Fall Fun Fest

2019 Volunteer Sign-Ups

Please choose a category that fits you best! There are opportunities for all different personalities, strengths, and skills. Feel free to mention any specific preference you have in the comments section. You will receive an email on Friday, October 25 with your assignment and more information about your specific role. 

Date: 10/28/2019 (Mon.)

Created by:   Katy Nieman
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Area Category Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT)

Parking Greeter

You are our guests' first interaction with Fall Fun Fest! Your role is to greet people as they board shuttles to the event and welcome them as they pull into the lot. Locations: Northwest, BBVA Garage, Shearith Israel

10/28/2019 (Mon)
4:30pm - 6:30pm (8)  
4 of 8 slots filled
Ken Wiggers
Bob Mooty (2)
and Pat Mooty
Jeff Smith
6:30pm - 8:30pm (8)  
3 of 8 slots filled
Steve Cotton
Adam Curfman
Adam Curfman
Jack Cox

Event Greeter

These are happy faces and helpful people stationed at Welcome Areas, Courtyard, Volunteer Check-In, Big Kid Attractions, & Little Kid Attractions.

10/28/2019 (Mon)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (54)  
30 of 54 slots filled
Stephanie Lawrene
Information Booth
Katelyn Leffler
Joye Baker (4)
Douglas St Welcome Center
Peggy Holt
I usually work at the Volunteer Check-in tent and would like to do that the first shift please.
Vela Tomba
Debby Smith
would love to serve on Douglas St.
Al Zinkand (2)
Kaitlin Zinkand (can switch if needed)
Erika Batzler
petting zoo
Jaqueline Egan
Benjamin Danler
Robin Wantland (2)
Diane Wantland
Ron Chambers
or runner
David Fuquay
info booth
Angela Cirocco
info booth
Shelby Rikard
info booth
Doug and Nancy Williams (2)
would like to serve on Douglas St. entry
Rod Jenkins (2)
Prefer Volunteer greeter. We've done that.
Briana Reuter
Info Booth
Judy Slease
Would love to work anywhere visitors need help. Last year I just roamed the dining area and introduced myself to people who were visiting
Ashley Cating
I would prefer Douglas Ave. entrance
Dianne Warren
Carolyn Rogan (2)
and Michael Rogan
David Edwards
7:00pm - 9:00pm (54)  
27 of 54 slots filled
Bailey Guthrie
Volunteer Check In
Katelyn Leffler
Tom Rester
Info booth
Tom Carreras
Information booth
Pauline Owens
Stephen Lynch
Nena Zorn (2)
Dan Bailey
Erin Lundberg (2)
Erin & Cal Lundberg
John Redfern
Josh Rikard
info booth
Jaqueline Egan
Benjamin Danler
Jenny Liu
Shelby Rikard
info booth
Sawyer Knight
Candler Boortz
Info booth
Kim Ford (3)
would like to work preschool games in courtyard
Allen Findley (2)
Allen & Chandler Findley
Chase and Amanda Inman (2)
Leigh and Evan Baldwin (2)


A very important behind-the-scenes job that makes a big impact on guest experience. Volunteers will be placed in roles like the kitchen, popcorn, set up, clean up, serving food. Locations: CLC, Courtyard

10/28/2019 (Mon)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (20)  
18 of 20 slots filled
Ellen Walser
Lisa & Bill Mead (2)
Would like to work inside if possible-thanks
Nancy Fossee
Served hotdogs last year
Billie Snider
Served hot dogs last yr
Linda/Jim Peddy (2)
Would like to serve food so we can be available afterward to be with our grandchildren
Nick Price (2)
Nick & Laura Price
Rebeccah Sullivan
Cheryl Cartwright
Sarah Hilgart
Nancy Tredway
Robin Read
Jeff Cartwright
Connie Byers
Mitch Byers
Kim Markham
7:00pm - 9:00pm (20)  
7 of 20 slots filled
Ellen Walser
Jean Allmon
Nancy Reeves
Gardner Savage
Kathy Bleikamp
Doug Capron
Wil Saqueton

Carnival Games

A great place for groups to serve together! You will help kids play the carnival game and give them a few pieces of candy after they play! Locations: Big Kid side, Little Kid side, and the Middle for all ages..

10/28/2019 (Mon)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (30)  
21 of 30 slots filled
laura Myers (2)
Laura and Paul Myers
Susie Cockrell
Lori Smith
Keri Brookshire
My son (age 9) and I will be volunteering together.
Brian And Rania Myhre (2)
Andrea Fuquay
will have 2 kid helpers
tom gilchrist
David Waggoner
rock climbing, if available
Leslie and Craig Johnson (3)
Craig, Tami and I can server at a carnival game for littles
Susie Womack
Lexie Fraustchi
Lexie Fraustchi
Susie Womack
Cinnamon Perryman (2)
Lila Perryman+Friend
Jessica Haas (4)
The Haas Family
7:00pm - 9:00pm (30)  
24 of 30 slots filled
Erin Pardoe (6)
We would love to be with the youngest kids possible! Thanks!
Claire Crain (4)
The volunteers are: Callie and Jon Murry, Claire Crain and Ethan Clark. We’d love to all work together or two games that are near to each other. We’d love to be with little kids too if that’s an option! Otherwise great with any carnival game.
Mark Thompson
Love to work the games anywhere you need!
Rebecca Thompson
Robert Reeves
Georganna Chatfield (2)
Shane Singleton
Georganna Chatfield (2)
Shane Singleton
Carly Campbell (2)
Lindsey Miller (2)
Working with Janie Hoy and would like to work an outdoor game or activity
Ashleigh Beard
Bethany Ferguson
Holly Dockal
Holly Dockal
Bethany Ferguson


This is a behind-the-scenes job that is very important to the volunteer experience. They have the important job of candy distribution as well as delivering water bottles & caring for the needs of our volunteers as needed. Location: Everywhere

10/28/2019 (Mon)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (6)  
All slots filled
Stephanie Verner
Una Moala
Julie Abell (2)
Candy delivery, please!
Kelly Harris
Peter Binion
7:00pm - 9:00pm (6)  
5 of 6 slots filled
Una Moala
Jeff Dries
David Shrull
Serena Rockwell
will arrive closer to 8
Stan Hayes
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