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Home Show Volunteers - Sat.September 29, 2018

The Westminster Marching Band will host its Home Showcase competition on Saturday, September 29. This day is an opportunity to showcase our band, our school and our program! We are in need of many hands to help make this day a success! We only have one Home Show a year which is why we will need all the help we can get to make it a huge success for our band!!

There are jobs for adult volunteers and also some jobs for high & middle school volunteers.  Students will receive Service Hours for their time!  If you have any questions about what a job involves please let me know and I will do my best to explain it to you. 

The show itself begins at 12PM and will probably run until about 4PM. Gates open at 11am.

If you can't work the entire time noted on the sign up...please don't let that stop you from signing up!  Let me know and we will work around the hours you are available!

With that in mind, please understand that every position must be adequately covered.  If, closer to the date of the show, we have many volunteers that stepped up for one position and none for other positions, I will need to make some changes.  At that point I will pull from the bottom of the sign up and ask you to work a different job.  So...if there is a special job you want...the sooner you sign up the better!!  I cannot emphasize this enough!

Water will be provided for all volunteers during the day of the show.  However, food will not be provided....so, please plan accordingly and realize that any food purchased benefits the program!

I know this day seems like a huge undertaking...and it's a lot to ask to have 'all hands on deck' for this event...but, I'm sure you will agree when I say this is minimal compared to the dedication and hard work we have already seen our kids display this season!

Working the Home Show is actually a lot of fun!  You get to meet other parents, see what behind the scenes at a show is really like, see/hear some great bands, and contribute to a cause that means so much to your child! 

Volunteer training is required for most jobs.... 

Anyone who volunteers for 4+ hours will get in to the rest of the show for free!

Thank you all so much for all you do for our band and our children!



Date: 09/29/2018 (Sat.)

Location: WHS Stadium & School

Created by:   Susan Neubert
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Available Slot

Concessions - Block House - Cashier 10:30AM - END (2)

All slots filled
Loretta Grieves
Rebecca Sharp

Concessions - Block House - Food Prep 10:30am - END (3)

All slots filled
Leslie Cecil
Joyce Anderson
Carol Ann Aus

Concessions - Block House - Server - 10:30AM - END (3)

All slots filled
kara oskam
Julie Weaver
I may need to leave for a little bit in the afternoon to let my dog out! :)
Michele Saelens

Concession Line Monitor - 10:30AM - 1pm

Jack Bez

Concession Line Monitor - 1pm - END


Food Tent - Grill - 10AM - End

To work the Grill

Scott Campanella

Food Tent - Grill - Assist where needed - 10AM - END (2)

All slots filled
Darryn Graham
Andrew Smith

Food Tent - Baked Goods/Pizza/Drinks - 10AM - END (3)

All slots filled
Thelma Moeller
Mark Wiedel
Pierce Neubert

Food Tent - Cashiers 10:30AM - END (2)

All slots filled
Gerri Weed
Jeanette Conner

Ticket Sales - 10:00AM - END (3)

All slots filled
Ian Hoffman
Gary Oxford
Karen Bates
10am - 1pm

Ticket Takers (Adult Volunteer) 10:30AM -until done with ticket sales

William Montgomery

Ticket Takers (Student volunteer) - 10:30AM - until done with ticket sales

William Montgomery

Program Sales 10:30AM - END

Sheila Beyer

Candy/Air Grams (Adult volunteer) 10AM - End (2)

All slots filled
Laurie Muldoon-Velez
Lynnie Hoffman
Aletheia Hoffman 10am-1

Candy/Air Grams (Student volunteer) - 10:30AM - END (2)

All slots filled
Katelyn Saelens
Paige Gordon

Stadium Gate - 10:30AM - End

Cheryl Vural

Exit Gate - 10:30AM - END

Marty Allenbaugh

Top Ramp Guard - 11:30AM - End

Matt Young

Bottom Ramp Guard - 11:30AM - END

Kim Dvorak

Vote for Your Favorite Director Table 10:30AM - End (2)

All slots filled
Rita Gaudiello
Lynn Collins

Judges' Helper (Adult volunteer) - 10:30AM - END

Tanya Bowling

Band Greeter/Escorts - 8:30AM - END (7)

All slots filled
Jason Campanella
Lynnie Hoffman
Sarah Beyer
Avery Houle
Can help until report time
Savannah Beyer
Can help until report time of 1:30
Liam Bates
Riley Batrs

Band Greeters/Escorts (1pm - END) (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Karen Bates
Sheila Beyer

Greeters (Student volunteers) - 10AM -1PM (2)

All slots filled
Amanda Smith
Cam help until it is time to rehearse and dress for WHS performance.
Amber Keeney
Can help till needed with the WHS band

Greeters (Student Volunteers) - 1pm - END (2)

All slots filled
Maddie Frederick
Karen Bates
Ella Bates

Tech Lot Monitor 10AM - End

Melissa Purdy

Uniform Crew - Performance Help & Water - PM - Time to be determined (2)

Please meet in the band room

All slots filled
bea bordzol
Connie Sgarlata

Parking Set-up - Friday Night (Dave S. will be in touch with times closer to event date) (3)


Parking 6AM - END (Again...Dave S. will be in touch closer to the event date with detailed times needed...it shouldn't be for this entire time frame) (10)

4 of 10 slots filled
Clint Bates
Steve Beyer
Gerri Weed
Jim Weed
Mike Dvorak

Feed Judges

Someone is needed to prepare and set up a spread for the judges that they will enjoy during a break in the day. We have very specific instructions to guide you!

Dave Bez

First Aid - 10AM - End

Start time subject to change...this will depend on when bands plan to arrive!

Karen Gordon

Runner - First Aid Tent -10:30AM - End

Jocelyn Skinner

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