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Front Street UMC

BMMT 2022 Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to serve at the Buckner Mission Man Triathlon.  We have volunteer openings on Friday (July 22) and on the race day itself (July 23).  Please take a look at the positions below and their descriptions, and sign up for one that interests you.  

Questions?  Contact David Hoxie at [email protected]

Created by:   Front Street UMC
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Available Slot
07/22/2022 (Fri.)

Pick up food and supplies (2)

Run errands to pick up outstanding food and supplies, transport to Lake (Food Lion, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc.)


Lake Preparation (Run) (2)

Prepare run course by spraying roots/rocks/etc., string "Caution Do not Enter" tape in areas runners should not enter, pick up limbs, debris & trip hazards.


Lake Preparation (Signs) (2)

Prepare course by transporting and posting directional signs to Lake.


Lake Preparation (Bike) (2)

Prepare bike course by put up directional and mile maker signs on bike course, drive bike course to ensure no issues on shoulders, etc.


Lake Preparation (Swim) (2)

Prepare swim course by picking up rocks at entrance to swim, ensure Trivium has mats for entrance and exit.


Lake Site Preparation (2)

Move all tables except 2 from shelter to around lake for spectators, hang sponsorship/church banners by finish line/entrance/awards site, hang up lights in Registration/Volunteer Tent.


Packet Pick Up (10)

Setting up tables, welcoming, verifying info, explain door prize raffle, and handing out bags (if applicable). 3:30-7:30PM

2 of 10 slots filled
Susanne Conlon
Brian Conlon

Participant Food Team (20)

Prep food to serve to participants. Make individual bags for each participants. Prepare all food and beverage in coolers. Clean up after and wash all dishes. 2:00-5:00PM


Transport Food to Lake (10)

Transport all prepared food and and beverages in cooler. Store in kitchen at lake. 5-6:30PM


Clean up & Transport Registration items (4)

After registration complete breakdown registration 7-7:30PM


Transport Registration Equipment to Lake (2)

Transport registration items (T-shirts, packets, etc.), swimming pools, etc. from FSUMC to lake. 7-8PM


Shower set up (2)

Make sure shower/changing tent set up. 7-7:30PM

07/23/2022 (Sat.)

Man Lake Entrance

Allow participants and volunteers in. Advise no boats or fishing until after race! 5-6:30AM


Parking (5)

Direct volunteers, participants, and spectators to proper parking area. (5-10AM)


Volunteer Information Tent/Operations/Information (2)

Pre-race: Check in volunteers, provide t-shirts, provide assignments, and coordinate with team captains. During Race: coordinate with volunteer captain, race co-chair, bike course marshals, etc.


Participant Registration (10)

Greeting racers, register day of racers, etc. Registration opens at 5:45AM. Ensure all shirts and packets get back to FSUMC once registration is closed. 5:19-7:30AM


Day-of Participant Food Team (6)

Transport food from park kitchen to finish line; distribute food to participants as they finish the race; clean up area and transport surplus food to ACAC. 6-10AM

1 of 6 slots filled
Marshall Old

Body Marking (4)

Mark participants according to Set-up rules, answer questions, and provide encouragement. 6-7:30AM


Chip distribution help

Assist Trivium passing out chips. 6-7:30AM





Transition Area Pre-race

Welcome, provide guidance of rack location/setup, and monitor participant belongings. Transition closes @ 7:15AM. (Knowledge of Triathlons or prior participant a plus) 6-7:30AM


Swim Exit Helper (2)

As the swimmers exit the water they may need a helping hand as they get out. Provide direction to participants to transition entrance. You may get very wet doing this job and will need your own wetsuit and suitable shoes/socks. 7:15-8:15AM


Transition Area Swim In/Run Out Side (2)

Man Entrance to ensure no bikers exit wrong way and runners exit correct way and go to correct path. 7:30-9:30AM


Transition Area Bike Out/Bike In (2)

Man entrance to ensure bikers do not mount upon exit, bikers enter correctly, and no runners exit. 7:30-9:30AM


Bike mount/Dismount (2)

This requires someone who is not afraid to speak up. Monitor bike mount and dismounts. Be mindful of runners starting and exiting. 7:15-9:30AM


Bike Crash Transport

Station at entrance to lake then if any participants crash on bike course, etc. go to pick them and bike up, then transport to entrance (Truck or Van needed) 6:30-9:30AM


Bike Course-Marshal and Cheer (4)



Run Split helper (2)

Direct runners at split (Lap 1 to left and Lap 2 to right/finish line) 8:15-10AM


Run Water Station (4)

Provide participants with water cups, refill water, and ensure trash maintained. 7:30-10AM


Trivium Events Finish Line help (if needed)

Work with Trivium to manually plug finishers number in (if needed) 8:15-10AM


Remove chips (4)

Remove participant chips, hand off to file according to Trivium request 8:30-10AM


Site Restoration (6)

Clean up trash, break down tables, restore Lake to how found 10AM-12PM


Church Transport & Church Restoration (6)

Transport all outstanding items at Lake to FSUMC, dispose of trash appropriately, make sure all supplies get put back in correct locations at FSUMC (Not all dropped in one spot) 10AM-12PM

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