Run Galesburg Run 2019 Volunteer Sign Up

Thanks for volunteering for Run Galesburg Run!

* We will only register volunteers through this website.

*Volunteers MUST BE  able to get to their assigned location. 

*Race participants will not be able to volunteer unless it is for Friday or Saturday packet pick-up.  

* What you sign up for is what you will do. The times and where you will report are listed for each sign-up. On-course staff will get their specific placement on the day of the race.  

*Emails will be sent from time to time. Please watch for them. You may have to check your junk mail for them.

*You will get your shirt, goodies, and directions at volunteer check-in the day of the race.

What can you sign up to do?  

On Course Staff

  • You will be out on the race course, giving directions to the runner making sure they know where to go. Each spot has slightly different directions which you will receive the morning of the race.
  • You will also, at times, have to stop traffic from crossing intersections when runners are present.
  • You will get specific place/street assignments the day of the race.

Packet Pick Up

  • Pass out bags, bibs, and shirts to runners who have registered at the race
  • Register Runners for the Race
  • Further specific directions will be given when you arrive

Volunteer Check In

  • Pass out bags, t-shirts and directions to volunteers who have signed up

Runner Bag Check

  • You will take and watch over runner bags. They will drop them off prior to the race and pick them up after the race. (Like a coat check but with backpacks)

Water and Food Set up

  • Help get food tables in place and set up
  • Get water and Gatorade on ice the morning of the race
  • Restock water and Gatorade throughout the morning
  • Restock food throughout the morning

Timing Table

  • Give runners printouts of their times.
  • You will be shown how to run the printers by the timing company

Finish Line Marshals

  • Point the runners in the right direction to get their medals and get water, Gatorade and food after the race

Medal Hangers

  • Hanging medals and congratulating runners after they have finished the race.

What do you receive as a volunteer?

  • Official volunteer t-shirts (required to be worn while you are working the race)
  • $50 gift certificate from Dave's Auto Body  (only valid for actual volunteer's car)
  • Tokens for food and drinks on race day
  • Of course, a VERY BIG “Thanks” from all the athletes and race staff

If you have any questions or want to know more about specific job duties, please contact Natalie Kessler at [email protected] or 342-5043 (office phone, leave voice mail with your phone number if after hours).

Created by:   Susan Dickinson
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (CDT) Available Slot
05/31/2019 (Fri.) Masters 101 E. Main St 2nd Floor Galesburg  9:00am - 1:00pm  

Packet Pick Up/Registration (4)

All slots filled
Nancy Martin
Barbara Willett-Schulze
Pam Van Kirk
Leslie Johnston
1:00pm - 5:30pm  

Packet Pick Up/Registration (4)

All slots filled
Jennifer Talbert
Julianne Hasten
Mary Royse
Nicholas Walters
06/01/2019 (Sat.) Masters 101 E. Main St 2nd Floor Galesburg  9:00am - 12:00pm  

Packet Pick Up (4)

All slots filled
Kevin Carrigan
Leslie Johnston
Darla Kelly
Cameron Kelly
12:00pm - 3:00pm  

Packet Pick Up/Registration (4)

All slots filled
Mickey Rodriguez
Ashley Reynolds
Kianna Lavely
moniqua younge
06/02/2019 (Sun.) Race site at Kellogg and Simmons Street  5:15am - 8:00am  

Volunteer Check In (4)

All slots filled
David Simpson
Gregg Rinker
Michael Breslin
Renee Jenkins
5:30am - 8:00am  

Packet Pick Up (8)

All slots filled
Carrie McCance
David Gutierrez
Angela Harroun
Kelsey Johnson
Chris McCance
Debbie Turner
Emily Weller
Sheryl Nyman
5:30am - 11:00am  

Runner Bag Check (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Jan Steckelberg
6:00am - 10:30am  

On Course Staff (125)

53 of 125 slots filled
Jeannette Chernin
Ann Mueller
With Ron Mueller at Cherry and Tompkins, please.
Ron Mueller
With Ann Mueller at Tompkins and Cherry
Patti Bibo
Steve Gerstenberger
Same location if possible.
Kim Hasselbacher
Please put me with Lindsay Malone on the course
Lindsay Malone
Please put me with Kim Hasselbacher on the course
Darla Krejci
I want to work with Jeannette Chernwoody
Jody Rinker
Kellogg and Berrien please
Jim Cahill
Please put me with my wife Gail at Seminary and Park Lane like last year
Dawn Spencer
I'm not sure what this is, I think I do but I'll sign up for this.
Jane Wise
Please partner me with Aimee Doyle at a spot in first half of the race
Aimee Doyle
1st half of race with Jane Wise please
Teresa Powell
Main and Cherry with Cratty again please
Penny Redfern
Please place me with anyone in Altrusa on course like last year
Kelli Bennewitz (2)
and Haley Bennewitz (Altrusa Members)
Dave Crose
With Madelin Jennings - Same intersection if needed
Christin Cowman
Same as last year with Stephanie Campbell, Libby Campbell, and Janet Inman (I believe it was the corner of Cherry and Ferris)
Stephanie Campbell
Please place near Janet, Christin, Libby
Libby Campbell
With Stephanie Campbell please
Debra DeCrane
Work with Dennis De Crane
Dennis De Crane
Work with Debra De Crane
Janet Inman
Near Steph Campbell, Libby Campbell, and Christin Cowman please
Lori Downs
Jayme Brown
J.C. Staggs
J.C. Staggs
Greg Jones
Assign me where ever you need me.
Darla Kelly
Cameron Kelly
Patrick Trant
Same spot as last year
Coleen Martinson
I would like to be with Tausha Grice at same location as last year
Janet Cramer (2)
We live on N. Farnham St so my husband (Rick) and I would like be close to Farnham and Losey if possible. I heard the course will be going past our house again this year.
Dave Hasley
Any where you need me
Jonathan Mattox Mattox
Tausha Grice
Would like to be with Coleen Martinson, thanks
Heather Kniker
St. Jude
Roger Myers
St. Jude
Grant Robinson
I am with the Galesburg St. Jude Committee
Jennifer Robinson
St Jude
Ben Cermak
I’m with Mrs Kniker’s St Jude group. I’d like to be on the Lincoln Park Drive portion of the course.
Simkins Marcy
If possible, positioned in the downtown area.
Jason Stark
Fremont and St. Andrews or Fremont and Fairway Rd please
Amanda Medhurst (2)
With Brad Nolden
Jenna McDorman
Peggy Masterson Masterson
If possible at the intersection of Dudley & Florence, please
Diane VanHootegem
Diane Cox
Madelin Jennings
St Jude (with Dave Crose)
Beckie Redlich
Van Steckelberg

Timing Table (4)

All slots filled
Paula Johnson
Judy Guenseth
Paula Darling
Carol Marshall
Race site and Kellogg and Simmons Street  6:10am - 10:30am  

Water and Food Set Up (4)

All slots filled
Shelley Bishop
Sandi Deppe
Kimberly Robinson
Tarryn Gardner

Pass Out Water Finish Line (4)

All slots filled
Pamela Bellar
Nicole Stewart
Lora Hanson
Emma Hanson
Race site at Kellogg and Simmons Street  6:15am - 10:30am  

Medal Hangers (6)

All slots filled
Linda Murphy
Steve Brown
Pamella Tabb (2)
Debbie Savory
Ashley Reynolds

Bike (2)

All slots filled
Linda Brohman
Linda Brohman
Jan Glasnovich
Jan Glasnovich

Finish Line Marshals (4)

All slots filled
Kim Randolph
Franny Puerta
Carrie Bernett (2)
Knox County Fair Queens
Race site and Kellogg and Simmons Street  6:20am - 10:30am  

I want to help! Put me where you need me. I'll substitute for someone who doesn't show up. (10)

9 of 10 slots filled
Autumn Cantarini
we can be there at 530 to fill in as needed
Rhonda Hillyer (2)
Grace Perez Age 15 size Small shirt she will help me
James Sullivan
I will be there either 530a or 6am . Let me know
Jan Steckelberg
Van and I would like to do the Fairway Road turn around on this years course

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