Servants With a Heart

Servants With a Heart

We are excited to host our 4th Annual Meal Packaging Event at Saint Mark.  This year we are partnering with  Servants With a Heart so that we can direct our meals to Missionaries of  the Poor and Saint Marc Catholic School in Haiti. Saint Matthews Catholic Church will be shipping our meals directly so that 80% of the meals we package will go to our selected locations and 20% will stay locally.  We are excited about this joint venture with Saint Matthews and SWaH. 

Created by:   Beth Zuhosky
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
07/12/2019 (Fri.) Setup  3:00pm - 5:30pm  

Setup Parish Hall (25)

All slots filled
Jennifer Pradas (2)
Justin & Joaquin Pradas
Margaret Kuhn (3)
Debbie Fishbaugh (2)
Christie Cunningham (3)
The Cunningham’s
Tim Leljedal
Chris Ostrom
Beth Zuhosky (3)
kathleen schroeder (2)
Annmarie Camatcho
Beth Moorman
Laura Berger (3)
Rose Paul
Francoise Ngeleza (2)
07/13/2019 (Sat.) Filling Meal Bag  9:45am - 12:00pm  

Morning Shift (320)

319 of 320 slots filled
Julia Fishbaugh
Erin Socha Family (5)
Christine Sowell (3)
Christiane Matey (2)
Cybil Abrao (3)
Martha Zamudio (2)
Rose George (3)
Carrie Ferguson (3)
Gregory Latini (3)
Latini Family
Christine Clayton (4)
Christine Clayton
Marleena Young (2)
Marleena and Peyton
Michelle Callipari (4)
Sonia Leonardo
Jill Holthaus (2)
2 adults & 3 kids
Eric and Pam Minacci (2)
Lisa Wenzel
Sean Helmbrecht (4)
Family of four!
Jerry Massimino
Jennifer Pradas (5)
The Pradas family
Kyle Ritchie (2)
Carol Ryan
Holly MacFalls (2)
Paula Marks (3)
Madeline Williams
Marwan Shishakly
Lesley Pacitto (2)
Lesley and Julia Pacitto
Janis Boone (5)
Boone Family
Jessie Mendolia
Jim Varney
beth zuhosky (3)
Chris Gere (4)
Roberto and Angie Vazquez (2)
jennifer and George Welsch (2)
Margaret Mundy (5)
Dennis Perez
cameron caspari
jean caudle (2)
Christine Ostrom
Glen and Ann Wayer (2)
Ray and Leigh Marr (2)
Dexter and MaryLouise Koehl (2)
Andrea Krisel (2)
Debbie Fishbaugh (2)
Jan Zamudio (4)
Michelle Cannon (4)
Diana Lynne King (4)
Claudia Cecilia Martinez (2)
Margaret Allen Allen
Korina Sampson (4)
Melanie Taylor (3)
Brittany Denton (3)
Lynn DeCamp (5)
Brenda Pugh (4)
Lauren Kelly (4)
Elza Spaedy (5)
Christina Bonham (5)
Teresa Bookamer (2)
Christine - Oscar Bernardo (3)
Bernardo family
Liberto Family (4)
Thomas and Heather Martin (5)
Thomas Martin family
elizabeth shailor (2)
Carole Lavinio
Richard Cataldo (2)
Julie Wilkinson (4)
Blake Nicholson
Iliana Loreto (4)
Katie Davis (4)
desire benjamin
Itsel Gomez (4)
Family of 4
Mari Kirchner (3)
JoAnn K Betts Betts
Christine Wladyka (3)
2 adults, 1 child
Alison Smith (4)
2 adults, 2 children
Deanna Hart (2)
Deanna and Ian Hart
Christie Cunningham (2)
The Cunningham Family
Leslie Milam
Milam Family
Donna Robertson (2)
Vincent & Joan Famularo (2)
AOH Members (15)
Rebecca Takahashi (5)
Deb Buchsbaum (5)
Zaida Torres (4)
Paula Fischlein (5)
Brenda Portillo (4)
Nelly Ramirez (2)
Carol Mayernik (6)
Adriana Fabian (4)
Eliana Ramia
Iris O'Connor (4)
Debbie Abert (2)
Jennifer Creuzberger (3)
John and JP Creuzberger
Sean F. Condon (3)
Sean James & Katie
Terry Paterniti (2)
Eileen McCrary (3)
family participating 6 total
Dana Campbell (2)
Dorice Millar (7)
Millar Family
Sue Byrne
Marilee Haynes (5)
Beth Krogstie (2)
George & Tom Krogstie
Keith Petty (3)
Jennifer Tuschong (4)
Jen, Kate, Grace and Caroline
Annmarie Camatcho (3)
Camatcho Fam-4
Derek Comford
Will be volunteering with my 11yr old son , Caleb who is a St Mark student
Balmaceda Family (4)
Rose Paul
(Paul Family)
John and Peggy Lukachko (2)
Carissa Gorman
We originally signed up for the afternoon shift but are changing to the morning- we can only stay until 11. There are 4 of us coming.
Kristin Rivera
Rivera family
Re Supply-need strength  9:45am - 12:00pm  

Morning Shift (20)

Must be able to lift 30-50 lbs

11 of 20 slots filled
James Nuernberg (2)
Stacy Mullet (2)
Rosalie Fall
dennis perez
John Lee
Katherine Shinners
Lina Maria Hernandez
Wilder Hernandez
Cathie Jackson (2)
Garland Jackson
Filling Meal Bag  12:30pm - 2:45pm  

Afternoon Shift (320)

318 of 320 slots filled
Jen Laporta (2)
Anita Schilling (4)
Paola Kotsakis
Elsa Fisher-Cordova (2)
Dee Woodworth (4)
The Woodworth Family
Mike Talboys
Paula Marks (3)
Lori Nazemetz (5)
Grace Tener (4)
Roberta Crisler
Grace Iannuccilli (2)
Lynn DeCamp (5)
Veronica Ortiz (2)
Jacob Ortiz - Ethan Ortiz
Sarah Varricchio (2)
April Buttner (2)
Blake Nicholson
Erica Pegg (2)
Erica & Kalan Pegg
Kristyn Keenan (2)
Stacy Remy (3)
Kathleen Lincoln (2)
Lucia Finch (4)
Patricia Medina (6)
Sandra Lipari (2)
Lipari Family
Liz Swanson (6)
Swanson family
Robin Cowen
Ryan Butler (7)
2 adults, 5 children
Tony Bergstedt (3)
Linda Cross (4)
Patrick Hirsch
Katherine Denny (4)
Bill Anderson (2)
Deborah Trkula
Liza Grainda (4)
Trudy Caplan
Allison Phillips (3)
Schroeder Family (4)
Abby Olean (2)
Joan LaRuffa (5)
LaRuffa Family
Elizabeth Roberts (2)
Liz Sirois (5)
Kathleen Dyer (5)
Azzopardi Family
Ginene Winchester (3)
The Winchester Family
Mary Ann Marrero (4)
Angel Jr, Angel III, Angelina
Karen Medina (2)
Chris (total-3) Munoz
Stephanie Tran-Nguyen (4)
Bryan & Katherine Fenton (3)
The Fentons
Tina Easter (3)
Heidy Markwell (4)
The Markwell Family
Tasha Zendejas (4)
Zendejas Family
Margaret Kuhn (3)
Tracie Hoagland (3)
Kim Moore (2)
Elyse Black (4)
The Black Family
Nicholas Carlascio (2)
Deacon Rich & Sue McCarron (2)
kelly moran
Patricia Spindler (2)
Rebecca Foret
Foret Family
Rebecca Foret (5)
Foret family
Mike Schmid (2)
Elena Morell (5)
Jean Caudle (2)
Lauren Kelly (4)
Raul Pena (3)
Massiel Tamburini
Virginia Luttrell (3)
Michelle Ford (5)
John Kelly
Marilee Haynes (3)
Young Adult Ministry (4)
Debi White (4)
Tristen Beckett (2)
Annmarie Camatcho
Kellye Brenner (3)
theresa Hutchinson
Heather McKenzie (2)
Dennis Ranagan (3)
Ranagan Family
Sam Moorman
Christine Helfgott (2)
Aubrey Stevens (3)
Stevens Family
Richard Joseph Flanigan Flanigan
Nancy Conley (3)
Carissa Gorman (4)
Myself and my daughter along with another mom and daughter will be volunteering (Tessa and Alison Walsh). We will be coming in the morning instead as we forgot about afternoon plans we had. We will be showing up early 9:30 and can stay until 11
Lisa Reichert (4)
Connor, Avery, Jason
Andrea &Ed Jones (4)
Ed, Andrea,Emily,Lauren Jones
Rich Bethea (2)
Debi O’Bryant (2)
Debi & Nick
Julie Calarco (5)
Erin Zamora
Whitney Roy (4)
Meghan Darling (5)
Melissa Hinman (2)
Matt and Melissa Hinman
Mary Ann Sowa (6)
Cesar, Sue, Susan, John, Paul (Gabby) and myself
Marc Campbell (2)
Helen Albini
Craig Coffey (3)
Cheryl Endy (4)
Eric Smith (5)
Eric, Angela, Jeremy, Leah, Seraphina
William Duffy (3)
Roxane Papora (3)
Audrey Tignor (2)
Peggy Wheeler
may bring a friend
Charlie Magro (2)
Thank you for the blessing
Denise Cook (4)
Cook Family
Nicole Seeling (2)
Lynn Marcozzi (3)
Cameron Parks (2)
Carolyn Brooks
Jean ONeill (3)
Donna Blanco
Jessica Le
bringing a friend
Mary Ann McHenry (2)
Mary Ann & Patrick McHenry
Re Supply-need strength  12:30pm - 2:45pm  

Afternoon Shift (20)

Must be able to lift 30-50 lbs

9 of 20 slots filled
Young Adult Ministry (2)
Tristen Beckett
Joseph Urbanek
Tim O’Bryant
Emily Sansbury
Pat Fales
Susan Lydon (2)
  2:45pm - 3:30pm  

Clean Up After-Heavy Lifters (30)

25 of 30 slots filled
Katherine Denny (4)
Dan Nolan
Dan Nolan
Margaret Kuhn (3)
Tracie Hoagland (3)
Joseph Urbanek
Robin Cowen
Frances Fredericks
Missy Doyle Fales (4)
jacqueline sharp-Wittekind (3)
Wittekind/sharp family
Francoise Ngeleza (2)
Rose Bockian
Lina Maria Hernandez
Wilder Hernandez

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