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Religious Education


Please select a time slot that is convenient for you to pick up CCD books.

Pick up at St. Bernard Campus will be in Fontenay Center, which is the old convent building located to left of main school entrance. The door (entrance A-3) will be open and books will be on a table to your left. Please sign sheet on clipboard that you have taken books. Christy will be in the Religious Education Office on the second floor if you need assistance.

Pick up at Our Lady of Grace Campus will be in Keefer Hall, below the church.  Please enter the doors to the left when looking at the back of the church building. Christy will be available to assist. 

Please wear mask when entering buildings. Thank you for your cooperation, by choosing a timeslot we are able to keep track of people in our buildings. If you have any questions please do not hesitant to contact us at 412-561-0199 or [email protected]

Created by:   St. Michael the Archangel Religious Education
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
10/14/2020 (Wed.) Fontenay Center-St. Bernard  10:00am - 2:00pm  

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45 of 46 slots filled
Amy Jenkins
James Rigos
1st grade book for Karmella Rigos
Anni Curren
Pickup for Emma and Will Curren
Erin Reilly
2nd Grade
Erin McKenna
2nd and 4th grade books
Christine Green
Pick up for Elan Green
Catherine Redkin
One 1st grade book for Sebastian Castro
Cassandra Strasbaugh
Jamie Flynn (3)
First grade - Kellan flynn, second grade - Allison flynn, 4th grade Michael flynn
Maria Konitsky
1st grade book/material for Alexander Konitsky
Alyssa Jones
1st Grade Book for Avery Jones
Jamie Hall
2nd and 4th grade
Krista Reed
1st grade Bailey Reed
Shannon Harpst (5)
Katie Jaci madi Derek and Nicki
Bridget Mazzei
Anne Semanco
Colton Semanco - 5th Grade Book
Anne Atwood
Picking up books for William and Peter Atwood
Laura Anderst (3)
William 8, Catherine 5, Thomas 3
Toni Payner
Michael:7, Ryan:4, Christopher:1
Cheryl L. Sorice
Deborah Luvara
Trista Mentz-Johns
5th Grade Book
Laura Reiser (2)
Pickup for Jack (6) and Harry (2) Reiser
Chris Willan (2)
Pick up for Ava and Genevieve Willan
Megan Stahl (2)
Brogan (3rd grade) and Tiernan (1st grade)
Deanna Amenta (2)
Luke Amenta 4th grade, Jake Amenta 8th grade
Katlyn McGraw
Books for Connor Bohenick (2nd grade)
Leslie Kiley (2)
Claire and Michael Kiley pick up please
Karen Arlet
Parker Arlet 7th grade
Ann Ogoreuc
For Sydney Ogoreuc
Hollie DeLuca
6th grade Richard DeLuca, 4th grade Dominic DeLuca, 2nd grade Lydia DeLuca
Cindy McVerry
Fontenay Center - St. Bernard  4:00pm - 7:00pm  

Sign up (38)

All slots filled
Peter Goslin
Melissa Solomon
Erin Morgan
Jennifer Franks
John Domalakes
Pamela Fuchs
Melissa Vandergrift (2)
Lauren Krchmar
Lyla Krchmar-2nd Grade
Lee Pasquale-Bain
Lindy Becker
Lindy Becker for 3rd grade (Abigail Becker)
Carrie Sheppard
Jamie Dobson
Pick Up for Cecelia Dobson 2nd Grade and Leo Dobson Kindergarten
Sharon McCague
Nancy McKenna
Denise Merriman
2nd & 4th Grade please
Megan Baltruzak
Picking up for Luke Baltruzak (first grade)
Cheryl L. Sorice
Jennifer Larence
5th & 7th grade
Jeanne Barrett
Shayah Misencik
Anne Nagle (4)
Jennifer Larence
5th and 7th grade
Megan McMinn
Julian McMinn 8th Grade
Dan Ridge
Sheri Dunn
Heidi Grogan (2)
For Thandie and Wynn Norris
Patty Herrmann
Katlyn McGraw
Connor Bohenick (2nd Grade)
Ann Deibert (4)
Aleah Vogelsong
10/15/2020 (Thu.) Keefer Hall - Our Lady of Grace  12:00pm - 1:30pm  

PLease choose another slot. Thank you! (28)

All slots filled
Jayme Pilarski (2)
Jen Satler
Kelly Dunn
Carrie Tenney (2)
2 children in 6th
Lisa Fabry
Joyce Prozzoly
Jules Prozzoly 7 Grade
Julie Erali
Kari Suter
7th Grade, Carrie Tenney will pick up for us.
Lauren Taylor (3)
Emma, Charlie and George Taylor
Maureen Beck
Andi McCarthy
Jaime DeCecco (2)
Marley 1st, Genevieve K
Kara Marmo (2)
Jennifer Lach
Sheri Reddy (4)
Aaron, 8; Nolan, 6; Ryan, 3; Gavin K
Dani Albitz
Anne Makowski (3)
Fontenay Center - St. Bernard  4:00pm - 5:30pm  

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15 slots filled - more available
Jack Alston
Suzi Walters
Cecelia Morello
Mario Morello 8th grade book pick up
Nicole Portman
Picking up a first grade book.
Jenny Pryor
Jared (6th) & Jaden (3rd)
Patrick Furey
4th Grade
Terry Twyman
6th grade Elizabeth Twyman
Jennifer Lach
Patty Herrmann
Corby Larocca (2)
Alexandra (5th) and Ben (2nd)
Anthony Puzzini
Sophia Ann Puzzini - 1st Grade
Lanette Wertz
Osborn Owens
sara webb
1st grade
10/18/2020 (Sun.) Keefer Hall - Our Lady of Grace  10:30am - 12:30pm  

Choose another time. (22)

All slots filled
Lyndsay Capriotti
Ashley Federico (2)
Luca (5th) Benny (3rd)
Gina Switala
Kelly Richards
Marissa R. 8th grade biok
Melanie Pavlic (2)
Julia Ghil
Vito Cedro (2)
Stefano-5, Veronica-3
Sara Bianco
Luca (2nd Grade)
Donina Cornacchione (2)
3rd/5th grade
Jaime Hick (2)
Books for Delaney Hick and Maguire Hick (both grade 3) and their Communion banners
Jennifer Craft (2)
Picking up for Connor Craft 3rd grade & Marissa Craft 2nd grade please.
Garett Ragni
Kelly Dunn
Joyce Colberg (2)
April Robbins
Dominic Robbins 5th grade
Fontenay Center - St. Bernard  1:30pm - 2:30pm  

Choose another time (11)

All slots filled
Jake Gyurina
Heather Lasser
Taylor Lasser 2nd grade
Nate Iampietro
Gina Mahouski
Gina Mahouski
Julia Ghil
Joshua Ghil
Jule Kunselman (2)
Nash & Sam Kunselman
Jeanette Urbanek (2)
Matthew (2nd) William (1st)
Amelia Carey
10/19/2020 (Mon.) Fontenay Center - St. Bernard  12:00pm - 2:00pm  

Please choose another date (20)

All slots filled
Deanna Gracan
Jack Kraus (Grade 3)
Rebecca Gunter
Alana (4th), Stella (2nd), Logan (K)
Jeni Henze
Elizabeth Shestak
Sarah Frank
2nd grade
Susan Rattan
Luke Rattan- Second grade
Karen Rapkin (2)
Jacob 4th, Emma 2nd
Melinda Harkiewicz
Christine Wittman
Sofia Jahaj, 6th
Kiersten Lane
Maddie 2nd, Colby 4th and Kaden 8th
Leah Lahoda
Langston-K, Kiernan-4th, Henry-6th
Heather Palumbo
Picking up for tino 5th grade/ Talia 8th grade
Josie Antonucci (2)
Heather Palumbo will pick up books for Ava Antonucci 8th grade and Marco Antonucci 5th grade
Beth Sothergill
Heather Palumbo to pick up for Jake Sothergill
Jennifer Deniziuk
Amelia Carey
Rogerio Arns Neumann
Meighan Harding
Meighan Harding for Gabriel Harding 2nd grade
4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Please choose another date (12)

All slots filled
Jennifer D'Souza
Avi (8th) amd Meera (5th)
Dan LaGamba
Pick up for Tyler and Adaleena Lagamba(1st Grade) and Mallorie (8th)
Katherine Gracey
Melissa Solomon
Justin O'Toole
1st Grade Book (Rory)
Ashley Macklen
Abby Chitester
Kindergarten, 2nd and 5th
Madeline Biden (2)
1 book for 2nd grader and 1 book for 3rd grader
Susan McDonald
Picking up a 5th grade and 7th grade book.
Loren Kokot
Pick up by Susan MeDonald
Erin Betler
Aubrey Betler (5th), Sylvie Betler (2nd)
10/20/2020 (Tue.) Fontenay Center -St. Bernard  12:00pm - 2:00pm  

Please choose another time. Thank you. (10)

All slots filled
Jill Lugaila (2)
Picking up for Braidy and Cooper Lugaila- 6th grade
Kate Sweeney
Madison (2nd)
Melanie Kendall
Margaret Kendall
Aimee Sacco
Maddie (6) and kat(5)
Krista Reed
Missed our pick up time on 10/14
Michelle Orelli
Lisa Viola
Jennifer Sakmar
Connor Sakmar 2nd grade
Aleah Vogelsong
Adelise Vogelsong
10/21/2020 (Wed.) Fontenay Center - St. Bernard  4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Please choose another time. (3)

All slots filled
Amy Mathieson
Jack Mathieson- 2nd grade
Sheila Halter
Susana Montoya
Pick up for Sean Harrington (6th grade)
10/23/2020 (Fri.) Keefer Hall - Our Lady of Grace Church  4:30pm - 5:30pm  

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10 slots filled - more available
Carol Rossetti (2)
Lauren and Madelyn Rossetti
mcclory lana
Nicole Lazzaro (4)
Need 8th Gr. Book (Greg), 6th Gr. (Chris), 4th Gr. (Joey), Kindergrtn (Andrew)
Heather Lasser
Taylor Lasser 2nd Grade
Joe Dressel
2nd Grade Book
Erin Riccitelli
3rd Grade
10/26/2020 (Mon.) Fontenay Center - St. Bernard  1:00pm - 2:30pm  

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2 slots filled - more available
Adam Wilson
Need books for Piper(1st) and Colbi(7th)
Jessica Reon
Owen (7th), Julianne (3rd), Elizabeth (K)
10/27/2020 (Tue.) Fontenay Center- St. Bernard  10:00am - 12:00pm  

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