Centenary Suzuki School

2. REHEARSALS for Violas

STEP 2/4 - Booking and Rehearsal for Violists

Please, choose a rehearsal based on the group class level you were placed at in September 2018. You will only have one run-through with the pianist – there will not be time to practice it on the stage. If well-polished, one rehearsal should be enough. If you miss your rehearsal, you will need to play the recital without one.

Make sure you choose only a rehearsal involving the pianist playing on your recital.

We encourage everyone to play from memory, as Suzuki custom, but BRING YOUR MUSIC TO REHEARSAL ANYWAY! The teacher in charge will make helpful notes for you! Advanced students should ALWAYS bring their copy of the piano accompaniment. Please bring homework in case you have to wait.

Plan to attend your assigned rehearsal time as this schedule is carefully crafted! No changes are allowed after April 30.

If your piece is longer than the rehearsal slot, please sign up for 2 or more consecutive slots.

Location: Anderson Auditorium

Created by:   Charles Regauer
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Rehearsal for: Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT)

Violas (all levels)

Pianist: Rene Todaro

05/10/2019 (Fri)
5:15pm - 5:20pm   
Donna Wyatt
Bella Melendez
5:20pm - 5:25pm   
Kat Pearson
Jonah Pearson
5:25pm - 5:30pm   
Jennifer Anderson
Blake Anderson
5:30pm - 5:35pm   
Emmitt Yang
Emmitt Yang
5:35pm - 5:40pm   
Angelica Pabon
Sebastian gallego
5:40pm - 5:45pm   
June Schneider
Jeffrey Schneider
5:45pm - 5:50pm   
Ethan Salvail
Ethan Michael Salvail
5:50pm - 5:55pm   
Kevin McGann
Kevin McGann, Jr.
5:55pm - 6:00pm   
Jinny Son
Hannah Oh
6:00pm - 6:05pm   
Henderson Hamilton
Henderson Hamilton
6:05pm - 6:10pm   
Mari Arcamo
Pinky Kendra Arcamo
6:10pm - 6:15pm   
6:15pm - 6:20pm   
6:20pm - 6:25pm   
6:25pm - 6:30pm   
6:30pm - 6:35pm   
6:35pm - 6:40pm   
6:40pm - 6:45pm   
05/13/2019 (Mon)
3:30pm - 3:35pm   
Kayla Berge
Bax Berge
3:35pm - 3:40pm   
Katie Aranda
James Aranda
3:40pm - 3:45pm   
Valerie Davidson
Colt Davidson
3:45pm - 3:50pm   
Valerie Davidson
Rhett Davidson
3:50pm - 3:55pm   
3:55pm - 4:00pm   
4:00pm - 4:05pm   
Abigail Nida
Grace Nida
4:05pm - 4:10pm   
4:10pm - 4:15pm   
4:15pm - 4:20pm   
4:20pm - 4:25pm   
Andy Liu
Jack Liu
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