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SVA Families

Fall Mumkin Sale Pick Up


***If you are volunteering, please sign up for a VOLUNTEER time slot AND a PICK UP time slot for your mums. We wouldn't have such an amazing PTSA without all of the helpers! Thanks. (FYI..if you are signing up on a phone, you may have to scroll to a second page to see the sign ups for volunteer times)

SVA PTSA Mumkin Fundraiser pick up date in TUESDAY SEPT 29th in the front parking lot at SVA! You'll see us! We will have pick ups from 6-8pm. Please select a time and please show up as close to that time as possible. We have 140 pick ups to fit in this 2 hour time slot. Patience is appreciated. Great job on sales everyone!!

ADDITIONALLY, we need assistance and VOLUNTEERS to help work the pick up line, direct traffic, and work the check in table. Virtual learners will also be stopping by this night to pick up KY KIDS DAY treat bags from PTSA. All other students will get these treat bags in person during their rotational days at school. No one will be left out! We need a few volunteers to help with that as well. There are sign up slots below if you'd love to help PTSA as a volunteer. Please select a time below. THANK YOU! 



Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 09/29/2020 (Tue.)

Created by:   Elizabeth mozea
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Available Slot Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT)

Flower PICK UP Times

6 people per time slot please

09/29/2020 (Tue)
6:00pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Catrina Meredith
Aleck Meredith
Jackie Woolfolk
Evan Woolfolk
Julie Rieskamp
Natalie and Sydney Rieskamp
Lindsey McLernon
Finley McLernon
Sara Mullins
Ivan Mullins
Nicole Van Cleve
Grayson Van Cleve
6:05pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Katie Ockerman
Naomi Ockerman
Elana Clifton
Elana Clifton
Karlyn Schnapp
Ava Pronay
Megan Schmeal
Reid Schmeal
Sara Griffin
Mallory Griffin
Brandy Mains
Xander Mains
6:10pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Brielle Evans
Trenden Evans
Jennifer Decker
Vivian Decker
Tracy Rouse
Sophie rouse
Bev Homphothichak
Kylie Homphothichak
Amy Hedges
Noah Hedges
Carrie Williams
Lauren and Blake Williams
6:15pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Patty Brinker
Savannah Brinker
Amy Rochon
Avery Rochon
Jessie Kloos
Grayson Reece
Lori Bradbury-Robinson
Lila Robinson-Grade 7
Cheryl Legge
Addilyn Legge
Tori McCrory
Nathan, Colin, and Kaitlyn McCrory
6:20pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Ashley Bock
Emery Combs (student)
Amber Schmauch
Kailee Schmauch
Abby Finley
Cooper Finley
Angelina Schrand
Leonardo Schrand
Carrie Holloway
Kylie Holloway
Sheena Minix
Hudson Minix
6:25pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Susan Topmiller
Susan Topmiller
John Harney
Mary Ava Harney
Tabatha Miller
Kaysen Miller
Jen Wetzel
Brooke & Sophia Wetzel
Billir Overman
Overman (Kinsley 1, Brooklyn 5, Dereck 8)
Stephanie Sketch-Durr
Carson Durr & Peyton Durr
6:30pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Lindsay Lang
Houston Brinkman
Becky Bowen
Henry Bowen
Megan Hoover
Samantha Hoover
Jennifer (Molly) Lucas
Molly Lucas
Jennifer Weller
Martez Weller, Javin Lewis
Jenni Sizemore
Eleanor Merlo
6:35pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Kristina Krummen
Elliott Krummen
Maria Tomasetti
Maria Tomasetti
Thia Iverson
Maddy iverson
Tamara Gilpin
James Brayden Gilpin
Cheyenne Krohman
Kaitlyn McCrory
Sarah Douglas
Jakarah Douglas
6:40pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Amy Kitchens
Jenna Kitchens
Karla Meyer
Sylas Meyer, Karla Meyer
Holly Miller (2)
Holly miller
Adryn Groeschen
Adryn groeschen, Kim ziliox, Traci cafferky
Joshua Koch
Aiden Koch
6:45pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Michela Pfaehler
Reed Pfaehler
Dennis Davis
Sam Davis
Alex McCloskey
Alex McCloskey pickup
Jennifer Danner
Blaire Danner
Samantha Farris
Samantha Farris
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
6:50pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Samantha Grothaus
Samantha Grothaus(student laela ammons)
Mike Brown
Alyssa Brown
Tyler Nack
Becky Nack Alissa Nack
Emily Smith
Emily Smith
Hannah Allen
Being picked up by daughter, Hannah Allen for Noah Allen(6th grade)
Daniell Brueckner
Gavin Fleming
6:55pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Brandi Swanson
Elijah Criner and Corrie Criner
Tom Kenner
Isabella Wind, Olivia Kenner, Charles Kenner, Warren Kenner, Tom Kenner
Brandy Robinson
Briarlee Bradford
Ashley Turner
Rieley Sisco
Amber Scharstein
Mia scharstein
KC Ratliff Kristy Shaffer-Frey
Nevaeh McDaniel
7:00pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Amanda Hegge
Noah Hegge
Kim Harvey
Graham Harvey
Peggy Morrison
Payton Morrison
Meranda Abercrombie
Oliver Abercrombie Henry Abercrombie
Tanesha Ritchie
Reece and Ryder Ritchie
Aaron Wagner
Meredith Wagner
7:05pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Tracey Boots
Meredith Boots
Sarah Applegate
Emma Kaelin
Jamie Steele
Natalie Steele
Karen Magner
Karen Magner
Amanda Vinson
Amanda Vinson
Erin Bradley
Kamryn Meyer
7:10pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Wesley Hightchew (2)
Wesley Hightchew
Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George or Bryce George
Adelaide Roark
Adelaide Roark
Dana Kinman
Landon Kinman
Sarah Dewitt
Rihanna Everhart
7:15pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Mackenzie May
Mackenzie May (Kellie May)
Erin Botkin
Brooklyn Botkin
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor
Hannah Moses
Aubrey Manser
Julie Lee
Owen Lee
Ty Riffle
Logan Riffle
7:20pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Sara Carlisle
Andrew and Abigail Carlisle
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop
Ada Spegal
Ethan Couture-Spegal
Cyndi Dennemann
Cyndi Dennemann
Amy Freeman
Reese rolph
Joy Fox
Tony Fox
7:25pm  (6)  
7:30pm  (6)  
7:35pm  (6)  
1 of 6 slots filled
Michele Wisher
Max Wisher
7:40pm  (6)  
1 of 6 slots filled
Emilee Ott
Emilee/Ava Ott
7:45pm  (6)  
1 of 6 slots filled
Julie Pouncy
Austin Pouncy
7:50pm  (6)  
2 of 6 slots filled
Nicole Ibarra
Luis Ibarra
Rebekah Nether
Rilian Nether
7:55pm  (6)  
5 of 6 slots filled
Courtney Pedroza
Alonso Pedroza
Jessica Roberts
Zaiden Roberts, Ellie Bunch
Kim Glick
Kaysen Glick, Kim Glick
Jill Sluder
Ethan sluder
Tanya Brogdon
Garrett Brogdon
8:00pm  (6)  
All slots filled
Elizabeth Mozea
Ashlynne Mozea
Amy Brossart
Ben Brossart
Jan McCauley
Preston McCauley
Michelle Watters
Hunter Watters
Sandy Shoemaker
Hannah Shoemaker
Emilee Ott
Emilee/ Ava Ott


10-12 People per Time Slot Please

09/29/2020 (Tue)
4:00pm - 6:00pm (12)  
5 of 12 slots filled
Amy Brossart
Amy Brossart
Jill Sluder
Catrina Meredith
Catrina Meredith
Sandy Shoemaker
Sandy Shoemaker
5:45pm - 8:15pm (12)  
9 of 12 slots filled
Elizabeth Mozea
Elizabeth Mozea
Amy Brossart
Amy Brossart
Jan McCauley
Jan McCauley
Jill Sluder
Catrina Meredith
Catrina Meredith until 7p
Sandy Shoemaker
Sandy Shoemaker
Gina Elliott
Tue., 09/29/2020 5:45pm - 8:15pm
Sarah Dewitt
Sarah D Dewitt
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