Family Foyer

Family Foyer Game Night & Pot Luck Dinner

Let's have some winter fun! January's Family Foyer Pot Luck Dinner will be January 26th from 5-7 and will feature board games and an active game of "Human Hungry, Hungry Hippo". The dinner is pot luck, but let us know what you can bring. Games provided, but bring your own if you want. Paper products, utensils, coffee, and tea will be provided.  

Join us for good food, friends, games, and fun. We are looking forward to seeing you and sharing a meal!

Blessings, Connie and Rev. Jess 

Date: 01/26/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm EST

Location: Parish Hall 199 Duke of Gloucester Street

Created by:   Connie Saeger

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Set-Up (5) - Help set tables and decorate
  1 of 5 slots filled
Cardie Templeton
Should we arrive at 4:30 for setup?
Clean-Up (6) - Clean tables, wash dishes, trash, etc.
Side Dish/Salad (10)
  2 of 10 slots filled
Brie Lang
Salad or veg something
Allison Cordell
Cauliflower bake
Entree (10)
  1 of 10 slots filled
Cardie Templeton
Jimmy John's Sandwiches
Dessert (10)
  1 of 10 slots filled
Allison Cordell
Pilsbury chocolate chip Cookies (20)
Non-Alcoholic Beverage (5)
  2 of 5 slots filled
Robin Clark Eilenberg (2)
Sparkling waters
Board Game (5)
  1 of 5 slots filled
Courtney Spikes
Responses:     Yes: 5     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 14     Maybe: 0

YES (5) -  

Allison Cordell (5 guests)

Brie Lang (3 guests)

Courtney Spikes (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

Robin Clark Eilenberg (3 guests)
Robin J Clark

Cardie Templeton (1 guest)
Cardie Templeton