Palabra Viva Eye Glass Clinic

March 23 Palabra Viva Eyeglasses Clinic

Partner with Pastor Luis' International Welcome Center at Palabra Viva church to love on a diverse multicultural neighborhood in North East Kansas City by  providing a free eye exam and eyeglasses.

When: Saturday March 23rd

Note:Food donations may be dropped off at the First Baptist Blue Springs church office no later than 11:00am Friday March 22nd for transport to the clinic location.

Where: 217 Benton Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 64123


Volunteers: Report at 8:00 am at the clinic location for final words of instruction.

Note: Those wishing to carpool will meet at First Baptist Blue Springs Parking lot. We will depart at 7:30am.

Clinic: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (in the past had approximately 120+- people come for help.)

Volunteers: stay until 3:00 for cleanup


Besides volunteering time as shown below, food items are needed along with bottled water. See actual sign up for specifics.

Station 1: Welcome/Waiting area: Welcome and direct where to go. Offer a bottle of water/interact with the people.

Station 2: Volunteers will administer a pre-exam. For example – step the person (client)  through reading an eye chart.

Station 3: Exam: Actual exam done by a team from St. Louis.

Station 4: Fitting of Glasses: Volunteers will help clients try on different pairs of glasses to find a pair that works for them. Some volunteers will pull glasses from the supply to take to the tables (matching the label to the eye exam results) and also return unchosen glasses back to the supply.

Station 5: Evangelism: At this last stop before exiting, volunteers (preferably in teams of 2) will offer prayer and will share the gift of Jesus if the client is open to this.

Date: 03/23/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm CDT

Location: 217 Benton Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64123
217 Benton Blvd, KCMO, MO 64123

Created by:   Chris Houghtaling
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Available Slot

Welcome/Waiting Area (5)

One or two to Welcome and direct where to go. Others to offer a bottle of water/interact with the people.

All slots filled
Jim Houghtaling
Stephanie Johnson
Lorraine Powers
Tracy Al-Igaily
It will be me and my two kids, Leyth and Mariah
Ruth Carpenter

Pre-Exam (4)

Volunteers will administer a pre-exam. For example – step the client through reading an eye chart.

All slots filled
Miriam Baker
peggy meyer

Fitting Glasses (12)

4 tables, 2 volunteers at each table. Each helping a client try on glasses. At minimum 2 more volunteers pulling glasses from the supply to take to the tables (matching the label to the eye exam result)

8 of 12 slots filled
Amanda Pair
I need to leave at 2:00. :)
Annette Hoppet
Linda Graham
I am a retired optician.
Mark & Mina Rains (2)
Mark & Mina Rains
Kathy Tucker
Dorey DePuy
Fitting eye glasses, sorting

Evangelism (16)

At least one volunteer at each table, preferably teams of 2 volunteers at each table. Thank the client for coming, offer prayer, share Jesus if they are open to listening. Guidance on ways to do this will be provided prior to the event.

5 of 16 slots filled
Terry Towles
Ken Johnson
Chris Houghtaling
Donald Pierre
peggy meyer

Lunch for Volunteers - Chili (5)

1 gallon of chili

All slots filled
Ken Johnson
Chris Houghtaling
Adrian & Linda Lemen
1 Gal of Chili
Miriam Baker
Will bring with Saturday
David Parker
1 gallon of Chili Part of Malone Life Group

Lunch for Volunteers - Cheese (2)

1 lb shredded cheese

All slots filled
Amanda Pair
Linda Lemen

Lunch for Volunteers - Fritos (2)

2 - 9 oz bags of Fritos

All slots filled
Rachel Gray
Will give to Chris H on Sunday
Sarah Moyer
Will bring to Chris on Sunday.

Lunch for Volunteers - Onions

4 chopped onions

Chris Houghtaling

Lunch for Volunteers - Crackers

2 large boxes of saltine crackers

Rachel Gray
Will give to Chris H on Sunday

Lunch for Volunteers - Soup (2)

1 gallon of soup

1 of 2 slots filled
Linda Graham
Potato Soup

Snacks for Clients (10)

24 servings of cookies or finger food snacks. Homemade if possible (it shouts LOVE). Some Halal snacks would be great as well.

9 of 10 slots filled
Lindsey Woods
Mary Montgomery (2)
Chocolate Chip cookies
Shelley Mccain
Ken & Lisa Graham (2)
Lori Withers
Rhonda Malone
(24)Brownies, (24)Cup Cakes and (12)Sugar Cookies
Dennis Lewis
2 cases of water

Snacks for Clients (3)

1 dozen small sandwiches

2 of 3 slots filled
Lynn Huff
Do we have a place to drop off or does it need to be taken to the event?
Denise Vaughan

Snacks for Clients (11)

24 bottles of water

All slots filled
June Schaffer (2)
Will drop off at office
Becky Gast (2)
Mark & Mina Rains (2)
Rhonda Malone (2)
(2) Cases of Bottle water
Dennis Lewis
24 Cookies Homemade
Adrian & Linda Lemen (2)
2-24 pk water

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