Centenary Suzuki School

2. REHEARSALS for Beginners


We are printing recital programs, pianists have their rehearsal schedules, and teachers planned their time according to this sign up.

If you have not signed up, or you missed your rehearsal, you can contact us. Be aware that we can rarely accomodate any changes. Most likely, you will have to play the recital without a rehearsal.

During your rehearsal, you will only have one run-through with the pianist - there will not be time to practice it on the stage. If well-polished, one rehearsal should be enough. We encourage everyone to play from memory, as Suzuki custom, but BRING YOUR MUSIC TO REHEARSAL ANYWAY! The teacher in charge will make helpful notes for you! Advanced students should ALWAYS bring their copy of the piano accompaniment. Please bring homework in case you have to wait.

Plan to attend your assigned dress rehearsal time as this schedule is carefully crafted!

Location: Anderson Auditorium

Created by:   Charles Regauer

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Rehearsal for: Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT)

2021 Beginners

(violins, violas and cellos)

05/13/2022 (Fri)
3:30pm - 3:34pm   
Elizabeth Wadhwa
William Wadhwa
3:34pm - 3:38pm   
Elizabeth Wadhwa
Teddy Wadhwa
3:38pm - 3:42pm   
Rachna Patel
Callen Patel
3:42pm - 3:46pm   
Rachna Patel
Kian Patel
3:46pm - 3:50pm   
Claire Childs
Henry McGrew
3:50pm - 3:54pm   
Mary Eileen Grant
Eloise Grant
3:54pm - 3:58pm   
Sarah Lowder
Charlie Lowder
3:58pm - 4:02pm   
Chrsty Kirkley
Jack Kirkley
4:02pm - 4:06pm   
Elizabeth Bradley
Leeda Bradley
4:06pm - 4:10pm   
4:10pm - 4:14pm   
Holly Kordahl
Iris Kordahl
4:14pm - 4:18pm   
Rachel Sangsura
Samantha Rose Sangsura
4:18pm - 4:22pm   
Angela Russell
Romy Meshell
4:22pm - 4:26pm   
Wonja Kong
Matthew Kong
05/16/2022 (Mon)
4:34pm - 4:38pm   
Jennifer Strange
Joshua Strange
4:38pm - 4:42pm   
becky broyles
Ollie Broyles
4:42pm - 4:46pm   
Blair Bryson
Walker Hood
4:46pm - 4:50pm   
Emily Truong
Ava Truong
4:50pm - 4:54pm   
Varsha Allampalli
Samit Mathew
4:54pm - 4:58pm   
Lauren Kamil
Oliver Kamil
4:58pm - 5:02pm   
Sarah Harris
May Harris
5:02pm - 5:06pm   
James Eakin
Timothy Eakin
5:06pm - 5:10pm   
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