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About SkateMD

SkateMD is a Northern California based non-profit 501c3 organization with a mission to heal hearts by spreading kindness and skateboarding to special populations of children facing developmental, physical, emotional, or family challenges.

About the Clinic

SkateMD will partner local children one-on-one with our volunteers to share kindness and our love of skateboarding in a supportive and accepting environment. The clinic is an opportunity for children with special needs to experience a new way to practice their social and communication skills, build friendships and develop motor skills, balance and agility. We accept and encourage participation for children on all levels of the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities.

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Date: 05/19/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 8:30am - 12:30pm PDT

Location: Sutter's Landing Skate Park
20 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Created by:   Mel and Drea SkateMD
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Available Slot

Event Support - Set Up/Checkin/CleanUp (9)

No experience necessary

All slots filled
Jen Roche-Krausse
Jen Roche-Krausse
Kelly Harmon
Alicia Gilbert
Breanna McAsey
Patricia Lima
Jaime Valderrama
Roland Wagoner
I would like to be a volunteer for the Placer County
Ezekiel Fuentes
Wendy Hassler

ADULT Skate Buddy/Mentor (35)

Basic skateboarding experience required

32 of 35 slots filled
Jason King
Jason Walker
Steve Hancock
Tim Jones
Michael Langley
Bubba Shreve
Andrew Weber
Joshua Jozefowski
Mike Stone
Kaylee Freeman
Kevin Freeman
Justin Cal Perry
Andrew Dicker
Brian Dalton
Tim Sherrill
I can also function at the First Aid table, if needed.
Kasey Limbo
Nate compton
Nathan compton is 15 years old
Kyle Speakman
Allan Barclay
Erik Bibelheimer
Jon Yunker
Randall Mussman
Matthew C. Barraza
Jarrett Weiss
I'd love to help out with this event. I have close to 20 years of experience skating.
Roland Wagoner
Tisa Caldwell
Dante Wyckoff
Bob Kerr
Aw yeah, boyee! Just realized that the universe worked it out, so I can come help! Sweet!
Marcus Robinson
Gary Hassler
Caitlin McCuskey
Blaine Vargo


Looking for professional/semi professional photographers

Jimbo Gilbert

First Aid Station (3)

First/AED/CPR Certification required

2 of 3 slots filled
Teena Marie
Kelli McDaniel

Professional Support Staff (2)

Licensed PTs, OTs, and other professionals with experience working with children with special needs.

All slots filled
Andrea Battle
Occupational Therapist
Bridgette Pilling
Physical therapist

YOUTH (List Age in Notes!) Volunteer Skateboarders (12)

Skateboarders under 18. Parent authorization required. Please list age in notes. Thank you!

All slots filled
Lucas Hancock
Jen Roche-Krausse
Asher Krausse age 13
Pedar Bruce
Casey Bruce is 14
Liz Meinzer
Harper Meinzer age13
Cooper Harrison
Jared Reynolds
Age 16
Jsred Reynolds
Cody Kress 14
Alicia Gilbert
Carlos 12
Ryder Howard
Breanna McAsey
Jack McAsey 12
Miles Blackman

YOUTH Event Support (3)

Youth assistants. under 18. Parent authorization required. Please list age in notes. Thank you!

All slots filled
Zane Gray
Colin Barton
Age 13
Shaun Hocking

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