HART of Folsom

Items for transitional house

As we put together the house for our friends who are putting their lives back together we are asking for donations of items to outfit the house; please see the signups to see what items we need.

Or...if you don't have items to donate we would be grateful for cash donations so we can purchase needed items.  Donate here: https://hartoffolsom.org/donate-to-hart-of-folsom

We will gladly pick-up the items! email us at [email protected] 

It will take the generosity and thoughtfulness of many to make this new house become a reality; please join in.

Created by:   HART of Folsom
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Available Slot

Large dog bed (2)

Service dog in house


Dresser/Chest of Drawers (5)

Due to space limitations we prefer chests rather than dressers

All slots filled
Vicky Wurtz (5)

Night Side Tables (5)

All slots filled
Vicky Wurtz (3)

Small bistro type table/chairs

2 person size only (small kitchen)

Vicky Wurtz


(newer flat screen type only please)


Computer monitor, keyboard, mouse


laptop computer (2)

for clients


Chairs (5)

wood type for bedrooms

All slots filled
Vicky Wurtz (5)

Kitchen trash can


Broom, swiffer, mop

House has mostly harwood floors


bedroom trash cans (5)


Paper Products (2)

Towels, TP, Napkins

1 of 2 slots filled
Diane Larson

Storage cabinet (garage type) (2)


Twin Bed Sheets (10)

All slots filled
Tricia Ciampa
Lisa Mecham
New Creme Colored delivered to me by Nov 9th
Rebecca Fellows (2)
Diane Larson
Kieli Morris (2)
Ann Wallace (2)
Jill Spencer

Twin Bed Blankets (5)

All slots filled
Jenny Slenter (2)
Twin blankets
Brenda Daley (3)

Twin Bed Spreads (5)

All slots filled
Tricia Ciampa
Rebecca Fellows (2)
Sarah Woods (2)

Bath Towel Sets (10)

All slots filled
Susannah Maddox (3)
kyrstne Walker (4)
Diane Larson
Jill Spencer
Brenda Daley

Toaster (2)

All slots filled
Kristine Kristoff
Toaster oven
Diane Larson


Karen Ramos

Kitchen Utensils (3)

All slots filled
Sarah Woods
Friends of Folsom
Jill Spencer (2)

Plasticware sets (3)

(Tupperware or Gladware type)

All slots filled
Diane Larson
Brenda Daley (2)


Kara Breit

Cleaning Supplies (3)

All slots filled
Michelle Call (2)
Cleaning cloths with Toilet cleaner, Lysol bathroom spray and windex and sweeper
Sarah Woods

Laundry Products

Detergent, Dryer sheets

Janis Achee


Vicky Wurtz


Upright or Chest type

Vicky Wurtz

Twin Beds and Frames (5)

New or great condition please

All slots filled
Michele Flores
I have a twin bed mattress in great condition. No stains.
Peter Boelman
Custom Twin Bed and Mattress

Bed Pillows (10)

All slots filled
Bonnie Bergner (10)


Ellen Zenobia
I have a very large sectional (6 separate pieces) that could be configured in several ways.

End Tables (2)

All slots filled

Coffee Table

Sarah Woods
From Friends of Folsom

Plates, Bowls, cups (5)

All slots filled
Vicky Wurtz (5)

Glassware (5)

All slots filled
Vicky Wurtz (5)

Silverware set

Susan Keith

Frying pan


Kitchen Towels (5)

All slots filled
Tracey Donlan (5)

Coffee Maker

Ken Bennett

Clothes Hangers

Sherri McNear
Have lots of plastic hangers.

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