15-Pass Lecture 2020 01-21

15-Passenger Van Lecture 2020 01-21

You have either inquired about or been asked to attend a 15-Passenger Van training session. Group sessions are divided into two parts - a large group lecture, and an individual driving session. The lecture takes approximately 2 1/2 hours, and the driving portion (to be scheduled at a later date) takes 55-90 minutes (also scheduled through SignUpGenius after the lecture session is over!). Please plan on attending the entire lecture session. Due to the nature and sequence of the safety information covered, we cannot accommodate late arrivals OR early departures. 

The lecture session will be held in the Training Room at Parsons Hall 501 20 Street. Participants are asked to arrive 5-10 minutes early to find parking and complete some paperwork to ensure an on-time start. The lecture will begin *PROMPTLY* at the announced start time - to respect the time of all attendees, LATE ARRIVALS (even 1 minute late) WILL BE ASKED TO RESCHEDULE. Put another way, if you’re not in the room when the door closes… =(  On the other hand, if everyone is present before the “official” start time, then we’ll start early!

Driving times will be announced shortly after the lecture session is concluded. If you know of others who need to certify for the 15-passenger van, please feel free to share this registration link!

Registering through SignUpGenius is quick and easy. When creating your account, please use the e-mail address you are most likely to check regularly. The SignUpGenius account will be needed for both the lecture AND driving sessions! **PLEASE NOTE: each attendee must sign up through SignUpGenius individually.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Stadler at (970) 351-1243 or [email protected] 

Date: 01/21/2020 (Tue.)

Time: 4:30pm - 7:00pm MDT

Location: Parsons Hall Training Room 501 20 Street

Created by:   Michael Stadler

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15-Pass Van Lecture (24)


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