Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

Pot Luck Shabbat Dinner - Friday, March 22

Please join us for a Potluck Shabbat. We will enjoy a musical Kabbalat Shabat service with Rabbi David Baum and Rabbi David Paskin and then share a meal together. All ages welcome. Bring your extended family and friends for this potluck Kosher dairy/parve meal!

To register, please sign up to bring and/or help with the following.  Please make sure to purchase items that amount to a minimum of $15

All items must be bought from a kosher supermarket (Aroma, Glick's, Winn Dixie, or The Grove) in order to maintain our Kashrut policy at the synagogue.

This will be a dairy meal. All dishes must be dairy or parve. 

Date: 03/22/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:15pm - 8:30pm EDT

Location: Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

Created by:   Kati Kristol

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Vegetarian Parve or Dairy Entree (4) - Enough for 10 people
  2 of 4 slots filled
Ariella Reback (2)
Cheesy pasta some dairy and some parve
Starch Side (Dairy or Parve) (4) - Enough for 10 people
  1 of 4 slots filled
Scott Reiter
Salad (4) - Enough for 15 people
Green Vegetable (4) - Enough for 15 people
Dessert (Dairy/Parve) (5) - Enough for 10 people
  3 of 5 slots filled
Jan Lieberman (2)
Ariella Reback
Cupcakes by Esther
Fruit (4) - Enough for 10 people
  1 of 4 slots filled
Karen Satz
Responses:     Yes: 4     No: 0     Maybe: 0     No Response: 4

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 11     Maybe: 0

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 1     Maybe: 0

YES (4) -  

Karen Satz (1 adult)

Ariella Reback (3 adults, 1 child)

Scott Reiter (3 adults)

Jan Lieberman (4 adults)