North Central Church of Christ

Clothes & Crayons 2021

For the past 21 years, Clothes and Crayons for Kids has helped kids in Washington Township schools meet their school supply needs for going back to school. We have listed the supplies that we would like to provide and the quantity of each supply needed.  [Once you click on "sign-up" and hit the submit button, the next page will allow you to select a quantity.] 

  • Please have any supplies you order, delivered to the church building. (Someone will be there every day.) You also may have them delivered to your home and dropped off at the building through July 23rd.
  • Clothes & Crayons event is scheduled for July 31st, but we are asking to have all supplies by July 23rd so that we can count & organize the supplies.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Collins or Tiffany Duffin with any questions.

HOW TO DONATE  MONETARILY: You can contribute online by clicking this link and selecting We Care, We Share from Fund Menu and then from the Sub-Fund menu, selecting Clothes & Crayons for Kids. You may also mail a check to North Central Church of Christ, 9015 Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, IN. 46240. Check payable to North Central Church of Christ (Clothes & Crayons in the subject line) or make an in-person cash donation.

Created by:   North Central Church of Christ
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Available Slot

Backpack (200)

Generic is best so that it can be used by a boy or girl. Please make sure that these backpacks are big enough to hold a folder and several books and that the straps are padded.

190 of 200 slots filled
Kelly Dean (35)
In case anyone else needs this info: I ordered some backpacks for my kids a couple years ago from amazon. They range from $7 to $13 depending on the color you get. Search for Everest Basic Backpack on amazon and pick the one that says "Amazon's Choice."
Debbie Zancanaro (96)
Rae Ann Messenger (20)
Lanny Duke (24)
Sending 24 TrailMaker Bulk Pack
Mark Fakhoury (5)
Champion Backpacks from Costco
Lesley Barker (10)

Glue Sticks (500)

All slots filled
Christine Horn (72)
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Kelly Dean (20)
Kelly Dean (20)
Ben Lamb (224)
28 8-count packs
Lanny Duke (104)
Sending 4 packs of 30

Erasers-Pink Pearl preferred (100)

All slots filled
Brittany Achard (20)
60 erasers
Brittany Achard (20)
Brittany Achard (20)
Christine Horn (9)
Lanny Duke (31)
Sending 2 - 24 count boxes

Markers - wide (150)

40 of 150 slots filled
Brittany Achard (20)
20 packs of 10
Lesley Barker (20)

#2 Pencils in sets of 10 (400)

packaged or bundled with rubberbands into 10's

All slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (400)
Bought all 400

Scissors - pointed (150)

76 of 150 slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (76)

100 Pack of Assorted 5 color 2-pocket folders (no prongs)

If you sign up for one of these, you are signing up to bring 100 folders. Recommended are: Blue Summit Supplies - 100 pack of Assorted 5 color folders - $35 on Amazon. 5 colors are: red, blue, green, yellow & purple. Any brand of these colors is fine.

Lee Ann Lamb
100 2-pocket folders assorted colors w/o prongs

Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebooks (129)

Assorted colors

All slots filled
Matt Light (20)
Christine Horn (80)
Rae Ann Messenger (20)
Rae Ann Messenger (9)

4-Pack Expo Dry Erase Markers-wide (80)

60 of 80 slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (60)

Colored Pencils (225)

88 of 225 slots filled
Matt Light (20)
Debbie Zancanaro (48)
Rae Ann Messenger (20)

Wide-Ruled Filler Paper (50)

10 of 50 slots filled
Lesley Barker (10)

Wide-Ruled Composition Book (500)

20 of 500 slots filled
Lesley Barker (20)

Index Cards - lined 3 x 5 (150)

All slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Lanny Duke (110)

Basic Calculator (non-scientific) (70)

Dollar Tree usually has these

All slots filled
Kelly Dean (70)

Black Ink Pens (180)

bundled into 10's (Amazon has a nice case)

All slots filled
Christine Horn (180)

Graph Paper Packets (50)


College-Ruled Filler Paper (300)

56 of 300 slots filled
Sarah Palmer (56)

Markers - fine tip - 10 pack (125)

25 of 125 slots filled
Marshall Peters (25)

2 pocket folders with prongs (300)

any color

20 of 300 slots filled
Lesley Barker (20)

Spiral Notebook (college-ruled) (300)

60 of 300 slots filled
Matt Light (20)
Rae Ann Messenger (20)
Marshall Peters (20)

Mechanical Pencils (330)

60 of 330 slots filled
Matt Light (20)
Lesley Barker (20)
Lesley Barker (20)

4-Pack Expo Markers (fine tip) (100)

54 of 100 slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (3)
Debbie Zancanaro (27)
Sherry Sigo (24)

Elmer's glue 4oz bottle (150)

48 of 150 slots filled
Ben Lamb (48)

Flash Cards - Addition (35)

Dollar Tree has nice ones for $1.


Flash Cards - Subtraction (75)

Dollar Tree


Flash Cards - Multiplication (40)

Look at Dollar Tree


Flash Cards - Division (40)

Look at Dollar Tree


Red Ink Pen (50)


Scientific Calculator (40)

Walmart has a decent one for $10

20 of 40 slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (20)

Crayons (100)

24 pack Crayola brand

36 of 100 slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (12)
Mark Fakhoury (24)

RED 2 pocket folder (no prong) (200)


ORANGE 2 pocket folder (no prong) (200)


YELLOW 2 pocket folder (no prong) (200)


BLUE 2 pocket folder (no prong) (200)


GREEN 2 pocket folder (no prong) (200)


Pencil Pouch (150)

All slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (90)
Ben Lamb (60)
24 clear (see thru), 36 sea creature theme

Composition Notebook (college ruled) (50)

46 of 50 slots filled
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Debbie Zancanaro (20)
Debbie Zancanaro (6)
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