Choral Banquet

The event is open to all students from the curricular choral, Limited Edition Show Choir and Shrek the Musical.

9th and 10th grade students  bring a main dish

11th. grade students    bring a side dish

12th. grade students    bring a dessert

Date: 05/09/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:45pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Mayfield High School Cafeteria

Created by:   Andi Cerrillo

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9th and 10th. grade Main dish
Toni Rassi
Rigatoni 6-7lbs with sauce full pan . Toni / danielle
11th. grade side dish
Andi Cerrillo
Tortilla Espanola
12th. grade dessert
Tammy Toth
Responses:     Yes: 54     No: 4     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 139     Maybe: 5

YES (54) -  

EB Fluharty (1 guest)

Mollie Barnes (2 guests)
Mark Ethan and Lauren going. Will bring Mild and Garlic wings

Olivia Culp (1 guest)

Sasha Borshev (1 guest)

Kate Wank (3 guests)

Dani Fowler (2 guests)
Macaroni or slaw salad

Will Gall (3 guests)
I’m Bringing Brownies

Kylee Ley (4 guests)
Bringing a side dish

Will Gall (3 guests)
We are bringing brownies.

Ani Sriram (1 guest)

Hayden Palmer (2 guests)

Lisa Ferguson (4 guests)

Dhruv Bhumbla (1 guest)

Ashley Doering (1 guest)

Alison Corpus (3 guests)
Bringing dessert

Andrew Schreiber (2 guests)

Riley Jones (2 guests)

Ben Israel (1 guest)

Christina Rufo (1 guest)

Jerry Gressley (3 guests)
We will bring a dessert

Vanessa Braun (4 guests)
The Brauns will be arriving slightly late due to a 5th grade choir concert.

Jenna Hays (1 guest)
Will bring dessert

Debbie Kramer (2 guests)

Shetia Appling (4 guests)
Bringing dessert

robert kramer (2 guests)
bringing pasta salad

Olivia Gelo (3 guests)

Darcy Horvat (3 guests)
Will bring a main dish

Tatyana Korzhiletsky (3 guests)
Will bring a Fruit Salad

Iliayah Robertsonn (5 guests)
I do not know i will be five yet

Alexis Glumm (2 guests)

Becky Hall (2 guests)

Lisa Bell (2 guests)

Gia Bonarrigo (2 guests)

Hailey Nelson (5 guests)

Wendy Rapposelli (2 guests)

Samay Kala (4 guests)
Will bring salad/ vegetable

Daniel Alverio (4 guests)

Betsy Culp (3 guests)

Camay Mccollum (4 guests)

SHIRL HAMMONS (3 guests)

Brian Fancher (1 guest)
Some kind of dip

Vincent Ruggieri (4 guests)

Leslie Blum (2 guests)
We will be there at 7:15

Morgan Beck (1 guest)

Vincent Polowy (2 guests)

Ken Muhlbach (4 guests)

Tracy Segall (4 guests)

Daniel Alverio (4 guests)

Amy Marcelli (4 guests)

Tammy Toth (2 guests)

Toni Rassi (2 guests)

Janet Harris (2 guests)
Janet Harris, Kate Wank, Shelly Blanchard, Christine Bruger - we will be bringing trays of Chick-Fil-A sliders and nuggets

Danielle Varanese (2 guests)

Andi Cerrillo (4 guests)
Tortilla Espanola (it’s made of eggs, potatoes and onions)

NO (4) +  

MAYBE (2) +