FFC Big Creek Family Cookout

We have the shelter reserved starting at 8am and you are welcome to come anytime. We plan to eat at 6pm.

Click on the RSVP button to sign up for a side/dessert and to let us know how many in your group will be coming.

Thank you!

Date: 06/19/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm CDT

Location: Big Creek Beach Shelter #2

Created by:   julie day

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Side (50)
  21 of 50 slots filled
Becky Doubleday
Rachelle Drabek
Jennifer Olson
Sean Murphy
Leah Davenport (2)
Jennifer Miltenberger
Shaun Peterson
Bob Lund
Relish tray
Shelbee Ellison (2)
Pasta salad and Chinese chicken salad
Alice Crabb
Bethany Mcconnell
Molly Wierck
Marcia Lozada
Jenny Nelson
Candy Drost (2)
Cantaloupe and cabbage salad
Angie O'Tool
Julie Galloway
Amy Entrekin
Dessert (50)
  22 of 50 slots filled
Becky Doubleday
Britta Robran
Heidi Hight
Rachelle Drabek
Denise Ganpat
Kate Babcock
Lemon Bars
LaKeisha Hoyle
Steven Mayhugh (2)
Bob Lund
Jennifer Brown
Anna Houk
Angie Johnson
Apple Snicker Salad
Hilmer & Vickie Hintz
Kris Parlee
Dee Miller (2)
Terry Hotchkiss
Charmaine Larwick
Liz Howe
Julie Galloway
Strawberry bars
veronica rivera
Responses:     Yes: 35     No: 2     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 145     Maybe: 4

YES (35) -  

veronica rivera (4 guests)

Amy Entrekin (2 guests)

Julie Galloway (6 guests)

Angie O'Tool (5 guests)

Liz Howe (3 guests)

Charmaine Larwick (5 guests)

Terry Hotchkiss (2 guests)

Dee Miller (6 guests)

Kris Parlee (2 guests)

Candy Drost (4 guests)
We are fair weather fellas and will stay home if it’s rainy!

Hilmer & Vickie Hintz (2 guests)

Jenny Nelson (4 guests)

Marcia Lozada (5 guests)

Angie Johnson (5 guests)

Anna Houk (5 guests)

Molly Wierck (4 guests)

Jennifer Brown (4 guests)

Meredith Stiles (4 guests)

Bethany Mcconnell (6 guests)

Alice Crabb (6 guests)

Shelbee Ellison (5 guests)

Bob Lund (2 guests)

Shaun Peterson (4 guests)

Jennifer Miltenberger (3 guests)

Leah Davenport (7 guests)

Steven Mayhugh (4 guests)

LaKeisha Hoyle (4 guests)

Jennifer Olson (4 guests)

Holly Figueroa (5 guests)

Kate Babcock (3 guests)

Denise Ganpat (3 guests)

Rachelle Drabek (3 guests)

Heidi Hight (5 guests)

Britta Robran (5 guests)

Becky Doubleday (4 guests)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (1) +