Night to Shine

Night to Shine 2019 Volunteer Registration

Please sign up to volunteer at Night to Shine at Hope Community Church in King of Prussia, PA on Friday, February 8, 2019!  We have many different types of opportunities.  Please note all volunteers will require a background check. Email [email protected] for questions on background check requirements or visit our website for links:

If you volunteered last year, your clearance is still current and on file.

Be sure to like our facebook page for updates on the event:

Event Location:  Hope Community Church, 150 E. Beidler Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Created by:   Tori Conicello-Emery
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EST) Available Slot
02/07/2019 (Thu.) 7:00pm - 10:00pm  

Set-Up Team (20)

set up Thursday night

All slots filled
Katie Malcolm
Michelle May
Aly Sczepanski
Carola Wingerter
Jim Malcolm
Greg Gilrain
Alexis Kreckmann
So excited to help!
Phyllis Hoover (2)
Elizabeth and phyllis
Michelle Palmer
Kath McKeown
Mariann Bevenour
Gabriella Wheeler
Tom McNabb
Julie Kupecky
Roza Kichukova
Laura Conlen
Deborah Magliente
Lori Lynch
Courtney Wilkerson
02/08/2019 (Fri.) 12:00pm - 4:00pm  

Set-Up Team (20)

set up Friday afternoon

All slots filled
Katie Malcolm
Lottie Chipego
Barb Kuhn
Jim Malcolm
Greg Gilrain
Phyllis Hoover (2)
Elizabeth and phyllis
Chris Keller
Larry Griest
Simon Tai
Kate McTamney
Barbara Moore
pam and penn coffey (2)
we will be there
Melissa Biondi
Dawn Passalacqua
Sylvia Edan
Scott Allison
Grant Kokenberger
Matthew Townsend
3:45pm - 6:00pm  

Professionally Trained Make-Up Artists (8)

These volunteers will be helping our special guests with some last minute styling to complete their prom look! Be ready to meet your best customers!

All slots filled
Josie Armato
Jennifer Kochenour
Dawn Passalacqua
Amy ( Rippert) Oreo Oreo
Ruthie Falkenstein (2)
We are all make up artists (5)
Casey Brophy
Kelly Yatchyshyn

Professionally Trained Hairstylists (10)

All slots filled
Leah Jordan
Tori Strickland
Kristen Kelly
Hair stylist
Dawn Passalacqua
I can curl hair. But also I'm bringing color Street nail polish strips they are nail polish that go on easy and they're dry I will apply them for the girls
Rini Montgomery
Maria Kauffman
Professional Hair Stylist/Salon Owner
Rosemarie Long
Erin Klumpp
Jen Olszanowski
Lauren Thrailkill
4:00pm - 7:00pm  

Limousine Escort (5)

Direct guests to limo ride waiting area and help guests in and out of limo rides

All slots filled
Chad Hager (2)
Susan Mordan (2)
Stacie Hill
3 Kristen Hill & Emily Hill to help

Volunteer Check In (6)

All slots filled
Bernadette Daywalt
Savannah Pino
Amanda Blevins
Daniela Mendez
Shriyans Mishra
Dawn Wanner

Corsage/Boutonniere Station (6)

All slots filled
Kim Bedillion
Nisa Craw
Margaret Conroy
Beth Grieves
I will be bringing my 14 year old and 15 year old
Beth Grieves
2 daughters- 14 & 15
Anita Quain
4:00pm - 9:00pm  

Special Needs Manager (25)

professional experience with special needs (OT, PT, mental health, special ed, etc) to be overseeing the guests and their buddies and helping with any issues or concerns

All slots filled
Elice Johnson
Vicki Turner
Nichole Tucker
As a School District Of Philadelphia employee, I already have my clearances and can provide them for you. Please email me at [email protected] so that I can email them, or I can bring hard copies to church on Sunday!
Denise Hartzell leggin
Denise and/or Brian Leggin
Christine Santamaria
I am a special education teacher for TESD and the Best Buddies Faculty Advisor.
Shavonne Grayson
Julia Flannery
lisa ward
Kayla Lochner-Franz
Ashley Herr
Social worker for adults w/ IDD & Autism
Chrissy Biele
Lacy Cassidy
Dora Eaton
I would like to bring my daughter, age 13, to assist as well.
Leslie Lewis
I’m a pediatric occupational therapist. I have volunteered in previous years as a buddy. I will do whatever is needed for this amazing event!
Brittney Gambone
Courtney Furness
Nurse, experience with special needs and mental health
Denise Cacciola
Special ed teacher for 3/4 grade students
Leslie Kulp
Judith Harris
Deb Klock
Pam Frebowitz
Community outreach and peer group leader for adults with autism and IDD at Kaleidoscope Family Solutions
Frances Krouse
I am the physical therapist for UM, would love to help all enjoy the night in any way possible!
Christina Chelli
Ashley Miller
11 years experience with individuals with special needs

Licensed Medical Professional (3)

Be on the premises to assist with first aid/medical needs;

All slots filled
Tracey And Jim Hepner
Kate McTamney
I am an RN
Jamie Dargush

Buddies- one buddy per guest (ages 16+) (190)

Please note your age in the comment section

All slots filled
Katie Malcolm
Cameron Malcolm
Danielle Gray
28--- would like to be buddies with Matthew Menya
Nancy Gray
Lisa Foraker
Please put me with Joe Santi
Amber Turtzo
Please put me with Anthony Riley
Lauren Bowman
Joseph Groarke
Jasmine Davis
Jim Malcolm
Susan Gemmill
Kelly Owens
jenna jasinski
please put me with kimberly owens
Shannon Tone
I would like to be Buddies with Stephanie Trynkiewicz
Jacqueline Carracappa
Gwendolyn Smith
Lynda Gumienny
Allison Gumienny
Justin Gumienny
Rosalee Banks
Fran McElwee
Will McElwee
Maddie Inserra
18, would like to be paired with Hannah O'Brien or Johnathon Stanton
Cam Soffer
My buddy is Lauren Kilgore
Lily Park
Paired with Charlotte Keating please
Taylor Hernandez
Jackie Jakielaszek
Please put me with Sarah Ginnona
Amy Rush
Please place me with Jenna Powers
Kristin Mindock
Danielle Thompson
Olivia McClintock
13 - we would like to be with Mark & Kelly Herr
Sofia McClintock
13 - we would like to be with Mark & Kelly Herr
Carley McClintock
41 - happy to be a pseudo buddy with my twin daughters or a floater you can put me anywhere!
Andrew Turner
Chad Hagan buddy
Makena Liney
Addison Liney
Irena Naida
Carola Wingerter
Leah Saleski
Pam Forster
Samantha Forster requesting buddy for Kimberly Owens
Dennis Hannan
Judy Rivers
I wanted to see if my 14 year old son can help out that night and I definitely want to be a buddy to.
Basia Seaman
Izy Seaman
Harriet Gross
Victoria Mueller
20 - I would like to be paired up with Lexi Mueller
Amy Scarito
Andrew Vallette
Stephanie Doyle
34. Can I please be paired with Carlie Jones. Thanks!
Christine Santamaria
Daughter - Adalyn 18
Hunter Wyckoff
I am 22 yrs old!
Elizabeth Otterbein
Amelia McDonough
21 years old!
Nicole Tracy
I am 20 years old
Amelia Czwalina
Amelia Czwalina- Age 20 I would like to be paired with Melissa Dingley
Grace Lawrence
age- 17
Sandy Hamburg
65 I'd like to be a buddy to JP Bradley. We've been buddies for the past two years.
Christopher Clark
Patrick McClendon
Rachael Kuz (Graham)
21- please pair me with Natalie Abel!
David Paone
Please partner me with Francesco Paone
sarah ward
I am 17
Julia Durand
I am 17
Felice Baglivo
So excited to be part of this wonderful event
Gina D’Ignazio
jeffrey bomze
Jessica Casey
Tamela Knight
Carol Carter
Leah Braun
Olivia Curry
Kaitlin Caban
Rob Wilde
Egypt Bailey
26 ---- partner me up with any body from upper Merion
Adrienne Karle
Sarah Adams
James Coughlin (2)
I am 33, my wife Kelly Coughlin is 31
Linda Forman
Buddy for Dani Scott
Amy Chess
Companion for Mary Walsh
Bridget Watton
Quinn Watton
Monika Swetkowski
Lorraine Swetkowski
Barb Hanson
Amber Namini
I'm 26 years old
Mariann Bevenour
Kayla Quinn
Buddy for Brian Silverthorn. 21 years old
Abigail Quinn
Buddy for Sean Silverthorn. 17 years old
Matthew McTamney
E. Nicole Green
Christopher Fryer
I am 15
Carly Schwartz (2)
Dan Armenti and I are looking for a couple. We are 28.
Bethany Valentin
Michael Valentin
Denise Ghisu
Margaret Fleming
Laura Lehman
Jaclyn Bothwells mom asked if I could be paired with her again :)
Iyona Hansen
Kerry Blose
Dolores Bellace
57 - Please buddy me up from someone from Upper Merion High School
Rachele Rossi
34 years old
Melissa Crouse
Courtney Wilkerson
Grace Grenier
Caroline Herrick
Becky Pitofsky
Meghan Lochner
Brenda Ring
Please body me with Meghan McGrath
Cassidie Blose
20, Please partner me with Rebecca Knight
Molly Levine
age 16
Kent Riddell
Lauraanne Patton
If he is attending I would like to be buddied with John Muench
Somer Meadath
Anna Lee
Lorenzo Penna
Antonia Green
31 years old
Brenda Ring
57 Please pair me with. Meghan McGrath. Thank you. My clearances should still be good.
Roza Kichukova
Danielle Schuhmann
kayla heath
I am 16.
Riley Hanlon
Bre Grignano
Jodi Gaunt
Melissa Gorla
cheron jenkins
age 17
JoAnne Hoffman Hoffman
I am buddy of Megan Mullock
Lily Magliente
Arielle Antonucci
Victoria Antonucci
Keeleigh McGowan
25 y.o.
Samantha Richards
Karissa Brady
Rebecca Richards
Terri Heilig (2)
My 16 year old daughter(Jenna Heilig) and I would like to volunteer
Christine Carter
Kristen Klingen (2)
40-50 age group 1 Male, 1 female
Dawn Passalacqua
Elsie Musonye
Karyn Buchanan
Amy Lonsdale
16 years old
Ben Moore
Nancy Armato
Maria Prinzavalli
Courtney Allison
Chris Fryer
Maddy Barber
Nicholas Mazza
Helena Mullen
Brittany Muszynski
29 please match me with Steve Yike, thank you!
Erin Cooney
Jessica Andraka
64 years. I will be a Buddy or any thing you want me to do. I would like to work with the Parents as well.
Ashley Haus
Christine Mullen
53 yrs old - will buddy with anyone
Kayla Diaz
Meg Matts
Erica Caceres
julianna daywalt
age 16- buddy request Katie Redcay
Tori Handley
age 21
Yajaira Barrios
Dawn Bowen
Megan Lindsay
26-Buddy for an Upper Merion student
Samuel Schwartz
I am 16
Samantha Sluksy
Susan Delaney
Anita Ross
23 years old.
Therese Keffer
Megan McCloskey
Shannon Phillips
Last year I was with Leann (And my friend was with Leann’s friend, Paige)
Hannah Hope
I would like to be buddied with Keshawn Dozier
Isabelle Bergiven
Judi Murphy
Donna Pierson
I’m a therapeutic support staff
Ashley Zelli
23 years old
Erin May
Audrey Zelli
23 years old
Audrey Zelli
Lucy Mashintonio
Nicole Tamburri
samantha paradis
Request to be with buddy from lastyear Paige
Allie Stevens
15 years old
Rachel O'Toole
17 years old
Nina Palumbo
15- match with Delaney Baer
Mike Valentin
Allison Gaines
Hannah Bragg
Siobhaun Manion
24 - Buddy for an Upper Merion student

Guest Registration & Check-Out (16)

All slots filled
Jacqueline Carracappa
Lottie Chipego
Jaime Hoagey
Lori Whiteman
Sara Reznor
Nancy Cuttic
Denise Monacella
I'd like to be at the desk at the door checking in guess and supply badge. I have clearence from last year event.
Suzanne Thurwanger
Inger Rivera
Dawn Wanner
Jacqueline Conrad
Mackenzie Kilgore
Clare Evans
Laura Ocker
Steve Lepak
SueEllen Nowakowski

Shoe Shine Station (4)

All slots filled
Robert Wyatt
Sue Morgan
63 years young
Sheryl Weaver
Bringing my 12 & 10yo sons to help
Christopher Jahn
I am bringing my 14 year old son to help

Coat Check Attendants (6)

All slots filled
Jenn Eichwald (2)
With Olivia Speir
Joe Guglielmi
Jennifer Glensky
Chrissy Mobley
I’m bringing my 10 year old daughter to help
Heather Costello

Parent Lounge Attendant (22)

host parents in lounge at upper campus;

All slots filled
Jane Conicello
Todd Monastero
Jean Laughlin
I will be there around 5:15
Jennifer Hiltebeitel
Margaret Rodriguez
Might be there closer to 5pm (Husband Shaun may come too, if his month long Army Training is done)
Nancy Roach
Jessica Melniczak
Amy Vallette
Didi Sison
Nicole Stermer
Perry Stermer
Laura Lazewski
I can arrive about 5 (after work)
Lisa Turner (2)
Patricia Kreiser
Hello! I will try to get there as close to 4pm as possible (information video says 4:30?)
Suzanne Wright
Kristen Klingen (3)
Signing up my 3 girls to help as needed ages 17, 15,12
Nicolle Carter
Christine Gordon
Amanda Doerflein

Raffle Prize Coordinator (2)

seek and solicit raffle prize donations for the PARENTS

All slots filled
Michele Silverthorn (2)
John & Micheke Silverthorn

Parking Team (10)

9 of 10 slots filled
Mark Thurwanger
Jim Daywalt
Jason Lawless
howard richardson
Bill Morgan
David Nazarian
david Nazarian
Douglas Vallette
Matthew Andraka
Previous experience with Night to shine parking team and church parking team
Rebecca Richards

Security Team (10)

9 of 10 slots filled
Greg Gilrain
Tracey And Jim Hepner
Brian Wingerter
Noel Abejo
Christofer Savage
Eric Hiltebeitel
Jim Daywalt
Joseph Daywalt
John Betz

Flexible- put me anywhere (86)

All slots filled
Dan Gemmill
shuttle escort
Gerry Fuhrmeister
Jenn Simmons
Daniela Mendez
Pam Forster
Marilyn Wynne (2)
Karaoke Room
Jeannette Medina (12)
Girl Scout Troop 7005(red carpet)
Paula Russella
Gina Diorio
Vicki Devlin (3)
2 adults and 12 yearomdwould live to help in any w as y we can!
Jeanette Caccese (2)
Jeanette and Ryan Caccese- main bldg PL hosts
Alaina Wezel
Heather Costello
Jen Daywalt
Red carpet Girl Scout troop 7005
Christine Errin
Red Carpet Girl Scout Troop 7005
Jodie Lee
Red Carpet-Girls Scout Troop
Kristin Maas (2)
Red carpet- GS troop 7005
Gabriella Giammarco
Red Carpet- Girl Scout Troop
Casmir Martin
Casmir Martin red carpet gs troop 7005
Kris Marquez
Red Carpet event Girl Scouts Troop 7005
Gabriella Wheeler
red carpet & karaoke
Shawn Wheeler
10 years old (keep with Gab Wheeler)
Jeannette Medina
red carpet -GS Troop 7005
Jim Pitofsky (3)
For the red carpet with our two sons who are 8 and 10.
Geramiah Fox (12)
My Scholars and Parents from Young Men Women in Charge will be attending. Tentatively we have 12 that will be attending.
Jacqueline Graves
Alivia Graves
Julie Falcone
I would like to help at the photo booth!
Nick Falcone
I am available 5-7pm
Jody Baglin (2)
Hi, my husband Paul and I can get there by 6:00 PM.
ann blake
Beverly DiBona
main coffee bar
Desiree Henning Dudley
main coffee bar
Joan Palumbo
I will be greeting Michael Zencak
Debbie Watton
Kelly Pruessner
volunteer check in
Max Carmona
Not sure the time I’ll be available but do let me know where to show up
Skyler Hiltebeitel (16)
Salon Floater
Cameron Hiltebeitel (12)
Salon Floater
Jonathan April
I am 13 years old
Chloe Rivera-Montes
Emma Dyson
Emma Dyson- 23 yrs.
Jenn Jahn
For the red carpet with my daughter Katelyn 9 yrs old
Shavonne Grayson
George Acosta
David Nazarian
Jody Nazarian- hostess
Olivia Rotundo
co-buddy with Nina Palumbo
Jessica Mohn
Excited to help! ~Mrs. PA 2019
Lauren Del Giudice (2)
Jeanne Gessner
Jeffrey Gessner
I will be available from about 6pm till 9pm
Tyler Kammerle (2)
My friend and I would like to help however possible
Tina Mill
Buddy with David trott
Emily Gallagher
4:30pm - 7:00pm  

Greeter (4)

Greet guests at the door and open the doors for guests.

3 of 4 slots filled
Denise Rambo
Deborah Kocher
Debbie Neuschwander
Greeter check in food prep or wait staff

Food Prep Team (5)

All slots filled
Andrea Esqueda (2)
Andrea and David
Denise Hartzell leggin (3)
Denise, Brian, Matson Leggin
5:00pm - 9:00pm  

Food Service/Wait Staff (54)

53 of 54 slots filled
MB Birnbrauer
Davina Hagan (2)
Davina and Michele Weitzenkorn
Phyllis Hoover
Amber Dorr
Patty Shields
Trish Sakal
Leslie Herrick
Robert Herrick
Christopher Rini
David Wolff
Really enjoyed serving in the past and coordinating details in the ballroom.
Bryan Long
Juliette Joseph
Jeremy Campbell
Jane Sweeney
Jacqueline Neufer (2)
Brian & Jacki Neufer
Gwynne Johnson
Peggy Bell
Amy Jarvis
Alyssa Galban
Ashi Behl
Olivia Kozuchowski
Taylor Swan
Kathrine Kyrylchuk
Sophia Gammarino
Travis Kreiser (4)
Repeat volunteers in wait staff, Travis K adult, Rachel K 15, Ryan K 18, new are Kiefer Wood 15
Jennifer Raack
Nick Kim
Travis Brown
Dan And Ashley Machon (2)
Mariann Bevenour
Had a great 1st experiance last year. Looking forward to it.
Patricia Campbell
Stacey Van Buskirk
Jess Monastero
Angela Kelly
Cheryl Arpa (3)
Daughters Cassadie(15) and Courtney (13) will be assisting too!
Tammy Kuestner
Sarys Perez
Tammy Kuestner
Lea Mathis
Jessica Mello (2)
Jess and Calvin
Dan Loscalzo
Wendy Cooper
Carlos T Medina

Photo Printer

help print out the framed red carpet photos; we will provide printer/toner/ink & photo paper

Erica Webster

Photo Framers (6)

All slots filled
MB Birnbrauer
Michelle May
Lottie Chipego
Erica Webster
Denise Hartzell leggin
Anthony Krupincza
9:00pm - 11:00pm  

Clean Up Team (40)

All slots filled
Lottie Chipego
Greg Gilrain
Andrew Turner
David Wolff
Gretchen Bahmueller
Jill Demcher
Tom McNabb
Elice Johnson
Angela Kelly
jerome ocker
Didi Sison
Achie Pelingon
Tim April
Claudia Pierre
Laura Groves (2)
with my 17 y/o daughter Caroline
bill miller
jenna matta
Greg Wood (3)
Kellen and Brennan will help as well
Jonathan April
I am 13 years old
Sandi Schultz
Mark Schultz
Jim Cooper
Patrick Caccese
Eric Erle (2)
peter beehler (3)
Lauren Del Giudice (2)
Jennifer Roberts (4)
Dylan and Ethan will help too
Gena Cirafesi
Nicole White
Satya manda
Volunteer in clean up
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