Leland Parent Education

Communicating with Teens by Mary Eschen Life & Parenting Coach

Date: Monday, December 3rd 2018 Time: 7pm-8.30pm Location: Leland High School, Media Center (ITC)

Come, spend an evening learning some new tricks and tips for dealing with Teens who won’t communicate with you! Mary Eschen is a popular local parenting educator as well as a Life and Parenting Coach. Her entertaining style and energy will put you back in the drivers seat with some new ideas on how to work with your teen. You will walk out of the event with techniques you can put to use right away! Learn how to:

  • Deal with sassy back-talk!
  • Get rid of nagging
  • Use choices to up the odds your kids will listen to you
  • Figure out what to do with kids who tune you out
  • Keep calm when things flare up

Flyer: LPC Parent Ed Night

Date: 12/03/2018 (Mon.)

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm PST

Location: Leland High School, Media Center (ITC)

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