Akron Snow Angels

Akron Snow Angels Mission #5

Arrival at 9 am. Meet at our new warehouse located in the Ohio Means Jobs Building. 

The address is:1040 East Tallmadge Ave. Akron, Ohio 44310. The door to enter is to the left of the main entrance. 

When you arrive, please sign in right away and turn in your waiver. All volunteers are required to complete a waiver before volunteering. Please bring the attached release with you.

As people arrive, we will sort and get items ready for the day as needed. Once everyone arrives we will have a meeting, assign cars and start the loading process. 


Once all loaded, we will make a caravan and head out to the mission location(s). Dress for the weather! We will be outside no matter what the weather is. It is better to dress to layer up and remove items if you are too hot than to be too cold. Please have your car cleaned out and ready to be filled with items for those in need. 

The goal is to have at least 13 cars, each equipped with a driver and a passenger over the age of 15. We prefer that any child under 15 be an additional person in the vehicle. We will end back at the warehouse location to unload, reorganize, and be done by 1 pm. PLEASE NOTE: You must stay the entire shift from 9 am-1 pm. If you cannot, please do not sign up for a shift.


Drivers (Age 18 & Up)- Driver means you have a Truck, SUV or Car completely cleaned out and available to use for items and drive from location to location. PLEASE INDICATE THE TYPE OF CAR. The larger the car, the better. I.E., CAR, TRUCK (with or without cap), VAN, SUV (large or small.) NOTE: If you are signed up to be a driver, you may be asked to be a rider depending on the number of vehicles we have. If you are solo we may ask to have someone drive with you. PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE. 


Riders (Age 15 & Up)- Assist driver with everything. Passengers are also given other duties for the mission which may require you not to be paired with the person you may have driven with. PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE.


Children- Additional help includes any child age 15 & under. Children 15 & younger will be a 3rd person in a car if possible. 


We are looking forward to volunteering with you! 

Date: 01/23/2022 (Sun.)

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm EST

Location: Ohio Means Jobs Center
1040 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310

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Available Slot

Driver with Trailer or Small Box Truck for Special Requests

Adam Neill
Alco will donate Truck & Driver

Drivers with the Vehicle & Insurance (20)

Age 16 and up with car and insurance. PLEASE INDICATE THE TYPE OF CAR. I.E. CAR, TRUCK (with or without cap), VAN, SUV (large or small)

17 of 20 slots filled
Nicole Burke
Food Sponsor Vehicle
Lisa McFedries
Monaca Cunningham
Ann Riegler
Small suv
Tim Tober
Judi Christy
Erika will be with me.
Valerie Diehl
SUV (Subaru Forester)
Susan Frerichs
Chevy Traverse SUV and 2 adults
Erin Hiller
SUV - Subaru Forester
Renee Vegh
I will pass out coffee
Mark Hardman
Ford Explorer
Kate Case
Debbie Toder
Karyn Pastoria
Add 1 rider
Susan Flowers
Krista Rick
Mariam Sovacool
Coffee if available but I’ll do what’s needed!

Riders (30)

Age 14 and up

18 of 30 slots filled
Lisa McFedries (3)
Geoff, Joel, and Ian
Monaca Cunningham
Ann Riegler (2)
Jake and George riding with Ann
Kat Donaldson
Erika Christy
Riding with Judi Christy
Marjorie Sovacool
Michael Diehl
Riding with Valerie Diehl
Susan Victor
Debbie Toder
Kenny Byers
Riding with Erin Hiller
Patrick McFarland
Dave Shook
Sarah Krakora
Joy Martin
Lead car for request takers: #1
Bethany Guegold
Riding with Erin Hiller

Children age 14 and under (20)

2 of 20 slots filled
Monaca Cunningham
Susan Frerichs
Harper Frerichs
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