Spring 2018

2018 Crew Banquet - RSVP & Donations

The Crew banquet is potluck-style light fare at Latitude 41:  7 PM on Thursday June 21.  RSVP required.  Please  bring something to share.  Adult beverages will be sold in the Shipyard Tavern.  See you then!

Date: 06/21/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Latitude 41

Created by:  SHS Crew Signup
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Available Slot

RSVP (How many will attend including rowers)

202 slots filled - more available
  Ellen Mclaughlin (2)
Gus Natale-rower
  Leslie Weber (4)
  Marika Heughins (3)
  Julie Holland (3)
Jillian Holland
  Jennifer Larkin Olson (3)
  Cyndi Daley (2)
  Brenda & Eric Hultgren (3)
  Cheryl Monteiro (3)
  Kim Pont (5)
  Lars-Erik Laskey (2)
  Jordan Gincastro (2)
Jordan Gincastro and Karen Gincastro
  Millie Donovan (4)
  Sage Williams (3)
Owen Williams - 3
  Gail Reale (2)
  Dima Rajab (3)
  Christine Andrews (3)
  Elizabeth Rivero (3)
Rodrigo Gonzalez-Rivero, Luis Gonzalez
  Kevin and Teresa Sinnett (3)
  Sarah Rofrano (3)
Sarah Rofrano
  Thomas Robarge (4)
  Susan Bibeau (4)
  Rachel Morrison (4)
  Sally Machin
  Zach Pasquin (6)
  Alice & Joe Sasso (4)
  Wendy Lopes (3)
  Andrea Edwards (3)
  Hope Sowle (2)
  Davnet Schaffer (3)
  Maria Brown
  Tyler DaCosta (2)
  Roanna Breen (3)
  Abbie Gibson (3)
  Lily Haghpassand (2)
  Wendy Bury (5)
  Brian Williams (4)
  Lauren Vickerman (4)
  Kate Ainsworth
  Sydney Heughins (3)
  Lily Bockowski (3)
  Kirsten Elliott (2)
Ava Stepski
  Jennifer Obrey (3)
Jennifer Obrey
  Christina Korinek (2)
  Jaden Kutz (3)
Jaden Kutz
  AJ Murko (2)
  Julia Chomowicz
  Maurice Blanchet (3)
  Catherine Krenicky (2)
  liza stafford (3)
  Caroline Longo - Rower
  Nicole Stajduhar (4)
  John Flaherty
just me
  Brendan Fullerton (3)
  Lucy Rath (4)
  Elizabeth Yarnall (5)
  Tysen Anne Naughton (2)
Tysen and Earl
  Maura Nowak (4)
  Jeff Anderson (3)
The Andersons
  liza stafford (3)
  Olivia Monte (2)
  Emily Tieu (2)
  Allie Kapell (3)
  Emily Lenihan (3)
  Jessie Gentilella (3)
  Casey & Bill (Lucy Cyr’s Mom) Gash (2)
  Michael Cyr (5)
4 plus Lucy Cyr
  Cristian DeCastro (3)
  Michael Morse (4)
  Maggie Connelly
  Maddie West (2)

Hors d'oeurvres for 12 (20)

All slots filled
  Millie Donovan (2)
Dip/chip platter and caprese kabobs
  Sage Williams
Cheese Straws and shrimp cocktail
  Luis Gonzalez
Spanish Tortilla
  Dima Rajab
Hummos and pita chips
  Davnet Schaffer
  Wendy Bury
  Christina Korinek
  Jaden Kutz
  Maurice Blanchet
  Grace Narducci
  Nicole Stajduhar (2)
Deviled eggs- 2 dozen
  John Flaherty
dates with cheese & proscuitto
  Christina Fullerton
Sushi rolls
  Tysen Anne Naughton (2)
Layer Mexican dip
  Ann Marie Pasquin
Zucchini Pie
  Olivia Monte
  Jessie Gentilella

Veggie Platter (2)

All slots filled
  Ellen Mclaughlin
  Marika Heughins

Cheese & cracker platter (3)

All slots filled
  Cyndi Daley
  Lars-Erik Laskey
  Alice & Joe Sasso

Fruit tray (4)

All slots filled
  Teresa Sinnett
Assorted berries
  Thomas Robarge
  Wendy Lopes
  Hope Sowle

Dessert for 12 (18)

All slots filled
  Leslie Weber
  Jennifer Larkin Olson
  Brenda & Eric Hultgren
Chocolate Chip Cookies
  Cheryl Monteiro
  Kim Pont
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  Sage Williams
  Gail Reale
  Christine Andrews
  Roanna Breen
  Rachel Morrison
  Tyler DaCosta
  Abbie Gibson
  Lily Haghpassand
  Lauren Vickerman
  Lily Bockowski
  Kirsten Elliott
  Jennifer Obrey
Chad Obrey
  Mary Edwards

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