salisbury
Linda McCullough

Team 14: 900 Block (Olivia-Truman) (8)

Team 14 will cover the Oliva to Truman stretch along Duval

1 of 8 slots filled
Dean Miller

Team 15: 1000 Block (Truman-Virgina & Judges Stand) (6)

Team 15 will cover the Truman to Virginia stretch along Duval and include the Judges Stand

All slots filled
Dave Arnold
Liz Levi
Chuck Hoey
Dorothy Hoey
Kathy Ricciboni
Steve Ricciboni

Team 16: 1100 Block (Virginia - Catherine) (9)

Team 16 will cover the Virginia to Catherine stretch of Duval

4 of 9 slots filled
Bill Crowley
Toni Crowley
Anna Hillman

Team 17: 1200 Block (Catherine - United) (2)

Team 17 will cover the Catherine to United stretch along Duval



Responsible for walking alongside the driver of a float for the duration of the parade to assist with pacing and communicating with escorts in front of and behind your float.

12 of 20 slots filled
Janice Hudak
Laura Say
Todd Creely
Kimberly Matarese
Sharon White
Nikki Aaron
Celia Martinez
Tammy Brown
Bob Brown
Spiro Papadatos
Randy Detrick
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