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Alki Elementary PTA

FOCS Workshop

Undoing Racism and Teaching Equity to Children

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

6:00 - 8:30 PM

Alki Cafeteria


To All Alki Families:  Please join us as trainers from Families Of Color Seattle will lead a dialogue workshop where parents and educators will grow their understanding of systemic racism and creating inclusive and anti-racist learning spaces for children. The dialogue will focus on deeper self-awareness of power, privilege, affinity group work and racial equity. Together through sharing narratives, we work towards the goal of increasing parent engagement in undoing racism, growing inclusive spaces for children of color and raising all children with anti-oppression values.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided. 

This is an adults only event, but free childcare will be provided in the gymnasium. 

Sign up to help with childcare supervision here: 

Steps to RSVP:

1. Indicate how many adults will be attending workshop

2. Indicate how many children will be attending childcare 

3. If you (or another family member) can help supervise childcare, please indicate in the "Public Comment" section.

Questions? Contact Tom Harris at [email protected]

Date: 11/05/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm PST

Location: Alki Elementary

Created by:   Alki Elementary PTA
Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 44     No: 3     Maybe: 3     No Response: 660

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 56     Maybe: 4

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 28     Maybe: 2

YES (44) -  

Justin Kinch (1 adult)

Jordan Quinn (1 adult, 1 child)

Jodie Fickett (1 adult)

Stevie Kramer (1 adult)
1 adult for an hour :)

Hasnaa Lahlou (1 adult, 2 children)

Robin Thaler (1 adult)

Sura Hart (1 adult)

Danforth Beal (1 adult)

Ashley Kenny (1 adult)

Kali Jones (1 adult, 1 child)

Stephanie Raymond (3 adults)

Jennifer Rosholt (1 adult)

Mike Uehara-Bingen (1 adult)

Natalie Ramsey (1 adult)

Mel Spiker (2 adults, 1 child)

Lindsay McDonald (1 adult)

Lillie Ponnusamy (1 adult)

Jenny Mesdag (1 adult)
Unable to stay for the whole thing but will be there for part.

Trista Taylor (2 adults, 2 children)

Lisette Terry (3 adults, 2 children)
Lisette Terry

Josie Gawlowski (1 adult, 2 children)

Shelly Grygleski (1 adult)

Sara Gharbi-Reinking (2 adults, 1 child)
Thank you for doing this!

Emily Pratt (1 adult)

Jennifer Ross (2 adults, 2 children)

Nicole Bryant (1 adult)
Husband, Mike, may be able to come late after swim practice.

Hera Mcleod (1 adult, 1 child)

Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox (1 adult, 3 children)

Davina Dilley (1 adult)

Julie Calkins (1 adult)

laetitia rettori (1 adult, 2 children)

Yen Matsutomi (2 adults, 1 child)

Elle Kimbrough (1 adult)

Sunny Moroles (1 adult)

Amy Cooper (1 adult)

Brooklyn Swart (1 adult, 2 children)

Jenna Andersen (1 adult)

Rena Deese (1 adult)

Michelle Yong (1 adult, 1 child)

Carly Beaulieu (1 adult, 1 child)

Nichelle Keatley (2 adults, 2 children)

Cassandra Jones (2 adults)

Melanie Granger (1 adult, 1 child)

Tom Harris (2 adults)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (3) +  

NO RESPONSE (660) +  

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