Night to Shine Volunteers

Night to Shine Volunteers

I want to start off by giving A HUGE heartfelt thank you to each one of you who have expressed interest in serving at what will truly be an incredible evening for our honored guests!!  I pray each one of you will be blessed and touched in amazing ways for opening your hearts and giving of your time for this event!!

If you are a FIRST TIME VOLUNTEER for Morning Star Fellowship Quakertown's event, you will need to complete the necessary background check found at the link below. Once you have submitted that form, you will be contacted when the check is complete and, at that point, you may sign up for a specific team using the sign-up genius form.


RETURNING VOLUNTEERS, your background checks are on file and there is no need to submit another form. You may move forward with selecting your specific team. 

Two important pieces of information you will want to note:

1. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION (CHANGE OF DATE) There will be one mandatory meeting for all volunteers. Volunteers MUST commit to attending one of the following meetings: Sunday, January 27th after the 2nd church service (1 PM) or Monday evening, January 28th at 7 PM. The meetings will be held in the main sanctuary at Morning Star Fellowship. Due to the change in meeting date, if you are NOT able to attend either of the meetings, please watch your email for how to receive the important training information. Please make every effort to attend the meetings as it will help you become oriented to the event space, especially if you are new to Morning Star. However, we understand conflicts arise and we will make every effort to make sure you are prepared!!!

2. All volunteers (unless specified in the below description) are expected to "dress up" for this event- no jeans, t-shirts or casual wear. Certainly, you are encouraged to dress in formal attire but your "Sunday best" would be acceptable as well. We want our guests to feel special and by dressing up, hopefully, it will show them we think they are awesome and go above and beyond to celebrate with them!!

Below you will find a detailed description of each team and then you will be asked to sign up for a specific team and time slot. Each team has a specified number of slots, so if your first preference is filled, please choose another area. Also, you may sign up for more than one team- if the times do not overlap. We have lots of teams to fill!! It's that easy!!


Accompany and assist assigned guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the event. Sit with their guest during dinner and engage with them in conversation. We recommend volunteer buddies be at least 16 years old.

SET-UP TEAM  (casual wear is acceptable)

Arrive at the designated time and execute event set-up, including table/chairs and decor.

FOOD PREP TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Assist caterer with unloading food, additional food preparation and set-up food and beverages in the main event space and in the Respite Room.


Assist guests as they exit vehicles, and help them to the red carpet. Be available as guests return to their vehicles following the event.

PARKING TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit. Maintain open fire and emergency lanes.


Greet early arrival guests prior to making their red carpet entrance. Ask if they have hair/makeup appointment and direct them to the hair/make up entrance.


Help guests as they arrive for, depart and return from their limo ride by opening doors and escorting them to and from the limo.


Greet guests, take their coats, label them and hang them. As guests leave, ask for their coat tag and retrieve their coats.


Officially crown each guest with a crown or tiara as they step onto the red carpet. Make sure to ask each guest if they are "ok" with flashes or loud cheering as they walk the red carpet. If not, a signal will be given for no flash and quiet cheering.


Assist guests as they make their way down the red carpet, manage the flow of traffic and cheer them on to make them feel welcomed.


Offer to take photographs of guests with the guests’/caregivers’ cameras and phones (as well as their own) and treat participants like honored guests and celebrities. Post photos to social media with the appropriate hashtags. 


Love on the parents/caretakers by serving food, spending time getting to know them and being available to pray with them.


Check in guests with hair/make up appointments. Escort them from the separate entrance to the hair and makeup room.


Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special. PROFESSIONAL hair and makeup experience required!!!!



Assist florist with unloading and properly laying out corsages and boutonnieres. Help guests select their flowers. Buddies will pin them on their guest.

FOOD SERVICE TEAM (black and white attire such as a black skirt or pants/white shirt)

Serve food to guests in main event space and Respite Room (for parents, caretakers or family members). Also, walk around to serve hor 'doeuvres.  Be knowledgeable about the items and assist guests in finding what they would like (especially if they have dietary restrictions or allergies) and refill food warmers, drinks, and snacks.


Encourage guests to participate in the photo booth by choosing fun props. Help to maintain a fun atmosphere.


Monitor the dance floor and the perimeter to make sure there are no “wallflowers.” Invite them to dance and engage with them.


Help guests choose a song and keep the line running smoothly.


Support on-site uniformed Law Enforcement personnel by ensuring a safe and secure environment for guests and volunteers. Coordinate with local police, fire, and rescue as needed. Walk around and monitor the main event space and outdoor areas, making sure exits are not blocked and all areas remain wheelchair accessible. Members of this team will also be posted at every entry/exit door. 

MEDICAL TEAM (professional attire)

Assist uniformed professional EMT personnel at the event by providing basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies. Assist with bathroom needs- if requested. Please wear professional attire so that guests/volunteers can easily identify you- if needed.

FAIRY GODMOTHER TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Assist guests with choosing dresses/suits/accessories at the designated fittings on Saturday, January 12th and Saturday, January 19th from 10-12 at Morning Star Fellowship Quakertown.

DRESS/SUIT PACK UP TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Sort and pack all remaining garments into vacuum sealed bags Sunday, February 3rd at 12:30 PM at Morning Star Fellowship Quakertown.


Set up and distribute favors to guests as they leave through the front entrance. 


Assist guests at the professional photo backdrop. Fill frames with the printed photos and set up at the front entrance for guests to pick up when leaving.


Be a calm, welcoming presence for those guests who need a quiet place to sit, read, chat, etc

TEAR DOWN TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Take down decorations, tables, chairs, etc. and clean up the event space.


Date: 02/08/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm EST

Location: Morning Star Fellowship of Quakertown

Created by:   Melissa Moyer
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Available Slot

Buddy Team (193)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Cat Markel
Robin Jackson
Daughter will also be assisting
Shane Jackson
Kristy Young
Would be willing to be a buddy. Would like to volunteer Sierra and autumn Lauer to help me
Christina Smith
Love 'em like Jesus!!!
Shanna Garges
Kim Seiler (2)
Kim and andy seiler to be with isaiah slack group
Helen Witman
To be Buddies with Ben Hartranft
Lisa Lentz
Andy Yurkanin
Ruth Nastasi (5)
Ruth, Alyssa, & Madi Nastasi, Amber Sovil, Evelyn Keogh
Denise Taylor
Joanne Ghazanfari
With Victoria Hassler
Shawna Elwell
Kirsten Mears
Jennifer Lewis
Ashley Knesz
Buddy for Casey Biggans
Joyce Benes
I want to be pared with Amelia Vaneezia
Stephen Kirsch
Sarah Festa
wanda franke
Marcie Ritter
Tristan Mackenzie
I may have a buddy to assist. I’m getting him to sign up
Alison Myzal
Buddy For Jodie Detweiler
Emily Kudela
Buddy for Gordon Litz
Brenda DiDonato
Michelle Roth
Debbie Schultz
Tara Schultz
I also am a nurse and have pediatric nurse exp, trach/vent/some special needs exp.
Heather Shiptoski
Rachel Miller
Willing to be a buddy
Sara Shoaf
Is there anyway I can be buddied with Bryn Doña? She has requested that I be paired with her.
Marisa Highlands
Buddy for Jason Robinson
Nikki Stanziola
Donna Santoianni
I'd like to be placed with Mark Trauger as my buddy. He needs supervision because of his colostomy. Thank you
Deanne Rankin
Alessandra Appiotti
Melissa VanAusdal
Buddy for Kathleen Conaway
Jen Gerhart
I would like to be placed with Evan Webster and Emily Stellabott
Mike and Monica Haywood (2)
Stacey McCann
Scott Winn
Keegan and Torrin Winn as well assisting Dad
Derrick Thompson
Laura Thompson
Pearl Curry
Buddy for Gabe
Megan Grefe
Barb Layton
Karen Steich
Dana Kershner
So excited to be part of this again this year! Last year was so great!
Kelly Luzader
Tara Valentine
Gretchen Reinhart
Paula Webb
Nicole Polcino
I am requesting that I am paired up with Sarah Polcino. She is my cousin and I would very much like to accompany her.
Brittany Linebaugh
I work with special needs already and at an autistic clinic I am a therapist
Krystal Boyle
Mahri Coen (2)
Coen and I will be buddies!
Michelle Young
Carol Bracalente
Angelique Ott
Will try to be there by 5:30.
Eamon Fricker
Will arrive by 5:30
Kelly Bernabucci
Kelly Hetrick
Kristine James
Courtney Hughes
Sarah Dixon
JoAnn Leininger
I am trained and able to help with multiple buddies if needed
Melissa Reid
Natalie Reich
If I could be with Mari Knepp, I would love that but if not that's fine too:)
Pam Snydee
Would love to help with event
Deb Kantner
Kerry Wilson
Cheri Savini
Janette Bennett
Freddie Steinmetz
Tammy Crossin
Buddy with Chris Emery
Diane Bauman
Woody Ritter
Kari Beck's buddy
Katie Linberger
Amy Nolan
Kali Blake
Skylar Lee
James Lacey
Michael Romeo
Steven Romeo
Rebecca Zuck
Jesal Kresh
Carol Leatherman
My husband dale would like too serve food if u can use another . Im happy to buddy. We both served T Ridgeway in past. We Have our clearances
Brittany Bell
Ed Schmidt
Sue Bowers
Jennifer Laible (2)
Sarah & Anna
Jennifer Krout
Please assign me as a buddy to Norma Jordan. Please note Fran Jordan is no longer able to replace me in the respite room.
destiny mitchell
If you could i would prefer to be with a female guest
MaryFran Esposito
Rachael Masters
Karen Burkholder
Leslie Pierce
Brandon Pierce
Aubrey Piacine
Kim Schoenacher
I will be willing to volunteer as a buddy and/or wherever needed
Jocelyn Lowande
Courtnee Gossler
Buddy Team or hair or make up. Or
Renee Ede
Donna Benner
Jared Smith
Sue Windfelder
I would love to volunteer. I work in Bethlehem so I may not be there right at 5:00.
Kathy Barnes
Margie Lewis
I had a fantastic time being a buddy last year!
Shannon Voght
Robert Voght
Janine Yerk
volunteered at Night to Shine w Ridgeline Community
Jessica Shive
Cathy Rice
Kraig Blake
Karson Blake
Joy Tjarks
Rebecca Swartley
I am also a registered nurse.
Ellen Kopp
Denean Lear
Andrew Proffit
Contact -> Mom, Michelle Proffit
Samantha Proffit
Contact -> Mom, Michelle Proffit
Jason Grosse
My 15 year old daughter Victoria Grosse will be assisting me.
Jill Ranck
Andrea Bergen
Brenda & Steve Nicas (2)
Connie Renn
Laura Turner
Jovanna Peppleman
Pennridge Key Club
Natalie Rhodes
Pennridge Key Club
Sheilyn Mejia
Pennridge Key Club
Olivia Pena (2)
Robert Pena, Olivia Pena
Stephanie Roley
Kayden Roley
Daniel Marquardt
Angelina Becket
Jadyn Fuentes
Lizzie Susavage
Kathy Clugston
Cindi Stauffer
Delaney Denton
Pennridge Key Club
Rachael Kopp
Marie ONeill
Emma Dierolf
My mom Kristine James and sister Mikayley James are signed up as buddies also
Mikayley James
My mom Kristine James and sister Emma Dierolf are volunteering as buddies also
Olivia Yates
Rachel And Michael Kubus (2)
Jill Hay
Volunteered with Ridgeline last year
Lori Bergey
Ken Burkholder
Buddy for Danny Dise
Emily Hegen (2)
And Kionna Nester. Pennridge key club
Jonathan Cossman
Pennridge Key Club
Amelia Cianciola
Sophia Bushelli
Arianna Weidemoyer
I can help tear down if you really need me
Sandy Romaszewski
Patricia Miller
I will be buddy to Kevin Gaul and have Dymond Rodriguez assisting me.
Dymond Rodriguez
Will be assisting Patty Miller for guest Kevin Gaul
Michele Peffer
I would like to be paired with Amber Wismer as she is the daughter of a colleague and friend.
Trina Stutzman
Dave Adams
William Palmer
Valerie Boyle
Eric Laylon
Laura Fox - Davies
Jenna Caffarello
Buddy for Alaina Caffarello
Kevin Bupp
If needed..
Marley Chase
Nerissa Chase
Kristin Fox
Adam Perez
Buddy for Brooke Landis
Jessica Kressler
Elizabeth Youtz
Alex Seipt
Alexi Little as buddy
Connie Farrell
Emily Bauman
Kelsey Farrell
Judy Keating
Also a nurse
Loren Smith
Morgan Greaser
Buddy for Tyleyia Cassel
Liz Kruzits

Parking Lot Escort Team (12)

5-7 PM

All slots filled
Heidi Gordon
Bill Gordon
Scott Mease
Forrest (Woody) Ritter
Michelle Detweiler
I will have my 12 year old helper
Frank Savini
Help where needed
Shane Schmidt
Kevin Kinney
Kevin Kinney
Brian Bupp
Kevin Buppjr
robert shiffler
My son Drew (16) and my daughter Maeve (14) will also be with me willing to assist.
Savvas Kiprizlis
Aidan Sylsberry
If you need anymore buddies , I’d like to be a buddy.

Parking Lot Escort Team

8:30-9:30 PM

Kevin Lewis

Safety/Security Team (13)

5-9 PM

12 of 13 slots filled
Jim Cardacin
I can work all night
Lisa DeFrancesco
Mark Caccavo
Michael Santoianni
John Harold
Jon Blum
John Dixon
Joe Muratore
Gregory Ede
Steve Blake
God is great!!
Bill Young

Medical Team (4)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Casey Sherry (2)
Sherry and Lori
Cathy Goodwin-Reed
I am an RN with current license and clearances :)
Joseph Lock
Basic Life Support and Emergency Medical Responder

Food Service Team (20)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Margie Hailstone
Steve Hailstone
Casey Sherry (2)
Jimmy and Gabby
Sheila Cox
Kim Sheridan
I inadverdantly submitted another background check -this is my third year volunteering
Kathie Doyle
Nancy Habick
Peggy Jones
Barbra ODonnell
Danielle McAndrews (2)
Alyssa Berzins
Allison Berzins
Will be with my daughter Alyssa
Dale Leatherman
Thanks Melissa
Tammi Lowande
Sheila Benner
Barb Brader
Tom Tan
Wayne Webb

Fairy Godmother Team (7)

Saturday, January 1/12 from 10 AM-12 PM & Saturday, 1/19 from 10 AM-12 PM

All slots filled
Lisa DeFrancesco
Catherine Cerqua
Denise Taylor
Ruth Nastasi (3)
Alyssa & Madi Nastasi, Amber Sovil
Karen Steich

Dress/Suit Pack Up Team (8)

Sunday, 2/3 at 12:30 PM

5 of 8 slots filled
Denise Taylor
Lisa Miller
Courtney Taggart
Arlene Briamonte
Would be happy to help!!
Merrick Murray

Set Up Team (5)

THURSDAY from 3-5 PM (chairs/tables)

4 of 5 slots filled
Andre Faltz
Jon Sell
Joshua McGovern
Alec Menszak

Set Up Team (5)

12-2 PM

All slots filled
Ruth Nastasi (2)
Alyssa Nastasi & Amber Sovil (12-2)
Michelle Pedrick
Jeff Herstine
Ashley Prykowski

Set Up Team (5)

3-5 PM

3 of 5 slots filled
Jonathan Cavalieri
Jeff Herstine
Matt Kehr
First time volunteer

Food Prep Team (3)

2-5 PM

All slots filled
Brian Groner
Vicki Sturdevant
james sheridan

Welcome Team (2)

4:30-5:30 PM

1 of 2 slots filled
Mary Dickinson

Hair/Make Up Check In Team (2)

4:30-6 PM

All slots filled
Melissa Reid
I will have a helper with me
Fonda Mann

Parking Team (5)

5-7 PM

4 of 5 slots filled
Jonathan Cavalieri
Bryan Reihart
Craig Wolfinger
Might not get there right at 5

Parking Team (3)

8:30-9:30 PM

All slots filled
Robert Merritt
Craig Wolfinger

Limo Team (3)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Lisa Swope (2)
doug yerk
previously volunteered at Ridgeline

Coat Check Team (4)

5-7 PM

All slots filled
Jaringo Bueebel
Christine Patrice McNally
Rhonda Keller
Priscilla Anderson

Coat Check Team (5)

8:30-9:30 PM

All slots filled
Van Queen
Jeanette Landgreen
Michelle Detweiler
I will have my 12 year old helper
Marisa Stein
Im 8 months pregnant, so if this isn't available, something towards the easier side of things would be appreciated. Thank you!
Amy Piracci
I have a buddy

Crowning Team (2)

5-7 PM

All slots filled
Jess Salinas
Shawna Elwell

Red Carpet Team (52)

5-7 PM ** Please indicate if you would be willing to be a buddy if needed.

51 of 52 slots filled
Connor QUEEN (3)
Corey Queen, Bridget Batschelet
Vinny Sturdevant (3)
Heidi Gordon (2)
Heidi and Haley Gordon
Joanna Knight
Arlene Briamonte
Emma Landis
Janet Moroney
Michael Moroney
Bea Turnicky
Jason Leh
Maureen Dolan (2)
Myself & Jessie Dolan
Jennifer Moroney (2)
Myself & Bob Bullman
Kayla Ackerman
(With Connor Queen)
Lisa Salemno (2)
with John Salemno
Scott Mease
Kristi Mease
Ruth Nastasi (2)
Joe & Gianna Nastasi
Stacy Reinhart
Tina Murphy
Angela Nace (3)
Alyssa, Alex & Maddy Nace
Sandra Harold
Amara & Madden Landis (2)
Amara & Madden Landis (youth age) Tim, I, and Makenzie are helping all evening so they can help with the red carpet greeting. They are both in middle school.
Priscilla Anderson
Karen Steich
Brianna Conicelli
with Roe Schiffgens
Mary Ann Byatt
There will be many Quakertown high kids volunteerining and it is a high school rule that there must be High School staff present for them to volunteer. That will be my primary role.
Amy Feyrer (3)
Kathy Delp
Roe Schiffgens
Stacy Pion
Isabella Zima
Amalia Ritter (5)
Joanna Childs
Donna Parry
Karen Ackerman

Paparazzi (2)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Nicole Link
Hannah Buechel

Respite Room Team (6)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Karl Blyler
Lorraine Reich
Eric Nixon
Candy Nixon
Bob Wendt
Jamie Seig

Hair Stylist (9)

4:30-7:30 PM (Professionals only please)

All slots filled
Amanda Yurkanin
Alyssa Wolfe (2)
Alyssa will be helping too!
Marie Barger
Jennifer Radcliff Brown
Rachael Loudenslager
I will also bring along product and extra hair accessories
Janet Stahl
I am a licensed hairstylist. I currently work at the hair cuttery. I have also served at this event before.
Odessa Connolly
Kevin Krieble

Make Up Artist (6)

4:30-7:30 PM (Professionals only please)

All slots filled
Ali Shannon
Makenzie Landis
Our daughter talked to the ladies heading up the hair/makeup team and they said they would love to have her help and she talked with them this past week. I (Staci) am signing her up, but will include her email address here for contact.
Shelby Krasausky
Not a professional so I don’t have my own brushes but I can do makeup really well and I promise I won’t make anyone look like MiMi from the Drew Carrey Show
Julianna Slemmer
Michelle Proffit
Marie Smith

Shoe Shine Team (2)

5-7 PM

All slots filled
Nate Linberger
Ross Gerhart

Floral Team (2)

5-7 PM

All slots filled
Leigh Ann Smith
Lori Babel

Photo Booth Team (2)

5-7 PM

All slots filled
Marie Jones
Karen Rufe

Photo Booth Team (3)

7-9 PM

All slots filled
Kathy Delp (3)
Kathy Delp

Karaoke Team (2)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
Stacy Pion
Susan Cooper

Favor Distribution Team (7)

7:30-9 PM

All slots filled
Connor Queen (3)
Corey Queen, Bridget Batshelet
Maureen Dolan (2)
Myself & Jessie Dolan
Kayla Ackerman
(With Connor Queen)
Karen Ackerman

Professional Photo Assistants (6)

5-9 PM

All slots filled
JoAnn Merritt
Can volunteer from 5:45 - 9:00.
Staci Landis
Sue Zima
Sabrina Benner
Jennifer Benner
Andrea Burgy

Quiet Room Team (2)

5-7 PM

1 of 2 slots filled
Anne Adams

Quiet Room Team (2)

7-9 PM

All slots filled
Dawn Fulton
Christine Patrice McNally

Tear Down Team (10)

9-11 PM

7 of 10 slots filled
Erin Reinhart
Dawn Fulton
Lisa Miller
John Dixon
Sarah Dixon
Jeffrey Herstine
Jesse Walsh


Please drop off at the church by February 3rd


Dance Floor Team (3)

All slots filled
Caroline Pappas
Delaney Gruver
Emmalynne Landis

Meeting Sign Ups

9 slots filled - more available
Jill Trauger
Willing to go where needed
Kyra Trauger
Willing to go where needed
Ayden Pigeon
Willing to go where needed
Arlinda Brown
Rose Haas
Available to float where needed
Jeannine Delp
Maddy Savage
Willing to go where needed
Addison Jones
Willing to go where needed
Arden Glad
Willing to go where needed

Respite Beauty Team (4)

All slots filled
Malissa Parzych
Tiara DeHaan
Make up and nails
Tara Walsh
Deb Stauffer
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