Northwest Bible Church

Fall Fun Fest

Fall Fun Fest is back! We are thrilled to be able to host this evening of fun for the whole family. We need you to make it possible! There are so many opportunities for you to jump in and volunteer with us. 


There are two volunteer shift times. 

Date: 10/27/2021 (Wed.)

Created by:   Northwest Bible Church
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Parking Greeter

You are our guests' first impression and last interaction with Fall Fun Fest! Your role is to greet people as they board shuttles to the event and welcome them as they pull into the lot. Locations: Northwest, BBVA Garage, Shearith Israel

10/27/2021 (Wed)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (10)  
7 of 10 slots filled
Robert Allen
Linda Shultz
Joe Bashara
Kelly Harris
Doug Sullivan
Mike And Mitzi Wadsworth (2)
7:00pm - 9:00pm (10)  
7 of 10 slots filled
Brett Lamb
Ian Riggs
Mollie Mentzer
Jessica Haas (2)
Jonathan & Ainsley
Janet & Rob Harsh (2)

Event Greeter

You are the welcoming face for families as they experience the games and activities at Fall Fun Fest. Greet people and serve as a helpful resource at the entrance gates, volunteer check-in station, older kids rides area, and younger kids ride arena.

10/27/2021 (Wed)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (41)  
37 of 41 slots filled
Steve Cotton
Joye Baker (4)
Wed Night Bible Study Group; Joye Baker Kathy Bleikamp Martha Garza, Suzanne Chatham Shannon Sciandra; MAIN DOUGLAS ENTRANCE GREETERS
Peggy Holt
Dianne Merritt (2)
Dianne & Cameron; ROCK CLIMBING
Ken Wiggers
Sue Bailey
petting zoo
Laurie Lamb
Andrea Fuquay (2)
Andrea & Kate Fuquay
Rod and Kathy Jenkins (2)
Barry Birmingham
Beverly Birmingham
Diane Wantland
Kim Ford
would prefer little kids area
Marit Gaspar (2)
We would like to serve as entrance greeters please
Jill Harris
Jane Hoy
Wherever you need me
Mike Wolverton (2)
Dan Bailey
Pamela Lucia (2)
Jack Cox
Pam Wheatley
Laura Green
Erin Yunghans
Karen Walker
Jodi Caple
Lee Caple
Ruth Stevens (2)
Ruth and Kristin Lutek
7:00pm - 9:00pm (41)  
29 of 41 slots filled
Courtney Cowan (2)
My husband, Ryan, and I will be serving!
Regan Prewitt
Ivy Donnette
Mike Ivie
Kristy Besse (2)
Kelly Harris
Stacy Henry
Alison Cox
Pair with Stacy Henry, please.
Dane Salter (12)
Our small group would like to serve together or near each other if possible.
Jackie Michael
Sid Womack
Licheng Zhou
Mary & Darren Stoelzing (2)
Allie & Scott Quintana (2)

Carnival Games

You have a front row seat to the game action. Serve candy to kids as they play games in the older kids area, younger kids arena, and throughout the courtyard.

10/27/2021 (Wed)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (30)  
29 of 30 slots filled
Lynn McIntire
David Waggoner
Dan Rosandich
Melissa Rosandich
Julie Wood (3)
Carter and Isaac helping
Michele Smith (2)
Michele and Jeff Smith
Rania Myhre (2)
Peyton Leisner (2)
My husband and I will help with games!
Brad +1 Ahrens (2)
Brad & Erica
Rebecca Thompson
Mark Thompson
Kennen Schmitz
Laura Myers (2)
Laura and Anna Myers
Emilee Meeks (4)
Betsy Gustafson, Leigh Ann Sanders, Emilee Meeks, Travis Meeks
Eulalia O Brindle
Randall Shipman
Chuck Koch (2)
Charlie & Collin
Margaret Landis
7:00pm - 9:00pm (30)  
All slots filled
Elizabeth McCartney
My husband will likely join me depending on the worship schedule.
Stacey Davis
Steve Cotton
Catherine Sellers
Amy Cooper
Jeff Dries
Grace Lauber
Jesse McCartney
I would like to serve with my wife Elizabeth McCartney if possible :)
Kelli York (2)
w/ Keegan
Robert Reeves
Freda Pattillo
I am flexible and would be glad to work where you need someone. Thanks
Kaitlin Zinkand (2)
Kaitlin and Al Zinkand - would like to be together/near each other if possible
Randi Hearn (4)
Randi, James, Cullen, Madison
Shannon Smith
near Julie Wood
Jessica Haas (3)
Jessica, Rylan & Callie
Tammy Ford (2)
Terry Ford, my husband is also helping with me
Brad Hairston (2)
Connie is doing this with me
Ted Brinkley
Lori Smith
Ranelle Fowler
Georgeanna Lusk
and Scott


This behind-the-scenes job is very important to the Fall Fun Fest experience. You have the important job of candy distribution, delivering water bottles & caring for the needs of our volunteers. Location: Everywhere

10/27/2021 (Wed)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (6)  
All slots filled
Ben Cating
Una Moala
Flexible with wherever you need me
Beverly Smith (2)
Rob & Beverly Smith
Morella Klimacek
Jazmine Sanchez
I can help with whatever is needed
7:00pm - 9:00pm (6)  
All slots filled
Dianne Warren
I’m available to serve wherever you need me.
Una Moala
Flexible with wherever you need me
Allison Mauelshagen
Brian Lanier
Bruce Nelson
Laura Green


You have the wonderful privilege to fellowship with families as they get food and eat. Serve at food and drink stations. In this important role, you help with table set-up, clean-up, and mingling with families all over the place!

10/27/2021 (Wed)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (23)  
All slots filled
Serena Rockwell
Ruth Lyons
Billie Snider
Nancy Fossee
Ellen Walser
Terri Briggs
Annette Cox
Cheri Althous
Cara Alexander
Cara Alexander
Dana & Hugh Peace (2)
Nancy Fowler (2)
My husband John and I would like to be together if possible
Olivia Ortiz
Ashley Pathos
Can stay only until 6:30
Rebeccah Sullivan
Lindsey Harris
Lacey Congdon
Pam Minter (2)
2) my husband Jack and I
Liz Freethy (2)
Zach Freethy & Liz Freethy
7:00pm - 9:00pm (23)  
17 of 23 slots filled
John Gajdica
Suzanne Gajdica
Nancy Reeves
Cara Alexander
Cara Alexander
Anna Isensee
Douglas Capron
Gardner Savage
Tyler Doshier
Brandon Cook (2)
José Cruz
Liz Freethy
Zach Freethy & Liz Freethy
Kristen Doenges
Chelle Dess (2)
Bethany Ferguson
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