2019-10-06 Purse Bingo RSVP

"Purses with a Purpose" Bingo RSVP

Register for Norristown Area High School PFC "Purses with a Purpose" Designer Purse Bingo

Sunday, October 6, 2019  (Open to Men and Women)

Doors open 12noon / Games begin 1pm / $30pp online / $35pp at the door

Includes 10 bingo cards & 1 dauber / 1 Bag awarded for each round

Additional cards, daubers, refreshments for sale / Raffles / Door Prizes / 50/50

Vendors, click: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d48aca622abf94-bingo

Date: 10/06/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 12:00pm EDT

Location: St Titus Church, 3006 Keenwood Rd, Norristown, PA 19403

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Created by:   Norristown Area High School PFC
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Registration & Payment for Bingo

Click here to register to play bingo. (290)

($30.00 each)


97 of 290 slots filled
Kim Allen (2)
(gets free raffle tickets) Kim Allen, Mari Costello
Rainah Venezia
(gets free raffle tickets)
Dawn Cinaglia (2)
(gets free raffle tickets) Dawn Cinaglia, Shanna Lee Munsey
Kristin Gallagher
(gets free raffle tickets)
Sandi Krone
(gets free raffle tickets)
Ros Marchegiano (2)
(gets free raffle tickets) Rosalyn Marchegiano, Michele Terranova, Sandy Krone.
Courtney Malley (8)
(gets free raffle tickets) Courtney Malley (extra cards), Beth Bailey, Kim Smith, Nora Quinn, Erika Goldman, Christine Feeney, Denise Foley, Charlene Healy
Michelle Altieri
(gets free raffle tickets)
Joy McAvoy
(gets free raffle tickets)
Tina Chaaraoui
(gets free raffle tickets) Tina Chaaraoui, Mary Ann Collins, Cindy Seldomridge, Heather Garman
Leslie Thomas
Leslie Thomas (gets free raffle tickets) (Kathy Hart, Ann Palmer Sr, Ann Palmer Jr, Stacey Mitchell, Nedra Bates)
Wendy Grayauskie
(gets free raffle tickets)
Meghan Catagnus (3)
(gets free raffle tickets) Meghan Catagnus,Cinna Ellis,and Charlene Kinsey
Mary Ann Collins
(gets free raffle tickets)
Yvonne Platts
(gets free raffle tickets)
April Mocarsky (3)
(gets free raffle tickets) April Mocarsky, Ellen Mocarsky, Trudi Biebel + Judy Smull
Cynthia Seldomridge
(gets free raffle tickets)
Jill Myers
Jill Myers (Maeve Maguire, Jane Rivera - Shuta)
Suzanne Maloney (4)
Suzanne Maloney, Kelly Ann Maloney, Debbie Rose, Sarah Rose
Nedra Bates
Nedra Bates (Kathy Hart, Ann Palmer Sr, Ann Palmer Jr, Stacey Mitchell, Leslie Thomas)
Toyca Williams
Toyca Williams
Antoinette LaGrossa
Antoinette LaGrossa
Sam Stansbery
Deborah Walker-Holmes
Deborah Walker-Holmes (Shuta + 2 pending)
Kirstin Colloton
Kristin Colloton (Shuta)
Jill Myers (2)
Maeve Maguire, Jane Rivera (Jill Myers - Shuta)
Deborah Early (5)
Deborah Early, Patrick Early, Thomas Early, Melanie Hansell, Jennifer Freese
Jill Pritz (3)
Jill Pritz, Jacquelyn Pritz, Dorothy Pritz
Krista Bolinsky (4)
Krista Bolinsky (free cards), Christine Bolinsky, Caitlin Lally, Mary Daghir + (Margie Alloway, Janet Hnatin, Kate Briggs, Pattie Ceithaml, Netta Raffio, Megan Altermus)
Kristen Carmona (5)
KristenCarmona, JackieGoodman, TriciaBowers, MandySarault, CeilBowers (Shuta)
Diane Gilette (6)
Diane Gilette, Carol Butler, Jane Mease, Ginny Meade, Chris Gornick, Amelia Hosgood
Stephanie Neilson
Stephanie Neilson (Shuta)
Linda Arcara (2)
Linda Arcara, Linda Kinsey
Leah Garman
Leah Garman (Shuta)
Kate Bartlett
Kate Bartlett (Shuta)
Jen Shahin
Jen Shahin (Shuta)
Mary Wagner
Mary Wagner (Elaine O'Reilly)
April Mocarsky
(free raffle tickets) Judy Smull (Mocarsky)
Elaine O'Reilly
Elaine O'Reilly (Mary Wagner)
Marilyn Van Buren (2)
Marilyn Van Buren, Rita Ruths
Diane Storer-Price (2)
Diane Storer-Price, Haley Price
Pattie Ceithaml (2)
Pattie Ceithaml, Netta Raffio (Bolinky)
Pattie Ceithaml
Kate Briggs - Patti Cethamil, Netta Raffio, Megan Altemus
Megan Altemus
Megan Altemus (Bolinky)
Krista Bolinsky (2)
Margie Alloway, Janet Hnatin (Bolinsky)
Rita Robinson (2)
Rita Robinson, Kimberly Muscarella
Beth Goodman (2)
Beth Goodman, Terri Jones
William Norman (2)
Katharine Hart (4)
Kathy Hart, Ann Palmer Sr, Ann Palmer Jr, Stacey Mitchell (Nedra Bates, Leslie Thomas)
Nichole Renee Mitchell
Nichole Mitchell

Click here to make a DONATION.

($ Donation)

We appreciate your support!

10 slots filled - more available
Christine Pirozzi
DONATION - Have a fantastic time!
Brian Muller
DONATION - Sorry we can't make it, have fun!!!
Alisha Grossman
Maria Loebig
(PLAYING) Maria Loebig (Shuta)
La'Quita Garcia
DONATION - Wish I could be there...Have Fun!
Bonnie Glaeser
DONATION $60 cash
DONATION $20 cash
Leanne Petrov
DONATION $30 check
DONATION $5 cash
Olympia Pizza
DONATION $300 check

Click here to be a volunteer at the event. (20)

We need helpers with registration, concessions, raffles, door prizes, 50/50s, model the bags, etc.

3 of 20 slots filled
Christine Henry
help with registration
Heather Garman
can help with set-up/door/etc
Tina Chaaraoui
Can help with registration, set-up, etc.

Those that have paid by check/cash

11 slots filled - more available
Debbie Stilley (2)
Deb Stilley, Janice K ($60 check received)
Stephanie Pizarek
Stephanie Pizarek ($30 cash) (Shuta)
Amy Smith
Amy Smith ($30 cash) (Sarah Schmalbach - Shuta)
Donna Gill
Donna Gill ($30 PENDING)
Michele Volpe
Michele Volpe ($30) (Shuta)
Alison Shuta
Lauren Mardinly
Laura Mardinly ($30) (Shuta)
Rachel Shuster
Rachel Shuster ($30) (Shuta)
Jessica Baker
Jessica Baker ($30) (Shuta)
Nichole Renee Mitchell
Nichole Mitchell
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